Desiderata: A Message of Hope and Sanity

This is February 25th. 2012 and this morning a person asked me, “Why did you respond to a certain person with silence?

I answered, “Desiderata.”

Then I decided this answer may have been vague. I was making an allusion to something I had read as a child and influenced my life greatly. It is a message about how to handle life in difficult times with difficult people. I recommend this philosophy; it spreads peace, tranquility, and sanity in a bellicose and insane situation.

47 responses to “Desiderata: A Message of Hope and Sanity

  1. the music was very soothing and relaxing. its an awesome way of thinking and for someone to use it in there lives and for someone to use this kind of thinking in their lives would make their life better.

  2. This video is really nice those words are truly powerful although the music was rather depressing and didn’t suite those words. The scenery was beautiful and as I read it got me wondering and zoned into the pictures.

  3. Everyone tries to be happy. And from this video and my psychology class I believe that I am truly a happier person and can always do things to make my life worthwhile

  4. The music and quotes combined was very soothing… it made me understand them better.

  5. I liked this video, the music was relaxing and just made me think about the things I am grateful for, and how I should treat others, while I’m sitting in this terribly run writing center. Ha!

  6. If you apply these ideas into your everyday life, there is no way you will not become a better and happier person in everything you do, constantly comparing yourself to others is just a waste of time and energy.

  7. These are some great life lessons and principles to live by. Optimism and a happy outlook on life always reigns over pessimism.

  8. I Love this video. A lot of true stuff within this video. This is something that I would like to have written out and framed on my wall to see everyday.

  9. This video had optimistic values that can aide individuals in the pursuit of happiness. People with negative outlooks and personality traits tend to bring those of higher spirits down with their negativity. It is the individuals choice to take strides to be happy with themselves and their circumstances. Anxiety is a natural obstacle that can be overcome.

  10. Never compare yourself to other people it always ends badly. A lot of people don’t see the good in life and only see the bad that is why there is so much corruption in the world. If only there was more good in the world.

  11. This video is very peaceful and speaks how to be a great person no matter the circumstance.

  12. This video gives you great advice. I think you can learn a lot from other people and you should take advantage of that.

  13. Sometimes we allow the things of this world to get to our deepest part and we allow it to swallow us. Lets take a moment and reflect on the purpose we were place on this earth. After a long and difficult semester I realize I lean towards my own understanding and not of Gods. This video just reminded me of how I couldn’t accomplish that with out Him. Great video good advice.

  14. This video gives great advice on ways one should apply to their life. I believe it is true that one should be on good terms with all persons.

  15. I always ty to make a difference and be happy. Sometimes it is hard to do that with all the things going on around us. Yet we have to strive towards that because we have to be the ones that make a difference.

  16. This video really does give you a lot of good advice That everyone should live by just so that yo9u can have a happier and more prosperous life. I’m a strong believer in the golden rule “Treat people the way you want to be treated.”

  17. I always try to be the best person I can. I always strive to be better than I was the day before. My parents are very givving and generous. I try to repay people and put myself in others shoes. I think it is really important to have people in this world who are carring and positive.

  18. Be happy and thankful for yourself and others around you. Life is what you make you make out of it. Honesty, peace, and respect are the keys of life. This is lovely music, relaxing, and a strong message.

  19. Being a good person is a very good thing. Many peolpe in the world dont have a heart and treat others with hatred. People like that will get no where in life and they will never make friends. It is the person with a kind soul that makes it through life feeling greatful and full of joy. As long as a person is cruel to others it will only leave them with a bad feeling in their heart. no one is different we are all equal even though our looks or personality may not be the same. So love being a good person and everything will bring good into your life.

  20. Unfortunately, the music cannot receive into my ears because I am deaf. But I can read the message and same times the background pictures as a view. It is so beautiful! I have been struggling with the English because my second languages. “Desiderata” what does mean “to be strong as a desire for the successful? I need to learn to relax and impossible. Hopefully, I will struggle into the end, be happy and be successful.

  21. As I live a hectic life this video is a good reminder to calm down and relax. This video was actually recommended to me and I was glad it was. Sometimes we just need to take time to relax.

  22. As I live a hectic life this video is a good reminder to calm down and relax. This video was actually recommended to me and I was glad it was. Sometimes we just need to take time to relax.

  23. That is a pretty relaxing video. Practically all of those sayings though originated in proverbs.

  24. This video kind of has the effect of sending you into a fantasy world. A feeling of just serenity that just feels so calming and the messages behind it are very positive.

  25. Its very nice to see a video where you are remembered to be peaceful with your self and others. Its important to treat others good that way good things can come in handy as well as not being judgmental.This is so relaxing also the way they set the background and the music.

  26. The music and background pictures are beautiful! This is a great way to show a lesson in life to people. I would show this to my cousins and anyone else who is struggling with what to do with others or in the world.

  27. Strangely, this video reminded me of when I get sick and have fever induced hallucinations. I sit alone in my room and hallucinate and so much is going on and it can be weird or scary but I just can’t wait for it to end and just live in a moment of peace. The world can be seen as one big crazy fever induced hallucination. Fever of greed, lust, envy, revenge, or anything else that does not let us live in peace. Not to sound too grim but maybe death is our escape from the fever and we will live in peace thereafter.

  28. There were a lot of good sayings in this video. I really liked the one that said, “And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.” That kind of reminds me of the saying “everything happens for a reason”, which I 100 percent believe.

  29. Everyone is so busy with their lives that they don’t take the time to enjoy the silent moments.

  30. I thought the message in the video was very correct. I believe most people live their lives this way and life experiences have forced them to think other wise. I believe in one of the statements in the video which said “speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even the dull and ignorant, they to have their story.” everyone is your teacher and everyone should be given a chance to be heard.

  31. “If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.” This is the quote that really struck a chord with me. I found it to really tie into the theme of tranquility. Now a days, people are too busy comparing and competing with others when they should just be relaxing and enjoying life.

  32. Everyone has their own opinion and own story to tell and yes we can all learn from each other, but it doesn’t always need to be that way.

  33. Music is our gift to the soul.

  34. Every person that has ever walked this Earth had a story to say and well we all have a story to say ! How one person lives should involve the soul and spirit to be happy, and honestly Desiderata is a powerful message that people should start living by.

  35. People need to stop running around like chickens with their heads cut off and start listening to what the world is saying. There is just so much going on in everyones life that no one gets a chance to sit back and relax. The music in this video is so relaxing and calming it makes one feel safe and comfortable.

  36. A very positive message! So many people get caught up in the hustle of everyday life and forget about the things that truly matter and can keep them sane and happy. I try to live by many of these ideals and this was a great reminder of some I had forgotten.

  37. I love the music in the background! Everyone does have a story to tell and everyone should take time to listen to those stories.

  38. “Be cheerful stive to be happy”, this was a good quote to end with because if you werer to follow and take the advice of what was given you would not stress your self over unimportant matters and keep the bad out of your life and only allow the good.

  39. Always be yourself, and never try to be someone else. Because you were born an original, so why die a copy? I agree with the video saying to be at peace with God. He brought you here and if you’re on his side, I believe you’re just as perfect as anyone else.

  40. ” Go placidly among the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence.”
    This being the very first quote is a great start to the rest. It reminds me to take a moment to just listen to the silence among us. At times that may be when we are actually able to hear.

  41. Every person is born into a family. However they can not conform to what anyone wants them to be.Everyone has their own thought of what they wish to be . Every individual is born and individual for a reason and although we sometimes depend on others we do not have to conform to what they want us to be .

  42. The music goes well with the theme. The music sets the mood as calming and tranquil.

  43. I believe that good comes out of listening to other people, and learning from other people; such as learning from someone’s past mistakes. But I don’t believe that we should conform from the person we are, and the person we want to be. “You do you, and I’m going to do me.”

  44. Many people are born into this world, some having advantages, some having disadvantages. That does not erase the fact that we were all born in the same way, out of our Mother’s womb. We all have a different upbringing, that is fact, what we must all realize that differences should never separate us for we all came here the same way.

  45. This is very true stuff. In fact I like the part where it says everyone has a story to tell and you should listen to their story because you could learn something from them. I love the music in the backround.

  46. That is a profound way of thinking but to apply it to one’s life would enrich a person’s life.

  47. “If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.”
    This is the part of the video that caught my eye because this holds so much truth. In todays society it is very hard not to compare yourself with others. If nobody did, there would be a lot more good people in the world.

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