Downs Syndrome Boy with a Gentle Golden Lab

Sweet Mama Dog Interacting with a Beautiful Child with Downs Syndrome.


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  1. This is adorable. It really made my day.

  2. This is so cute. Dogs really are beautiful creatures.

  3. This was such a cute video. It was great to see how sensible the dog was with the little boy and just how careful he was with him. It melted my heart when the little boy went in to hug the dog.

  4. How sweet was this video? I absolutely love dogs. This video just shows how sweet they are. This was a great video and that song was enough to cry.

  5. The song for this video was great. The dog was so gentle with the little boy it was heart warming. I like how dogs have personalities that are close to humans.

  6. omg i love kids with down syndrome! my girlfriends little cousin has down syndrome and he is so funny and caring. this video just shows how dogs get a long with men well.

  7. Christopher Rodriguez

    This video was very touching. It goes to show that dogs really are man’s best friend. Even after all the attempts to get away, the dog never have up.

  8. Brianna V. Gonzalez

    For some reason it is not letting me watch this video and I am so sad because I was so excited to watch it since I love children and dogs so much!

  9. Very cute and touching video. Dogs are such great companions to have because they love you no matter what a person can put them through. They don’t discriminate against anyone and love their family.

  10. What a great video, just goes to show you how animals don’t care what kind of disease or problems you might have, they will treat you the same no matter what.

  11. Such great animals. I have a Lab and she’s the best dog ever. I love this video it really is heart warming.

  12. Man’s best friend. It is evident here that unlike humans, animals do not judge so greatly, but they will open up and care to complete strangers who respect them. It is a very heartwarming video and I will be be bringing my mother to terms on adopting a pet now.

  13. This was such an endearing video to watch. You can sense the true gentleness here.

  14. such a great video labs are a great breed reminds me a lot of the big yellow lab I used to have.

  15. This is such a sweet video animals are so gentle with those they love.

  16. I love Labrador Retrievers! I have one and they’re the sweetest, kindest, most friendly dogs in the universe. Labs, as well as many other breeds, will love you no matter what you look or act like. Labradors, however, hold a special place in my heart because they act so much like humans and will love anyone who needs them.

  17. I love this video! It is very sweet how a dog has no judgment on people. A dog will always be there for you no matter what. I unfortunately don’t know much about down syndrome but I do know what its like to take care of someone with special needs and I think a true companion is all anyone really wants, that why this video is really great to watch.

  18. This is the most adorable video I have ever seen. I have a strong connection with people with downs syndrome. In high school, I worked with the special education classes. These kids were picked on for being different, but in my opinion, they are some of the happiest people on this planet. I’m jealous of them.

  19. This is one of the most amazing videos I have ever seen. All through high school i worked with a club called PAWSS (People Always Working Side by Side) and what we did was help integrate special needs kids into the lives of every day students. Through my experiences I saw beautiful friendships between people that probably wouldn’t have even been fortunate enough to impact each others lives if it weren’t for this program. This video reminded me a lot of that. Unique relationships come into play when you encounter special needs children. Compassion fills your heart and you embrace the beauty of those with an extra chromosome. I will always have a special place in my heart for down syndrome children and they have forever changed my life. The way this video moves so many people is the way that they moved me each and every day. They are truly a blessing.

  20. I was moved and touched by this video. This was so adorable to watch a boy who has this illness and his affection towards his best friend. The father who post this video was absolutely correct that God doesn’t make mistakes humans do, which is a perfect quote to use.

  21. This video is so cute. I like how the dog is so gentle and doesn’t stop trying to get the little boys attention.

  22. This video was loving. It shows us how dogs can be people’s best friends. It is also the best thing, how dogs interact with kids. Dogs are the best companion a kid can have but compare with people there are some that just judge them. Children with down syndrome are the most innocent people and adorable. This video lifts people up and gives hopes to everyone.

  23. What a great story. Such love between two friends that can never be measured or taken away. It’s funny to see how aware dogs seem to be able the mental and physical state of human beings.

  24. There is a certain type of compassion that can be obtained from animals that is heartwarming. The child is lucky to have such a loving friend. There needs to be more compassion given to the special needs youth.

  25. This video was heart warming. I have seen dogs interact with kids in hospitals and how gentle they are. That boy and that dog are a match made in heaven.

  26. Dogs are mans best friend and this video shows that. The way the dog interacted with the kid showed that she really cared about him and loved him. Unlike many others in the world, she would not judge him.

  27. I love this video. I even love that fact that the dog is letting the little boy know that he isn’t going anywhere, he is there to stay no matter what. This makes me think why would we ever take anything for granted even the tiny things.

  28. This video makes me want to cry just to precious. It really is a good idea for people to have pets.Pets are much more than a friend they are love, light, and strength. this is a part of life and they are great for disabled people. The love in this movie is remarkable.

  29. this video is so awesome! It has reminded me of my dog always wanting to be pet. This little kid is awesome

  30. This video is so heart felt. I said aww so many times while watching the video. It’s really interesting and amazing how dogs just know how people are and act. And that they know how to act around certain type of people. This mama dog is so sweet and caring towards the little child. I’ve wanted a dog for so long and this made me want to get my dog already so I have a companion like this.

  31. This video is so cute. Dogs are really man’s best friend and it was so cute to see the dog want to interact with the little boy. It was so precious!

  32. This video makes my heart melt. It shows how gentle some animals can be. I know the love of a lab. I had a yellow lab for as long as I could remember l. He was the most amazing dog I have ever had. They say only a dog will love you more then they love themselves. I feel this is so true.

  33. Very nice video Down syndrome is so sad. This video is lift people up and gives hope.

  34. This video is so adorable! It shows how much companionship dogs can have. It was so cute how everytime the boy would try and scoot away the dog would still try to go lay on him.

  35. That video was so cute! That dog really wanted to play with him. I thought it was really cute when the dog kept scooting up to set his head in the boys lap. The dog seemed really sweet, and when the boy hugged him it was priceless.

  36. At first, you can tell the little boy is trying to push the dog away and scoots away himself. But, toward the end, the boy warms up to the dog loving on him and it is precious.

  37. This video was so cute. It is nice how the dog is playful and sweet to the to the boy. In the end of the video it says that God does not make mistakes and it is so true. Everyone was brought into this world for a reason; even people with down syndrome.

  38. This is so cute! I love that dog and the kid is too cute! When I am older I want to adopt a child that had down syndrome.

  39. This video was super adorable. Not only was the dog adorable but the little kid as well. Children with downs syndrome are the most innocent people. They don’t have any hate inside of them, plus they are super smart. The way the dog was interacting with the little boy was priceless. This video is right,God doesn’t make mistakes.

  40. This video is amazing! I almost teared up watching it. It reminded me of my dog Rocky. He is so sweet and caring, and he always cheers me up when I am sad. He’s one of those dogs that knows when you need a hug, and he will comfort you. I really enjoyed this video!

  41. This is so adorable! The video reminds me of my mother’s care patient who also has down syndrome but is the most active sweetest boy I have ever met! He is five years old and I hope he lives on for plenty plenty more years to live to experience the happiness that I see in this video.

  42. This video is just precious! When she puts her paw on his shoulder, my heart melts. The dog in this video reminds me of my sister’s dog Sandy who is a loving mama dog as well and would never hurt a fly. She is so sweet and she will literally let anyone hug on her and I think it’s the cutest thing. That little boy is lucky to have that dog as a companion and this video makes me want to get a dog even more!

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