Cure for Common Core?

The following videos are sorted by length, not necessarily in the order of their importance. Obviously, I don’t expect you to watch all of them, and more can be easily found using an Internet search. The last video here is over two hours long!

The person who sent this to me wrote:  “So they let the standards slip over many decades–by design! Then they come up with this “common core” designed to bring the standards up to something even worse. Maybe a conspiracy nut like me could imagine a scenario whereby the deliberately lowered standards become a pretext for the implementation of this new disastrous ‘solution.'”


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  1. The worst part of common core? Teacher’s are actually thankful for it. The curriculum that public schools had before prevented elementary school teachers from teaching science in their classrooms. The old schedule only left time for math and english, where common core allows for the teaching of science. The worst part is that the system we have in public schools now is so bad that the teachers will push for something as horrendous as common core

  2. I think the government is attacking the young generation through education by dumbing them down for a purpose..hmm sounds like idiocracy to me? Common Core is GARBAGE! I have always been against homeschooling but after PAINFULLY watching the girl do that simple math problem i would not mind having my kids homeschooled and getting taught right! “the old way”

  3. These videos are infuriating. The system we have now is quite simplified. For example, 500+750= ?. Normally you would just add them together and get 1250, but with common core, you would have to draw out some ridiculous pictures. There is no way I am going to draw out 500 bananas and then add them to another 750 bananas that I drew. That would take me all day.

  4. Clearly parents need to take responsibility for their children’s education, working with them at home, making sure they understand and enjoy learning. Big Government’s goal is to have complete control of the population’s minds, as well as every faucet of their lives. Head Start is another example of an opportunity to brainwash the young population taking babies/toddlers from their homes to indoctrinate.

  5. I cannot believe how ridiculous Common Core is. These teaching methods are so complicated. It really puts our students in danger because they make it so complicated for them to understand something that is actually really simple. Students that have a hard time in school will definitely lose any motivation they have. I honestly believe that this system will increase the amount of dropouts. The math problem the girl was asked to do is very basic and fundamental. If students aren’t taught the foundation of math properly it will be very difficult to successfully complete a higher level math class. If it takes this long to solve a problem like this I do not even want to imagine how long it would take to solve a Calculus problem using these methods.

  6. I honestly couldn’t even sit through the video of the girl doing the math problem, that is completely and utterly insane that they would teach them something that is never going to help them. And this is very real, I was helping my nephew with his homework one day and he had to add the amount of marbles together so inside of adding them the easy way, he told me his teacher made them draw out the marbles and count them out. Like how horrible and tedious is that? It’s terrible what they’re teaching kids in school, rather than teaching them more efficient ways to do things they’re just making them dumber.

  7. This made me so angry and so upset to watch, I can’t believe the way they are teaching kids how to learn these days. Dumbing down the education system in order for every kid to feel smart! I do not agree with this at all. How is this going to better our future? The children are our future and if the US keeps dumbing down the education, how will we survive!!? This is not okay, and this needs to be stopped. We never had a problem with the education system back then so we did we even begin to start changing it… it just baffles me.

  8. This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. I fear that, with a graduate degree, I will not be able to help my grandchildren with their homework!!!

  9. Watching that little girl solving the math problem in 8 mins is ridiculous. That method of teaching is so long and tedious. Why is the government changing the education system when it is not broken. I don’t get it at all. Why use common core when it only lowering the standard of education. Watching this girl solve a math problem just proof it that common core does not work.

  10. It sickens me to see how the school system has gone down hill since I have been an elementary school student. Although I feel that school was not all that great before, I am appalled now! Having an eight year old son terrifies me to see what he is being taught at school. Rather than the government wanting to expand children’s knowledge, they are dumbing up our future society. Children are the future of this country, and by the way things are going, this country will not be getting very far in life if they continue to teach children the way they do. Situations like these make me angry and sad… A problem that should only take a minute or two is taking children about eight minutes?! WHAT?!?!
    It makes me feel regret towards the fact that I became a mother as a teenager, and I do not have the opportunity to send my son to a school where he can take advantage of his full potential. I guess I will have to teach him too, while I go to school myself.

    –Knowledge is power.

  11. It’s sad to see that childred are being taught at a very slow rate and it’s absurd how these methods are being taught in the classroom. it took the little girl a while before she could solve the equation.

  12. it’s surprising to me that they teach a student one thing at school and make them try out another method of solving the question at home. It’s really shocking because the girl spent so long one problem when there could of been

  13. Aww, this is very upsetting. Watching this little girl draw out her math problem is ridiculous! Even if you use the stacking method you can still show your work! I hope that all the kids in the future don’t have to deal with something like this. Super time consuming as well. I tutored children last semester and I never taught them that useless junk.

  14. Priscilla K. Cornejo

    I find it really sad that this little girl took that amount of time to solve a simple little problem and they think it’s fine for kids to be taught like this. I was able to show my mom a couple of these videos and she has been debating on where she wants to take my little brother to school this year for a while now and after seeing these videos her choice of taking him to a charter school was made. She thought this was ridiculous as well.

  15. Professor Kollitz you were absolutely right! I was shocked. I’ve only watched the first two videos so far. How is common core efficient? I can’t believe that the little girl in the first video took so long to solve 1 problem! And they’re not allowing them to stack their math problems? They have to draw it out? Wow. This is scary! I have a daughter. She’s my only kid & she’s 4 years old and in preschool. After watching these videos it seriously makes me want to put her in private or charter school. The common core is not preparing our kids, nieces, nephews, grand kids for college! I’m going to share this video with my friends and family.

  16. In the first video, that little girl took so long to solve a simple problem which is absurd. I don’t understand why teachers are teaching students this long and tedious process when they can teach them the same process we learned as young students. Also, the fact that she got it wrong using the common core process proves it’s a waste of time.

  17. The first video of the little girl trying to solve the math problem was something that didn’t shock me , I see this when I look at my younger cousins homework , their homework looks like a coloring book with numbers . It is important that children are not taught his way because in real life we don’t have time to draw pictures or break down a problem that long , in this day we have to work smart and use our time efficiently . I have noticed that our school systems are loosing its ability to actually teach the children of America , kids are not getting the education they deserve !

  18. I could not read the question ,however having seen the girl solve the problem ironically looks more as 3-d art. It took her 8 minutes to come to understand what to do and this is sad. Other subjects should be investigated , however I don’t know if that will happen as There’s to many conservatives in today’s society. Obviously Reform has to be done , this reminded me of the article on this website about the elementary kids writing about the government.

  19. Maybe its the good guy in me, but I cannot understand why the US Government would want to make our kids, the kids that will be running this country in the future, more dumb? The basic arithmetic we already know and have learned growing up works so well now, so why change it and make kids do TWICE the work to solve a simple addition problem? I did some research on common core and it saddens me to see that Bill Gates funded a major part of this project b/c I really respect that man. And just to give common core a chance, I did look up some of the problems that are used today in school, and its ridciulous how they can take 26+17 and turn it into a whole equation in itself. While doing research, I did see that the state senator of Indiana is halting any more use of the common core in its state until it is researched more, and instead is enforcing indivual state standards for their schools. This common core news is very upsetting. Just as bad as GMO’s.

  20. I babysit two girls, a fifth and second grader, and noticed that many of their math problems have to be solved with them drawing pictures or figures in order to solve them or else they won’t be counted as correct. Of course, their methods to solving these problems aren’t as confusing as the method the girl in the video uses. Watching this video made me curious as to how many states have adopted common core. I researched it and found that 43 states use or are going to use common core in their schools, California being one of the 43. It is scary to think that children are going to be guinea pigs to this new system that sets them up to fail.

    • You are an excellent student with brains in your head instead of mush. Tell the parents what you have seen on this video and ask them to watch it; then they should write a letter to their California State representatives. You may be the person who saves these innocent jkids.

  21. Seeing the video on the young girl solving the math problem was aggravating. The problem given is something that would be given to a student that is just learning addition and subtraction. They’re teaching these kids to visually see the problem rather than using critical thinking. These students could have easily been taught the way addition problems have always been done. BUT THEY DON’T WANT THEM TO STACK THE NUMBERS? What Common Core Math is doing is dumbing and slowing them down. I can only hope this isn’t implemented in more schools.

    • Those who understand should stand and be heard. Math is not the only discipline under attack. Students are taught the USA is a democracy, not a republic. Students are taught that Crony Capitalism is OK, while free market economics is not. Students are taught that Darwin’s “Origin of the Species is correct, though it was tossed out by the scientific community in the 1950s. I had to force my self to watch these videos–they are painful.

  22. It really bothers me when children are targeted to fuel confusion. This is a load of garbage, so overwhelming, how are students expected to think critically and efficiently? What does the Federal Government know about education? Leave it to the people and get your hands off our children. So creepy

  23. I can’t stand to watch this garbage. I too am a product of the modernist educational model influenced by John Dewey, Charles Dickens, Charles Darwin. Karl Marx, Freidrich Neitsche, Leo Tolstoy, Theodore Dostoefsky, and others. However, I was fortunate to be a product of parents and grandparents who went to one room school house where childre who were not separated by age group of interest groups, or computers, cell phones, television and other helpful machinery. I was taught to read books at a young age. When I got to kintergarten, I learned to red music and draw etc., etc., etc. I think WWI and Woodrow Wilson as President started a time when modernism started to control. However, philosophers after the beginning of the enlightenment started the change to modernism in the schools.

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