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On Chris Wallace’s Fox News Sunday, Wallace always features a power player of the week.  This week he gave his award to Dr. Ben Carson of Johns Hopkins Pediatric Neurosurgery Division.  Dr. Carson is probably the most advanced and remarkable brain surgeon I can imagine living today.  If you take the time to observe his miracles, you will want to know more about him.

CAUTION: Part 2 contains some very graphic scenes which may be disturbing to some people.

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  1. I enjoyed watching these videos. Dr. Carson is a very down to earth man, very humble. I know of some people who are very patronizing because they think a degree from a fancy school makes them better than others. Hearing his stories makes me want to try harder.

  2. Dr Ben Carson has an amazing story. I love stories like his that can touch a persons soul in such a wonderful way. I literally reared up in class when you first showed us the video about how he came from nothing and turned into the greatest surgeon ever. This was truly an inspirational story.

  3. All these videos were videos were very interesting to watch how someone who had nothing growing, can grow up to be so successful and well respected. It just goes to show you that if you put your mind and soul into something, you can make it happen.

  4. The first time I heard of Dr. Carson was in my high school Spanish class, and since I had a book called Gifted Hands by Dr. Carson which detailed his life story and how he was raised. I also watched a movie and a couple of videos in where they interview him previous to these I just watched. Dr. Carson’s mother is also an icon because of her tenacity to get her children out of the slums and into a world of knowledge.

  5. Dr. Carson really is an inspiration. He is no doubt one of the smartest men in America and one of the most gifted. If he does run for president then I will consider voting for him. He makes me want to look at the problems from the roots and find solutions.

  6. This video gave me the chills. It is very inspiring what Carson went through and where he comes from and to see him so sucessful now. Parents should be more like Carson’s mother. Everyone has an opportunity to be who they want and where they want to be, some better than others but it is possible. This just shows that it doesn’t matter where you come from. Carson is a very smart man with great ideas.

  7. It’s amazing how powerful the encouragement of a parent can be. He’s a great example of what can be achieved through hard work.

  8. Brianna V. Gonzalez

    What an inspiration, this man got called names and had a mother that held an 3rd grade education. However, she pushed him into succeeding and she succeeded herself. He was a man that graduated from Yale and became a great surgeon that has saved multiple lives. I would be so proud if I were his mother.

  9. I love it when stories in the end prove people wrong. Ben Carson was called a “dummy”. Well that dummy has saved many, many lives and definitely proved people wrong. He had a supportive mother and I believe that’s what helped him most.

  10. There are some genus people in this world. I applaud him for his wits an inner strength. I bet his mother was proud beyond words. Through his life, he experienced so much.

  11. I have to add this genius of a man to the ever growing list of men and women who need to be catapulted into the public spotlight in order to truly inspire the nation, which nowadays knows more about useless celebrity gossip and the like.

  12. a very interesting man. Ben carson is a good man to look up to. he is very intellectual.

  13. He is a good example for children to look up to. It was interesting to learn how his mother tried different ways to get him to learn. And a good example of how far one person can go is they have the right support and encouragement.

  14. Dr. Ben Carson is underrated.
    I dont think many people even knows he exists.
    I love his stories about his past, I like knowing that anyone can change and anyone can achieve.

  15. Priscilla K. Cornejo

    I loved this video i finally got to watch it after my professor asked if i seen it and it is truly amazing how someone can come from absolutely nothing and turn out to be the greatest surgeon ever. I kind of feel left out not knowing who this remarkable man known as Ben Carson was!

  16. Samantha R. Cimilluca

    I think that this guy, Ben Carson, is truly amazing and I cannot believe I have never heard of him. It was sad the way he grew up and lost hope because no one believed in him. I thought it was so sweet that even though his mother could not read that she made him and his brother read two books a week and write a report. She pushed him to do better and believed in him. He moved from the bottom to the top. It must have been such a great feeling to be able to accomplish something that others could not. What shocked me the most was that he did brain surgery on a baby who was still in the mother. If it weren’t for Carson, a lot of people would not have lived. He is a true inspiration and shows true intelligence.

  17. Dr. Ben Carson is a truly inspirational man. I feel ashamed that I have never heard of this name before this class. He needs to be recognized more and his story told because many children could gain a role model from this man and his life.

  18. What a wonderful inspiring story. Dr. Ben Carson is not only a motivation for people who do not have the same opportunities as those who are privileged, but a true hero. It was so nice to see how his mother was such a strong influence in his and his brother’s lives. He and his team have saved so many lives and it’s just good to hear that those people were given another chance.

  19. Elise G. Richardson

    Ben Carson is a very inspiring man. His story is remarkable, he comes from a neighborhood where he had nothing to becoming a well known surgeon is unbelievable. His mom was also inspirational because she pushed her sons to succeed even though she didn’t have much of an education.

  20. Dr. Ben carson’s life story is truly inspirational. He came from a life where nobody believed in him to a life where he graduated from Yale and became a brain surgeon who has shaved many lives. He is the true definition of what it mean to be a hero.

  21. William J. Gonzales

    I remember reading/hearing about this in high school. It is still pretty interesting learning about this man. His story is truly inspirational. It is great to see someone as motivated as Ben Carson doing these amazing things with what little resources he had.

  22. What a cool story. I love the fact that having a responsible parent was the reason for his educational goals and success.

  23. This is a very inspirational story I really like these particular videos.

  24. Its pretty interesting learning about this man, he’s like House from the tv show but better. His story about how he was the bottom of his class and quickly went to the top can serves as an example to many on how its never too late to achieve success.

  25. Carson is an inspiration. He came from almost nothing to becoming one of the greatest surgeons to ever live.

  26. I never even knew about this man, but what an experience to learn about him. It humbles me to know that his background is somewhat similar to mine. He grew up with one parent in the home, his life and emotions were out of control and he struggled to live a happy life, but he came to the realization that he couldn’t go on that way. This was a remarkable story to watch because it reminds me of how far i have come in my life, and someday i will achieve greatness as he did. What a great hero!

  27. what a truly remarkable story. its so inspiring to see those who come from so little, become remarkable heroes. i have always wanted to be in the medical field ever since i was a young girl and seeing this story really shows me how incredible medicine is and how heroic the doctors and surgeons are for performing rare surgeries and saving lives. its innovative surgeons like ben carson that make this world a better place. they take chances and receive the rewarding gift of life for their patients. these clips certainly motivate me to do the same.

  28. Dr. Ben Carson is a truly inspirational. I think humble beginnings have a lasting effect of some ones character. He could have used all the money he is earning just for himself but instead sends under privileged kids that work hard just like he was to college. What he does is incredible; we need more people like him to make this world a better place. He centrally is making a positive impact on children and their families all over the country.

    • I agree with Kelsey. There is a burning need for more humble people in this world. When someone is humble, like Dr. Ben Carson, then there is more room for a helping hand because we are not only thinking about ourselves. I enjoy seeing stories like these because its good to know that there are still good people trying to better the world.

  29. I truly and deeply admire Dr. Ben Carson because he is the best Neurosurgent at Johns Hopkins Pediatric Neurosurgery Division, He was the first Neurosurgent to separate semi twins. Growing up, Carson was considered to be one of the dummiest kids growing up because his mother had the education of a 5th grader. Carson wanted to change not only for the way his peers viewed him but for himself to prove that he is smart. Throughout time, Carson did just that. He provd to himself that he is smart and intellegent. He persued to apply for college then got accepted, and attended college learning the degrees about the brain and how it function. I watched the movie that detailed his life and struggles called “Gifted Hands”, whick is such a bleesing to watch because it is very inspiring for a college student to watch.

  30. This is absolutely inspiring. The fact that he went through so much and ended up saving way over 20 lives in unbelievable! He is so incredibly intelligent and it confident in his work. I like that he tells the patients and their family everything they need to know and not, “It will be fine,” or not telling them exactly what the surgery does. He has people’s lives in his hands and he remain calm and confident that God’s will will be done and that whatever happens is for a reason.

  31. The story of Ben Carson is a great story, very inspirational. I love that his mother push her kids to get an education even when she didn’t have one herself, that is common from parents that didn’t attend school themselves. Coming from nothing do not mean you will end up with nothing.

  32. Doctor Ben Carson is truly an inspiring man. He gives it his all when ever he is doing some thing. The background of his life and the things he went through was probably the reason why he turned out the way he did. I believe people that go through the most hardships in their life come out more sucessful than people that have an easy life. They have this motivation to have a better life and do better for themselves. The fact that Ben Carson is a surgeon and he loves what he does is proof enough that he won at life. He is doing something that he wants to do and enjoys it. I think more people need to be exposed to Doctor Ben Caron’s work and speeches. He is truly inspiring. He can change so many peoples life including people that come from a smiliar background as his. It will give people hope that they can do better for themselves. They can get to that dream job if the just put their mind to it. No one is going to stop you if you have motivation. The only person that can help you is yourself. So people need to get out their and work hard towards their goals. 215 The sky is the limit. Anyone can do whatever they put their mind too all it takes is motivation and hard work. Doctor Ben Carson is a brilliant man and he should be proud about what he does.

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  34. Awesome story very inspiring. The 2 books a week program would be something great I could instill with my children. Dr Ben Carson for President!

  35. Such an amazing man and I would love to be as good as a doctor as he is. His profound knowledge and his ability to look into a case that is tricky and full of compassion. this man is an inspiration to all.

  36. ben carson is a great story. he should be an example to everyone . it wasnt easy for him but he overcame the odds . he is a very successful man

  37. Ben Carson is very insperatioal person, I remember the movie called Gift Hand, he is one of story about this show . he is very awesome doctor. he save children ‘s life . The parents very impressive to him

  38. Dr. Carson had so much passion for what he wanted to be and that is what inspires me the most. He tried his hardest to accomplish his dreams even though his background was not all that supporting. The fact that he saves lives and continues to take surgical challenges really sends a great message to others.

  39. From where he came from to where he is now is absolutely remarkable. Dr Ben Carson is the epitome of what it means to work hard and it will pay off, or maybe some people are just born more intelligent and hard working than others because he is amazing.

  40. He is very inspirational, and he is a prime example to all that no matter where you come from you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

  41. This is true inspiration. It is great to see someone as motivated as Ben Carson doing these amazing things for people in need. Our world could definitely use a few more people like him.

  42. Dr. Carson is an insparational story! This story is great, so people can get encouraged into doing great things and achieving the best.

  43. Ben Carson is a great inspiration. Now, only if we could get everyone complaining about how they have nothing, to be more like him.

  44. Wow! Dr. Carson has a great story. Its great to hear a story where an individual can just turn his whole life around. Dr. Carson sets a great example for kids struggling in k-12.

  45. Dr. Carson is a very inspiring individual. He serves as a sign that people can break the mold and make something of themselves regardless of the situation with a little hard work and guidance. This man is truly amazing and his work with children is heart warming. These are the type of people in society who truly deserve their success.

  46. This doctor is truely amazing. The fact that he does all his work to classical music is the coolest thing I have ever heard. anytime you can successfully seperate two people joined together is remarkable along with performing surgery while still in the womb.

  47. This video is very inspring in that for me personally makes me excited to eneter into the medical field especially specializing in Pediatrics. This was a very great video to watch to help stay motvated and keep your eye on your goal.

  48. This video is very inspiring for me entering the medical field. Watching this gets me excited to be in the surgery room and help save people lives.

  49. This is truly an ispiration of how with perserverance a person can achieve anything. What this man does is amazing and the operations he performs. The way he treats his patients and talks to them is very comforting but never a forsure answer but believes everything willl come out just fine. The reunion of the kids was great, and I bet he felt just blessed being able to save all those lives. You can tell he has a true passion for his career and was raised by a good woman.

  50. WOW. Its amazing that someones life can turn around that much. He went from bad to great in the matter of a couple years, and now he is saving lives and doing what not many other doctors can do. Great inspirational story.

  51. This story give me hope that thing will get better over time. His man had nothing to begin with and now he had everything. He is also doing something so big that he is saving people lives.

  52. We seriously need more people in the world JUST LIKE THIS! How amazing would it be to be surrounded by people everywhere who have determination for the unthinkable. This is amazing, it almost makes me jealous that I’m nowhere near as great…….. yet 😉

  53. I heard about him before a few years ago. My mother handed me an article and as i read it noted his accopmplishments and all kinds of things and regarded him as the best neuro doctor in the world. All I must say is that his work is truly amazing and inspiring.

  54. Ben Carson is such an inspiration! It takes so much to do what he does, and he goes through the struggle because of determination. I am so amazed at what he is done and I feel he deserves every accolade he receives!

  55. Wow, this story is unbelieveable. It’s amazing how he came from nothing and how he has everything. He has saved peoples lives and many things happen for them and their families. He took chances that other doctors wouldn’t to save lives.

  56. Its amazing to see how even people who have not had the resources can still come back and surpass people who have it easy. I also like how his mom really tried to improve her son’s knowledge. He had a strong support and self determination to become what he wanted to. Dr. Carson is such an inspiration and even through the video his calm demeanor passes through the screen.

  57. Ben Carson is a very insperational person. He should be a sign to all students that no matter what background you come from or what people may think of you, you can achieve and accomplish your goals if you set your mind to it.

  58. Professor thankyou for sharing with us. This is not just an insprerational piece, though it is, it also relative to the current issues that both plaque and threaten this country. Our democracy and our individual freedoms are being threatened and this country needs to wake up and realize this.

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