Dante’s Inferno Analysis by Thug Notes

If you watch Se7en, you might want to watch this short analysis of Hell:

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  1. Such a different way to summarize a poem but it definitely made it easier to understand. I did daze off at some points but I kept watching because it was interesting seeing how differently he was talking during a poem

  2. The video game was awesome to play, and the story behind was even better. Thug note’s analysis on how Dante has to pass through all the temptations is part of what everyone has to deal with.

  3. Thug notes gave a quick and entertaining explanation to the Dante’s Inferno story. But no matter how good or interesting a review is, it does not beat reading the actual story and experiencing the full ride.

  4. This was a funny video. It definitely helped me understand Dante’s Inferno a little more because it was put in simple terms.

  5. The video was so funny because the lingo in the video was so ridiculous . It was understandable because i grew up around this type of “lingo”. Besides all that hilarity, it gave a clear explanation of Dante’s Inferno (only if you understood the lingo). Dante’s Inferno was very vague to be before watching this video. Besides the knowing it from the video game, i knew very little about it. The only thing i knew about Dante’s Inferno before the video was the author, Dante Alighieri.

  6. Pretty quirky video. I liked Dante’s Inferno (not the film edition). I have actually studied Dante’s Inferno and it was very interesting. The author, Dante Alighieri, had a very complex mind and he was more than creative. The actual video game for x-box was a blast to play. When my brother was not using it, I snuck in some time and played. Ssssshhhhh!

  7. It is a very interesting way of helping others understand a poem. Thug Notes explains Dantes Inferno very well by using both everyday language and comics. People, especially the young ones should find the literary work easy to digest and relate by watching his videos.

  8. I love the way Thug Notes explained Dantes Inferno, to help most people understand it easily. It definitely helped me.

  9. This video was kinda funny and it broke it down into a way most people can comprehend and I got better understanding when the guy in the video talked about different kinds of hells like limbo and the 8th circles Dante went through.

  10. This was a different way to understand a poem. his ability to explain the poem was simple, and even though his lingo and vocabulary was different the poem was analyze correctly.

  11. I think he’s good at summarizing poems for people who doesn’t know how to interpret poetry.

  12. seems kind of like the ten commandments. it was a cool and funny video, but it seems that everyone who was in lingo were people who have sinned or done something horrible in their lives.

  13. I understood the way he was talking. Its probably because I’m young. Or maybe I talk like this as well.

  14. The poem itself, I couldn’t even get a message out of besides the fact that I don’t want to go to the place he speaks of. The “lingo” is really stereotypical and dead.

  15. I love this video because the lingo was up to date with the youth of America. I did not see this as poetry but more and as a quick summary of the poem as far as the plot and what happened in the poem. I like how the narrator was able to analysis the poem and put it into simple terms.

  16. Although im not very religious i enjoyed Dantes Inferno, this video is just another translation . What some of us might not like of these ” thug notes” i doubt italians like our not even old english version of the poem. Being bilingual my parents often watch movies at home which are dubbed ,which i hate id rather read subtitiles through out the entire movie . Understanding both english and spanish I catch some of the things that are lost in translation, so i know not all people are as familiar with ebonics but they shouldnt label this translation as inferior.

  17. The summary was quite useful. Thought i do not use muchof the slang used in the video, it made it interesting and easy to understand. That being said, it sticks more when humor is added and todays slag is used rather than of the 14th century.

  18. This is one of those videos where you have to watch it with your headphones in, if you were to listen to this through your speakers you might get beat up. One person I think might like this video and truly understand it to its roots is Brandon Seay. I’m going to ask him what the true meaning of this video is because I felt like a missed the main point. Something just tells me that he will just naturally understand it, who knows, I could be wrong.

  19. Today society will label “thug notes” as an inferior and ghetto technique for students. Having said that, I believe this style of summarizing a poem could be great for people who’s want the poem delivered to them in a simpler more humorous way.

  20. This is a different style of poetry it may sound ghetto, but I think the style is just more up to date with today’s society. It can be said in a sense that his “thug notes” are a simplified way of speaking where people of a younger age can understand. In a sense it is idiocracy all ready going into play for our society.

  21. This is a great representation of how many individuals are attempting to escape the paradigm of ebonics. Even though the narrarator speaks in a specific fashion, which people will often dismiss as it is presumed unintelligible, he offers an in depth summary and analysis of Dante’s Inferno. This narraration is great for students who are interested in gaining an understanding of the material through simple wording, the addition comedic value is also a plus in my opinion. It is often times easier for individuals to memorize specific information pertaining to a literary work when there is something memorable about the text. For example, any text that evokes an emotional response, such as, laughter or sadness is easier for many individuals to recall.

  22. If one can dicect this ghetto lingo, then by all means. But me as African American over the age of 40, I just could not hang with this dude. I understood some but not all of his words. Hopefully I will not go to wherever he is talking about.

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