Dog’s Best Friend

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  1. Sometimes we as humans should learn from other animals such as these dogs.

  2. This is too cute! It’s amazing how caring dogs can be not only to other dogs but to humans as well. In the second video the reporter mentions how the dog that was hit was the mom, and that was very touching to see the dog protect his/her mom when she laid on the street.

  3. Homo Sapiens are complex creatures; on the contrary, other animals like dogs are easier to understand. When a dog sees its friend dying, it will try its best to help its friend. Human sometimes will do the same as dogs, but sometimes they will leave their friend alone.

  4. Amazing. Time and time again “mans best friend” proves his value. I couldn’t see how anyone would see these animals any differently than just that. My own personal life could definitely not be where it is without my faithful companions by my side. Its an overwhelming feeling to have such a great bond with them and not only are they my dogs, they are my friends, they are my family.

  5. I love dogs and that made me sad when the white dog got killed 🙁 but it was so precious how the other dog was protecting it from the other cars and traffic. Honestly dogs are mans best friend and also the best kind of animals that can help their companions as well.

  6. Dogs are amazing. for both dog to protect their friends is great!! defending off traffic making sure no one comes close. this video shows how protective dogs can be such loyal pets.

  7. Dogs truly are amazing. It’s a thing for dogs to be “mans best friend”, but to see them protecting their own kind is amazing. It isn’t shocking because dogs, animals, have feelings as well.

  8. I’m surprised that another dog is protecting a dead dog. I didn’t think dog were capable of being protective of their own kind, I assumed that they would only do it for their owners. Overall this is a touching video and it was heart touching tragedy.

  9. Dogs are the best. These videos just remind me of how my dog makes sure I’m ok when I just lie down in the grass. A dog’s unconditional love for their owner and family is amazing.

  10. Dogs are the most comforting thing in the world, whether you feel alone or are just doing nothing, i can guarantee that if you have a dog they are close by. As i type these comments, every time i come to my computer my dog joins me and lays by my feet. Man’s best friend for sure.

  11. It is amazing how intelligent dogs are.They truly are loving animals. My family and I have three dogs. My girl is 3 years old and loves me so much. She is obedient and energetic. If anyone would ask where I was, she runs up the stairs to my room. I remember once leaving to class (night course for 3hrs) and when I came back she was sitting where I had left her. My dad told me she sat there waiting for me the entire time. Dogs unconditional love towards their owners is amazing.

  12. I have seen news like these many times. As high intelligence animals they behave like human kids, which reminds me my little cousin always talks to her Teddy bear and she wouldn’t let me get close to her “best friend”. Dogs and children always show their true feelings, they don’t know how to fake.

  13. this is just beautiful, I love dogs.
    my dog is very protective over me so I could only imagine how the pup felt about his mom.

  14. Dogs are the best. They are exciting, playful, and loyal. The first video was cool because, the dog was standing over the other dog who was not moving and protecting it from traffic. The second video was cool because the son was protecting the mother from traffic and from the police. The second video really shows the bond between a mother and son.

  15. I see these videos online every so often, and it really does bring a smile to my face. I cannot help but think how sad it is to know that dogs will do this for each other and most humans see someone hurt they just walk on by, as if they saw nothing. Not only that but in the first video you see that someone was filming the two dogs yet there was no attempts of anyone trying to help the injured dog. At least in the second video there was some action being taken by society.

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