Don’t Run Away from Problems

Don’t Run Away from Problems

Submitted by Alex Carpenter

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  1. I didnt get the video honestly, it didnt show me the message, but if im goingoff other peoples comment….. For me, i know i would have to face my problems eventually, but its ok to get away from the problem for the time being.

  2. It was depressing to watch this video. The video did not have any words but I was still able to get the message and relate to the actress. We sometimes feel alone and do not want to let our problems out to anyone. When we do not let our problems out to someone and let them bottle up inside ourselves we become more and more depressed. It is bad to run away from a problem that is too big for you to handle yourself. The only way to get over a problem that is to big for you to handle yourself is to ask for help not run away from it.

  3. This video speaks volumes
    although it did not say a word
    i can relate to holding my feelings and problems inside
    letting them bottle up
    to the point where i become depressed
    i can relate to feeling alone like i have no one to talk to
    but i also know that living like that is unhealthy
    there is always some form of release
    we should all find out what is the best way for us to releive our pain

  4. This video was so depressing. Truth sometimes can be very depressing. This video really applies to all of us, not just the young, but people of all ages. Society only focuses on the young running away from their problems. But the actuall truth is, even the older generation of people run from their problems. No one talks about how many women run away and leave their kids, and never return. Or how many fathers run away and leave kids. This video should be a serious awaking to people of all ages. Running does not solve problems, but some of us feel that it makes us feel alittle better. Because in the end, we have run for a reason. Good video

  5. Running away from problems makes those bigger. Pushing it aside only makes it worse and not surpassing it creates tension and distress. it is hard to face some situations.It can really be terrifying to bring yourself up but it can be surpassed. It is helpful to talk about what happened and or read a journal. Learn that life can be difficult at times but the next day is always news and up to you.

  6. Last time i tried to “run away” from my problems i ended up in jail for a DUI. I had to learn the hard way and hit rock bottom. Why let our selfs get to that extreme? Why hit rock bottom when theres other options?When we run away from our problems we become rebels agains our selfs, we trip and all of our problems seem to catch up and add on.

  7. Sometimes we may feel bogged down by our problems. Our desperation sometimes make us feel helpless. However, if we have to courage to face our problems and think of a solution we will be more accomplished. Solving our problems instead of running from them will give us the confidence to achieve the greater things in life.

  8. It best to face our problems head on gather than run away from it. The fact is everyone has problems. It matters how we solve our problems with help from friends and family. In return, it will only make us better person in life. But if we resort to bad influence like drug and alcohol will only make our problems even worst than before.

  9. The easiest thing for us it do is run away from our problems, but the effects of doing that are not worth it. Getting help and sitting with someone who will hear us out for as long as we need is amazing therapy. The video was a bit cheesy, but the message it sends out is a good one. (:

    Positive vibes!!

  10. Good video, good message, good music. Except how did she not realize someone was following her so closely behind? Perhaps she was so sedated? Seems like that’s what the music was suggesting when she was touching the plants. trippy sounds. Yeah, drugs and cities definitely do not mix well. But I agree with the message of the video. Don’t run from your problems. They will only get worse if you try to drown them out with drugs. Take care of your brain, of your body. Good habits only!

  11. I can relate to this video as everyone has promblems. When stress reaches a ceratin point it’s very easy to be tempted to do new things. This video was produced to emphasize no to do drugs or liquor to relieve your stress; the best option would be to face your promlems and reslove issues rather that fueling the issue with substances.

  12. I agree with this video completely. We should all solve our problems in the best manner that best suits us. We can talk to someone we trust about it or however you feel most comfortable because if you don’t, problems will eat at you internally.

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