David Horowitz / Glenn Beck Interview

Growing up in the cosmopolitan San Francisco area,  I always have had friends of many different races and religions.  Within a month of each event, I was a bridesmaid in a Catholic wedding and a Jewish wedding of two of my best friends–I didn’t think this was unusual. We have different cultures within our society that have different ideas.  The following video is an interview by Glen Beck talking to David Horowitz who grew up as an American communist of Jewish descent.  I hope you listen to Horowitz’s words of wisdom–he is in my age group.  You will learn about our American culture and the illogical rage that is happening in our country today.


9 responses to “David Horowitz / Glenn Beck Interview

  1. This video was very inspiration of how it shows that there could be a better future.

  2. His talk show was interesting because he had a sense of humor. The way he reflects upon life and society is interesting because he is not single minded.

  3. This guy is amazing! This reflection on life is so beautiful. I love how some people are so positive about things it is refreshing.

  4. I found it great how he reflected in a positive.

  5. He says that when we reach a world that has no hate, no sexits, or racial problems when we reach that just world that that is what we want to achieve, thats what i live for.

  6. Its great how this had a positive reflect on his life.

  7. this is a great reflection of all this man’s great experiences.

  8. First, my parents, mainly my dad, are fans of Glenn Beck, planning to go see him. He is a great man, really knowing what he is talking about in my opinion.

  9. It is a bueatiful reflection of a persons life that has had a broad range of experiences. There is so much wisdom that he imparts from a broad range of issues. Most issues boil down to the core of human experience and acceptance. I first heard some of these ideas from Bob McEwen and it transformed my thinking which ultimately lead to a shift in my life that has benifited me so much. This information is priceless to those who try to understand what he is saying and research his points.

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