Don’t say, “Jesus” on CNN!

Maybe they’ll let you speak on Fox News:

6 responses to “Don’t say, “Jesus” on CNN!

  1. You cannot say jesus on tv? What if i talked about a religion of which people praised the lord of cookies? Would they muzzle that too?

  2. It’s absolute IDIOCRACY that they muzzle a person from speaking about Jesus on a public channel. It literally boils my blood. Don’t they realize that that is what this COUNTRY was founded upon. What happened to freedom of RELIGION and freedom of SPEECH? Gee CNN why don’t you just publicly give a statement that you dont allow cussing, nudity, or talk about Christ on your network. That would help you narrow down the target audience you are seeking right???!

  3. I do not know how to feel about this world that we live in. More and more absurdity keeps occurring. There was the whole no feeding the homeless, the looting after the case, and now you cannot even say Jesus on CNN. We as voters need to unite and fight for a change everything our founding fathers fought for and achieved is being taken away from us. If things are not corrected this nations is doomed to chaos sooner than what we thought.

  4. No one is born to be racist; it is the environment that transforms a people into a racist. Family is key to solve the problem of discrimination basing on races. In China, there is a say that ” Tiger will never have a dog as his son”.

  5. Religon is a very very very touch subject but are we really at the point where we can even say a name of a religious figure on TV anymore…Come on world, you’re better then this.

  6. I agree with this NFL player. There definitely has to be some further discussions in regards to these critical issues. From when our fathers and grandfathers were living during the racial injustices committed upon many, to now that they are being done to this current generation there appears to be an improvement, however still a lot can be improved. If people do not stand up for what is right, how many will stand up when its the wrong time?

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