Dr. Ben Carson on Obamacare

Ben Carson just accepted a position as a policy contributor at FOX NEWS, where he now has a microphone to discuss his proposals to improve the American health care system..we couldn’t have a more qualified expert with the desire to help patients.

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  1. I am a huge fan of Dr. Carson and his work. He is a brolliant man and surgent. Ther is no doubt in my mind that he could definately turn health care around.

  2. If a man like Ben Carson who has worked his whole life in this field talks people should hear what he is saying.

  3. Dr. Carson is exactly right about speaking up and saying why he disagrees while still being respectful. Here is the link to a video of his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast with President Obama Present: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFb6NU1giRA

  4. No one knows the best system for assisting patients like a doctor does. Someone that knows the healthcare system should definitely be the one to organize it, such as this doctor.

  5. This man is so intelligent! Why not have an intelligent doctor in the industry lead the way to improve the American Health Care system. It just makes sense!

  6. I agree. Defund the Obamaman’s caring plan. The doc’s pretty smart. As he should be since he’s a doctor, and doctors go to school for almost a century.

  7. Ive taken a lot of interest into Ben Carson after discussing him in class. I have always wanted to be a doctor or in the medical field of some sort and so his vision on politics has certainly interested me. If only he would run for president! He would make an incredible leader to this country. His take on obamacare is very impelling! It makes complete sense and its necessary to make sure that medical insurance is affordable. every person is a human being that will at some point in their lives experience medical complications. It is important that we recognize how harmful this system would be to our country and people need to unite to take a stand against funding obamacare

  8. This is crazy to see because i recently made this exact comment on another video that i had seen about Obamacare. Great minds do think alike! haha Obama does need to back away because this issue is gets worse by the second while it still stands. I am positive that Obama can come up with a better solution that is more affordable. I am not only glad that Dr. Carson and i have a common past but we also have a common opinion about this Obamacare nonsense.

  9. I think it’s great. Now that someone like Carson is in the spotlight, maybe we’ll start seeing some changes.

  10. All doctors and people do not like Obamacare, but it will be a very good opportunity for all insurance companies because they will collect all money from people and will pay doctors very hardly.

  11. If a well accredited doctor is opposing Obamacare I think that says something about how bad the plan really is. It seems like everybody is opposing Obamacare and I think there is a reason for that…. maybe because it sucks!

  12. Hope to see him turning things around.

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