Danielle on Radiation Coming from Japan on the Waves of the Pacific

When searching CNN on YouTube to find current events in politics , I found this instead. Could it be related to global warming? Perhaps global warming is nothing more than the evolution of earth and its species as we are learning in Darwin’s “natural selection.” What do you think, can I mention something like this on the final exam?

I think the second part of this video about the radiation pollution from Japan might be a good topic.  Jan Kollitz

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33 responses to “Danielle on Radiation Coming from Japan on the Waves of the Pacific

  1. Nathalie S Gallardo

    It is so crazy to see how all the debris affected a country that was so far away. It can be related to global warming if we see it as Mother Nature trying to get rid of a lot of the man made things by destroying them with an earthquake.

  2. It almost seems like they are blaming Japan for all of this trouble. You can’t blame a country for a natural disaster. We do have technology that can sensor earthquakes before they happen, but any large natural disaster will effect the entire planet one way or another.

  3. This video really touched my heart. It is so sad to see the plastic action fingures, lighters and other plastic objects the birds consumed.

  4. The modern world will always effect the wildlife in one way or another. It is sad to see this but that happens anytime there is a tsunami in a 1st world country. Even in parts of the world that aren’t as advanced still have debris floating in the ocean from storms.

  5. A part of me when I was watching this video makes me feel like CNN was blaming Japan for having an earthquake. But when they opened up that birds stomach I almost throw up.

  6. Wow I didn’t know Japan’s meltdown had a tremendous impact on other countries like ours. This is the first for me in seeing CNN student news. I enjoyed that segment so much that I tried to look for more interesting content.

  7. Awesome concept with the whole CNN student news. I keep thinking about that tsunami and how many died. It is crazy the after affects of a disaster like that. It destroyed beaches, the ocean and killed birds. It is insane!

  8. This was a nice segment. I was blown away at all of the garbage from Japan that had been consumed by the birds that were found dead on beaches. Not to mention all of the refuge that came over from Japan because of the tsunami that caused that terrible destruction. I just prey for a way to deal with all of this.

  9. Brianna V. Gonzalez

    It is very shocking to see that natural disasters that occurred a while ago are still in damaging action. It was very sad to see the poor birds stomach filled with an abundant amount of plastic. In addition, its even sadder to not be able to stop all this. If birds have all this plastic, I cannot imagine how much plastic sea creatures might have. It is such a shame how humans have the power to harm these poor animals, we must try to put a stop to this by, as stated, trying to use less plastic.

  10. The only downfall about using Nuclear power is soemthing like this disasterous event can happen. Then it is bad for our enviroment when nuclear power is not contained it is hazardous and deadly for life and us as a humanity. We need to find ways to contain this use of power safely or not use it at all, even though it is the most effective and better for eviroment. But like I said I do not believe it’s the safest if it is harmful due to natural disasters.

  11. The tsunami was a natural disaster but thanks to human made objects it caused a bit more trouble around the world. Tsunamis have been happening since there were oceans and land, the problem now is the trash create.

  12. William J. Gonzales

    I thought that CNN student news was pretty informational and entertaining . as i saw the scientist cut into that bird’s stomach and show all the plastic it had consumed, i was just amazed at how much debris it had consumed. I also thought that the effects of the disaster in Japan was interesting how it didn’t just affect japan, it affected the surrounding areas, the sea-life, and the ocean.

  13. That even though the tsunami in Japan happen a while ago, it is still causing devastation around the world. A big part of this devastation is due to humans and their over use of plastic thats harming the wild life.

  14. It never really occurred to me that the effects of the tsunami are still in action. Possibly because it isn’t in our country that the information is as known . Those poor birds being filled with indigestible plastics is so heart breaking because there isn’t much we can do.

  15. it is so sad that not much can be done about the tsunami effects. poor birds that consume all the plastic if only there is a way to help out more than just consuming less plastic. i also thought it was dumb about how they tried to make less soda consumption.

  16. Natural disasters are so scary because they are so unpredictable and powerful. Its so sad how much a tsunami can effect the area it hit as well as the animals. The amount of trash form a tsunami is unreal and it is heartbreaking that so many birds mistook plastic for food. The car accident that was spoken about was sad to watch. Teen agers take huge risks while driving cars and it is unfortunate to hear that car accidents is the leading death for people in my age category.

  17. It’s really amazing to see how a disaster of this size can affect the whole world. There is probably so much plastic debris in many parts of the world on the beaches and now it seems it is being shifted around. It was pretty sad to watch what came out of the stomachs of the birds. I agree that we truly need to stop using so much plastic.

  18. All the waste is clearly coming from Japan! this could ironically be intentional actions. Hawaii such a beautiful place yet theres also some other country polluting the world and oceans.

  19. Elise G. Richardson

    That’s so sad to see all the waste washing up on the island of Hawaii. And to see the dead baby birds’ stomach full of plastic and waste from the japan tsunami.

  20. Wow this was a sad video to watch. The most devastating part of the video was seeing the bird have 80% of it’s stomach filled with debris. It is crazy to think that this was not a man made disater but a natural disater. All that we can do is come up with solutions for the debris in the ocean and land. At the end of the day we all need to come together as a species and help each other survive.

  21. If people learned to clean up after their self more often then maybe there would be less debris in the ocean. People now a days seem to only care about their self and no one or anything else. If everyone cared just a little more and threw away their trash the environment would be better off.

  22. Oh it was so sad to see how these beautiful birds are being affected by the debris found in the ocean and the coast of Hawaii!! I feel for the families that were affected by this tsunami as well. I wish there could be more help to clean up these beaches. It doesn’t just affect Hawaii but the west coast of Cali as well.
    It was cool to see how a new study on mummies can help medical research on diseases that we face today.

  23. It is honestly so sad to think what happened two years ago to all those people and their families. It is even safer to think that the animals in Hawaii are suffering still today because of such tragedy. And wow who knew that findings from studies one on mummies could be such a help to scientist today!

  24. Priscilla K. Cornejo

    Yea i couldn’t watch this i love all kinds of animals and this is truly sad to see this!

  25. This path that the world is on will be the terrible end to all life on this planet.

  26. This is very sad and very harmful to our society. Its not fair to the animals or our oceans.

  27. This is really sad. Especially because of the harmless animals that are getting hit with the debri and radiation of all of this.

  28. I literally cannot believe this too be true but unfortunately it is, it just makes me so sad to see this. I can’t believe the animals to have 80% debris in them. It’s just flabbergasting to me to still see the effects of the tsunami that hit japan two years ago. Hopefully it can be cleaned faster than expected because it is devastating news and unhealthy.

  29. I only thought of the radiation damage of Fukashima on Marine life not the effects of the marine debris on Marine animals. Not only on marine life in Japan but on the Island of Hawaii. This is so unfortunate. It will be years for us to truly so the negative effects of this disaster.

  30. Everything is said to have it’s place in this world where it’s beneficial to something else…the “circle of life I believe”. However, we humans have taken ourselves out of this harmonious cycle. The consequences have been that we do not benefit this planet anymore. All we seem to be doing it cleaning us the messes we’ve made.

  31. Maybe, if we swim in the pacific, we might start glowing in the dark.

  32. Radiation in the waves, makes sense with the fall out that happened from the nuclear reactor that was destroyed during the earth quake. I do wonder if I will get to see the three-eyed fishies and nine tail sharks, Maybe I can catch a shark with 6 rows of teeth, or his entire mouth is just filled with giant teeth. Would be kind of bad ass and scary as all hell, but even if the radiation was to kill us, which is has a potential, the sea life will adapt and move on, sea life are kind of bad asses like that, the land life are little punk ass bitches. Except for the naked mole rats, they can survive anything! Maybe they will be the next dominate race on this planet, technically it is the type of animal we evolved from billions of years ago.

  33. I have never seen CNN student news. I liked it I thought it was great. All the plastic floating up is killing the wild life that is terrible. One could only think how this epidemic could cause a change in species; through Darwin’s theory involving the environment.

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