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  1. Debt ceiling A? If our debt had a ceiling we have broken a hole through the wall that will climb all the way up to the 300th floor of a skyscraper

  2. Our government continues to put America in more debt. For example, Obama Care, is costing us more money, that we do not have. The debt ceiling is over the roof. We need to stop spending but also create something to fix our budget spending to prevent us from overspending.

  3. This is very irresponsible of our government, and the national debt still continues to grow, something needs to be done to stop this, but then also reverse this too.

  4. This is outrageous, though this video was posted back in 2011 our national debt still is very large and seemingly growing more than not, our country needs to make a effort to stop this and remove our debt.

  5. A lot of people balm the president for over spending the money when its actually the senators that are spending the money.

    • Even though this was a couple of years ago this is still ridiculous and our national debt is till very large, concrete steps need to be taken to reverse this.

  6. It’s really crazy how the Government tells us what we want to hear and not what we need to hear. The national debt is going to keep on rising until the Government finds a logical way to end it and stop taking the easy way out.

  7. Although this video is two years old things haven’t changed and aren’t getting any better. I have numerous stories about how the senior citizens can no longer live just off their social security checks. It used to be, you worked hard in a 9-5 job, you paid mortgage, and at 62 you could retire and never work again. But, now you see people in their late 50s picking up two or three jobs because they can barely make rent and they don’t have any savings to fully retire by the time they hit 60. It really just makes me think what where do I want to be when I reach that age and how am I going to get there ?

  8. I can’t imagine how the government will succeed in this what-seems-to-be-impossible-at-the-moment task of depleting the debt ceiling. It will be interesting when the ceiling is gone and we are out of debt. Hoping that the day will come soon, at least in my lifetime.

  9. with the government raising our debt ceiling we are going to be in an even bigger mess. They are not helping they are making and even bigger mess that will soon be uncleanable.

  10. This video explained to me the reason we are in this mess. The government keeps borrowing and spending and then forces the president and the people to figure out a way to pay for it.

  11. I agree I think the government needs to get it together and make a plan that will work to help our debt problem. Rising the debt celiling will not help us it would actually make us in a bigger hole!

  12. It’s the governments fault for regulating our money. They can discuss deadlines, and future budget cuts all they want. But things are only going to get worse. The people of America are suffering from the debt ceiling.

  13. The Government keeps on raising the dept ceiling to help out the people, but truly they are just putting us in a deeper hole. The more they increase our dept the harder its going to be to change and lose it.

  14. Seeing politicians seating on the table and having meeting makes me sick already. I don’t know what they are doing. They are putting this country into trouble. Many friends of mine in other country still want to come this country having “American dream”. A lot of people do not know how serious America’s debt is.

  15. I don’t think that we will ever pay off our debt. The sad part is that i am going to be paying for it later as well as the many generations after me.

  16. Obama speaks of “eating the peas” but he is putting no enforcement down. He is the president, so why doesn’t he do something about it!? The debt ceiling is out of this world and it isn’t gonna get better unless WE, the people, start spreading the word and acting on it.

  17. We all have to cut on our spending and sacrifices will have to be made on what to buy and how much money to spend.

  18. In my opinion the government is probably going to keep raising the debt ceiling because they know that the debt we are in is unreal. They know it is also unrealistic for it to be paid off and so they will keep adding to it. The government dug itself a hole and they should just bury themselves in it.

  19. How do we stop all this debt when it just keeps on increasing? It is terrible how our country handles its budget because overall it affects the citizens in the society, not so much the ones debiting the country more.

  20. If the government stop putting out all this things that are unnecessary we wouldn’t have a big debt problem, and so they do need to cut back on there spending.

  21. While the numbers are unbelievable in size it is impossible to right the ship when the way to correct it is to cut the entitlements that the general public are dependent on.

  22. This is very scary. Its like just watching a ship sink and just standing their looking at the people screaming, but only those people are us. Why cant they get their stuff together and stop spending what we dont have.Its so fustrating.

  23. I’m outraged at this rising debt ceiling. This is not only unfair to myself but also to our future generations. My child will suffer because of the governments careless spending. Also making our elders to suffer. Our economy is at a constant spiraling downfall and soon we will be in another GREAT DEPRESSION

  24. This really is not fair to us. Why do we have to just sit around and have no say in what the governmnet spends and how they spend it. They just keep throwing money away and hoping that somehow we are going to magically be ok and not run out. They really are like high school students in that they are immature and do not know how to control their spending.

  25. Why are we waiting for things to get worse and worse? It’s almost like the politicians want to wait and see what will happen to America when its economy goes down the drain. It’s disappointing that things concerning with our economy have gotten this far. Just like my peers have stated before me, why do they wait until the last second to fix everything? The country needs to get its act together. This is a very scary situation and I hope they know how serious this is.

  26. Talk about procrastination at it’s finest! I ponder about our future generations! Our recession is not as severe as the great depression but they way things are going in Washington frightens me, not only for future generations but mine as well.

  27. It’s just a cycle that repeats itself over and over again. Government tries to borrow more money, claiming that they will cut spending in the near future, but then they reach a limit and ask for more money again.

  28. Its almost like no one really cares to fix this problem with the debt ceiling because it will have very little impact on those living today this overwhelming burden is just passed along to settle on the shoulders of the children of the future.

  29. Its funny, the governement spends money like a high school student. The student ends up paying the credit card bills later.

  30. writing about the great depression for our final, our economy seems nothing compared to how it was in the great depression…but it doesn’t mean we cant go down the same path.

  31. Its ridiculous that the government cannot come up with a budget on a years notice. I think this video is concise and straight to the point. Why should the government just be able to push back their deadlines every time they cannot make one. That is not fair. They are not being held accountable.

  32. I think this pretty much sums it up. The longer we wait, the worse off we are. There should be no reason that 7 days from a deadline the nation is in a scuffle to throw a plan together to fix such a huge problem. This is a little bit of craziness and a lot bit of ignorance!!

  33. i wonder what is the reason why politicians act this way. why do they have to do everything the last second it makes no sence to me, and our financial crisis is the result of irresponsibility people.

  34. good video. Really sums up what has been going on in only 2 minutes.

  35. I agree with fromero that with the deadline being pushed back that it’ll get to big too handle. I think that we have already crossed the line where the debt is too big is only going to get worse.

  36. I also believe that candidates are just concerned about getting themselves re-elected instead of actually doing the work. It seems that they just keep putting off the deadline and just continue to put it off. Eventually the problem is going to get too big to handle.

  37. I will have to agree with Rami because no one in Washington does listen. If they would start cut things on our budget maybe this would help our decit. They don’t have to just cut everything but it needs to be trimmed or something… this is a long process and the longer we wait the worse off our society will be.

  38. it make sense, but no one listen in Washington and when they do listen, it will be too late. both republican and democrats are looking to get re-elected. they are not looking for a solution. the main problem is who hold the power.

  39. Maybe I am optimistic but I believe that we have some very intelligent and capable people in government. It worries me as an American what is going to happen to our country if we cannot figure out a budget that won’t throw us into more debt. There has to be hidden agendas that government is more worried about then the well being of its citizens.

  40. Yes, everyone is just going to have to realize we are going to have to cut on our spending. I think the problem is what to cut.

  41. I completely agree. It took them so long to make the budget that we should not expect them to take us out of debt.

  42. This video reminds of the Generation Zero film when it discusses the “invisible man” and how the financial responsibility is left for the future children or generation.

  43. This video gives a clear description of what is going on in Washington DC.

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