Debt Limit Groundhog Day



10 responses to “Debt Limit Groundhog Day

  1. Congress just seems as though they just don’t have any solutions to the debt ceiling. Where to push or where to stop. This country will forever be in debt, the reason is because we fund other countries and their needs before ours, and maybe even after ours.

  2. We are spending money we don’t have, we will take years to pay are debt off to china. It is 2014 today as we speak and debt has only gotten higher ,..

  3. Debt is only increasing. The government is wasting more money than what it actually is making. This is kinda scary because of this since the debt isnt getting any smaller.

  4. Its not sup rising that the debt limit is an issue each time. After talking for 15 years the response is the same: to raise the debt ceiling. Where will it end up in another 15 years.

  5. Debt has been the center of the debate for many decades. Everyone appears to have their own theory. Without a doubt it has contiuned rise over time. Most of the politcians mentioned are republicans and are against any short time deal. This video leaves the viewer as a cliff hangerand leaves them to decide what’s best.

  6. Samantha R. Cimilluca

    Debt has been a problem for many years and no one has made any progress to decrease it. There is no way to just make it vanish. All this talk about debt and we are way farther in debt than one can imagine. I dont see our debt decreasing any time soon. Money is always being spent in places it should not be. This is Americas true struggle.

  7. It’s amazing how we just keep wanting raise the debt limit and wondering why we still have debt. People can’t expect to lower the debt by adding more, it just isn’t logical.

  8. I thought it was kinda crazy how a man in the video said that our debt is expected to be eliminated in the year 2014. I think that presently we are making our debt increase even more on how we spend our money and what we spend it on.

  9. Rosamaria Valdez-Lopez

    It is cool how they have this in a sequential manner to show how we have “changed” in our economy. Even though we try to change it, because we do realize our problem, but we actually do not do anything about it. I agree that we should not spend money that we do not have.

  10. We will never have our debt limit close to zero if we don’t stop spending money we do not have. It is that simple. It is just like a credit card.

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