Dr. Ben Carson Has Real Life Solutions For America’s Woes

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4 responses to “Dr. Ben Carson Has Real Life Solutions For America’s Woes

  1. I love his speech. It was realy effective. he mentions the slaves were not tought because literary provides liberty for them. I believe although Dr Carson’s mother was an uneducated woman, she treat her children as a high education woman. A successfull society needs to have people who can think and decide a bout their destiny logically.

  2. i completely agree that political correctness is overrated. people should be able to say whatever they choose because if not we are diminishing our right to the freedom of speech. ben carson’s story is very incredible. his mother never allowed him to be less than what he was capable of and regardless of the fact that they lived in poverty, she always pushed them to be excellent. i also agree that education has become much simpler in todays society and we need to expect more and not allow our youth to become lazy. i agree that surgeons, doctors, and scientists should be more involved in government, they are highly educated and extremely capable of being an addition to deciding what should be changed within society. our government could learn a lot coming from benjamin carson. we need to recognize what needs to be done and do it without worrying about what is politically correct. and i respect carson for recognizing the issue of deficit and taxes in front of the president in understanding that it is much more important to address the issues we have instead of being politically correct.

  3. I like this a lot. I agree with Autum people should really start working together to fix the problems in our country.

  4. I Believe that Dr. Carson had a very interesting point. He said that you will always find a way to bring things into your favor. Being poor is only as big as you make it.You can’t change the past but you can change the present. Politics is about looing at the past mistakes and making sure you change them in the present to make the future a better place. We all haev differences and republicans and democrats need to stay together and makeup for the past mistakes.

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