Danielle on Gas Company Propaganda

from Danielle:
After watching the video on global warming today, I wasn’t sure what to think or how to feel. I felt the video was stating that global warming is a lie, and we should just live as we are. But as I searched global warming after class, I realize that us humans truly fear global warming. Companies like chevron are willing to go to great lengths to control global warming, and it doesn’t seem safe for the planet’s health. Here is what I found.

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  1. Nathalie S Gallardo

    I find it moving that they are actually trying to make a difference by reducing the amount of green house gasses being emitted into the atmosphere.

  2. In anthropology last semester, learned that the earth does go through multiple cycles. Supposedly in the next 1600 years or so, the Sahara Desert will become a lush rainforest/wetland. Global warming is intentionally meant to scare the bejesus out of common folk, but i think we are just at another cycle. Human pollution may be effecting the process, but i don’t think to the extreme. I’m sure wildfires and volcanoes have a more drastic effect, but we have yet for researchers to compare this sort of data.

  3. Climate change is a very complex topic because there are so many different factors that can play into it. I think maybe people should just realize that everything is not in our control and we can not fix every thing that goes wrong with this earth. Maybe we should just let nature take its course.

  4. While I’m not sure about the whole storage of CO2 underground I do like that they are working on ways to reduce gas emissions and consumption by researching more efficient fuels.

  5. I was fine with chevron trying to help out with the climate change until they said they were going to try and store carbon dioxide in the ground. I don’t know much about the carbon cycle, but I do not think storing carbon dioxide will benefit the climate change. They should change their priority to air pollution over climate change.

  6. It seems like it has potential. I wish the video was not so vague and a bit longer so as to better understand the effects and process of distributing CO2 in the ground. I want to know who thought of this and why. What evidence do they have showing that it helps eliminates green house gases? I feel like the people who made this video think were stupid so they basically “dumbed it down” for us to show that putting CO2 is so simple and easy and effective so why don’t we go ahead and jump on the bandwagon. I

  7. Miranda B. Barragan

    It makes me happy that a company as well known as Chevron is interested in saving the environment. However, it makes me unesay at the fact that they are a gas company. They may just be attempting to scam people in the United States. I would think twice before allowing them to try to ocnserve energy in the country.

  8. I like the idea of capturing the CO2 emissions and containing it, but putting it in the ground doesn’t sound good. How about converting it into energy to run the factories? It would be like recycling unused fuel in a vehicle’s engine until it needs to be refueled. We already put enough garbage back into the ground as it is.

  9. William J. Gonzales

    I feel like this is a scheme for people to get their gas at chevron just because they support global warming. I thought their idea of a CO2 compression was insufficient. I mean do they not know of other resources that emit bigger amounts of CO2 than what natural gas well, refinery, and power plant factories make? i honestly think chevron is wasting their time.

  10. Power plants do release an incredible amount of unnecessary CO2 and it is a good idea to reduce the amount of CO2 in the air. Even though CO2 is a natural gas and it comes from plants everything in and excessive amount can be harmful. So its good to see companies contribute to plans like these.

  11. Sounds great but what’s the point? CO2 is going to occur in the atmosphere and I don’t believe it is effecting the climate change at all. The Earth is always changing. Yes humans interfere a lot because we like to control everything. There isn’t a need for it. Air pollution is a problem, let’s worry about that first.

  12. every little thing helps and if chevron is willing to hep that would be awesome. i hope they arent just saying all this to get draw more people into their side.

  13. Every little help can do so much and for chevron to be able to do that is really helpful and hopefully can influence other gas companies to do the same. But its not all just gas other things help, sometimes people want to just blame one thing for it all when it can be due to many other things as well.

  14. It is great that a commonly known gas company like Cheveron wants to help prevent global warming and climate issues. However, is this company being truthful or just trying to draw people and their money into their gas station over any other gas stations? If you think long-term, this idea of storing CO2 underground may be an unhealthy and risky plan.

  15. Well it’s nice to see a company showing some concern but I agree with one comment about how this will later affect underneath us as they put the CO2 underground instead. What will the long term affects of that be. Will our food then begin to kill us, will animals die and every creature that lives below or within the earth. That will affect our entire species. Will this now become a new problem for the next generation to worry about fixing!

  16. Chevron is trying to help not pollute the earth which is a great thing. At the same time though they are still a gas company so you don’t know if what they are saying is true or just propaganda.

  17. I only get gas at chevron, shell or mobil because they have better quality of gas. I like that Chevron is trying to improve their gas to help with climate change and trying to help the environment.

  18. Brianna V. Gonzalez

    Its good to see a huge company such as Chevron take action in trying to help our environment. They did seem concern about it and I liked some of their ideas.

  19. Elise G. Richardson

    I think it’s great that Chevron is trying to make a difference in our environment. This a positive step forward in climate change.

  20. I like that chevron is trying to come up with solutions to help our enviroment. Also I like the idea of a CO2 storage plant because, it will keep the gas from being released into the atmosphere and causing harm to the ozone layer.

  21. I feel like this process could only help our environment. The fact that chevron is spending their own money and going out of their way to may our environment says allot on their part. Many say that gas companies only care about their own profit but after watching this you can see that these people really do care about what is going on.

  22. Climate change is infact happening and i agree with the man that the world really dosn’t know why. There is no one answer ,but a variety of differing therories. If Climate Change is proven to be true than we should worry and take ideas seriously before throwing them out.

  23. Priscilla K. Cornejo

    I do agree we need to try and help save energy but also believe that everything eventually comes to an end! We can only do so much for this planet, some people get out of control with some of these ideas.

  24. Everybody has taken or forgotten who is in control, GOD is still the big daddy of everything so stop worrying and start PRAYING

  25. Its exploiting people and if its a way to help they should try and do it not stand and watch.

  26. I don’t know why human being are trying way to much to save this planet. We are eventually going to die, well everything! Everything has an end. But, I do understand that we do need to take care of our planet and not trash it till it becomes a full dump. However, there are things that we as human beings can not change because it is the cycle of life/environment.

  27. I think humans are giving themselves waaaaay to much credit. Allow us to reflect back on history a moment. Every species that isn’t alive today is dead. Extinct. Statistically speaking, it is merely a matter of time before humans join that long list of creatures. Human reign over the Earth has been but a small fraction of the Earth’s life, and throughout the millennia thousands of species on Earth have died out, yet the Earth still remains. It’s a little bit conceded to me that humankind thinks it is destroying the Earth, and even more conceded for us to believe that only we can save it. The Earth will be here a long time after we’re gone. It doesn’t need any saving

  28. I don’t know how to feel about this since I’m not very informed on what would happen once we put too much carbon dioxide underground and how it could affect the world from down under. But I do like the idea of chevron being concerned about the climate change and that we should find safer ways to get our energy.

  29. I believe in and support new technology. It is a wonderful thing that companies like Chevron are exploring alternate ways for energy production.

  30. My goodness, it just seems like we keep on screwing up planet. but i do agree that we need to find an alternative form of energy.

  31. I have no problem going green, actually I am using solar power for every thing in my house, but if every one do his share, every little bit helps. Now, who is going to tell china or anyother country to go green?

  32. Seems like another way to exploit people for more money but if it can be done to improve the climate then why not try to do it.

  33. “I wasn’t sure what to think or how to feel. ” You’re being honest, and I can appreciate that, at the same time, I feel for some reason that many people have that feeling after hearing ANY news, simply because teachers, parents, and the news has told them how to feel. I personally felt that Al Gore was a horrible individual simply trying scare people and companies into donating and investing into green technology, then actually looking up some of Al Gore’s companies he owns and is in direct partner ship with, actually own major amounts of stock and companies who are invested in green tech and make loads of money every time someone donates, has a fund raiser, or invests in them. Not saying that green tech or technology that doesn’t rely on gas is bad, BUT I am trying to point at the blindingly obvious fact that Al Gore makes fist fulls of money every time some company says “We need to reduce our carbon foot print! If we don’t we will melt the ice cap in 5 years (Fucking impossible even if we tried without relying on nukes!)” So they hire a Lobbyist(if they didn’t already have one [not likely]), who meets with these heads of Green Tech Orginizations (almost every single one Al Gore Directly owns, or owns through relation with people he use to closely work with in person) They talk about what they can buy from the Green Tech Orginizations right now, and if they donate LARGE sums of money repeatedly, that will help them improve the the technology so it reduces their “carbon foot print” which they can then send around this incredibly stupid and liberal country who will sit there and read this report and go “OH! AH! Chevron! what a responsible and respectable company! If you care about your enviorment like I do! you’d only buy a car from them!” and then Chevron makes loads of money, and because the Green Tech has their own fucking Lobbyists that they have hired! who meet with Political Officials who tell them “you should really look at this legislative law we want to pass where if you have this certain type of ‘Green Tech Company’ Product, you get a tax reduction because your being a responsible company.” and the officials of our legislative and executive branch, who know this Lobbyist personally, they play golf, they go to dinner, they see theatre plays together, have personal fucking meetings and conversations with them all the time say “That sounds like a fine idea! I wonder! can you right into it if a political official has some “Green Tech Company” Products ‘somewhere’ in their city (or house) they get a tax reduction too?” the lobbyist says “That sounds like a great idea!” And before you say “Okay, Richard, I don’t think it works exactly that way.” Holy shit would you be so fucking wrong, IF I were you, I would NOT bet the house on me being wrong about that! Look up Lobbyists101.com, just do it, read about lobbyists for five minutes, and if you’re not sitting there in your chair saying “ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?!” We have a much bigger problem on our hands. Not that it has anything incriminating, they just explain what lobbyists do, and how, actually it is rather detailed and the way the words are written, you know this individual is actually quite of fan of lobbyists and find nothing remotely wrong about them, even though, they tend to be the reason some retarded tax law or tax loophole appears in our country.

  34. I feel research in Alternative power is the answer.

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