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  1. What a stressful responsibility and so much power in their hands.

  2. Now i don’t fully understand all of what obamacare entitles. But all I’ve heard about it is negative things has anyone examined the plan and given advice on how it could be better for everyone?

  3. Priscilla K. Cornejo

    Yea I also believe that Obama care is unconstitutional as well, but it is also true that we cannot blame just Obama himself it’s not entirely his fault. It can really mess up this beautiful Country and the people will end up suffering the most.

  4. It was very of CSPAN to make this video it informed the public of alot. However allowing a group of attorneys to make a decision for the whole coutry could be scary. Its not that i do not trust attorneys i just feel that we should be allowed to voice our opinions and our perspectives to come to a mutual agreement.

  5. This job seems very nerve racking; I would not be able to do something like that. Its good to hear that they actually sit in a room, undistracted, and listen to each other and submit their points. Scary to think that these men make decisions that will affect so many people.

  6. That would be such an intense job, not just making sure you’re staying within the rights of the constitution but along side being fair. Realizing your decision is going to affect a great mass of people. I believe Justice Kennedy made a slight mistake referring the Justices to attorneys gave the wrong impression on how they go about their process and decision.

  7. Very nice that CSPAN made this video to show the public. However a group of attorneys arguing their point and decide for the whole country could be scary. I guess I just don’t trust attorneys.

  8. The conference room they have are to take certain major issues and come to a decision about them as a whole. They are only a few people who are allowed to be there and they are the only ones who get to decide. I don’t agree with this at all because they should take in consideration of what the rest of the people think.

  9. I really like Ismael’s idea of having a “second opinion court.” I think it would make our country more of a democracy, or at least the people would have more of a say in things. I don’t like the idea that a small conference of people has the power to make such big decisions about what is constitutional and what is not.

  10. Their decisions must adhere to the U.S. constitution at all times, and then they must go on to explain the decision they’ve made in a written statement. Each new generation that comes into a Supreme Court seat comes in with their own biases and interpretations of the Constitution. Who is to say when the Supreme Court has failed to do their job? Would it be held as a simple opinion? I’d like to enact a second opinion court that is appointed by the people rather than the president.

  11. i am not a supported of obama care , but i understand the president . he need to help the poor

  12. Obamacare should have been even thought about.

  13. His description of what goes on in the conference with just the justices arguing their cases is somewhat conforting. So it’s not just each justice thinking for themselves. They all listen and submit their viewpoints on the cases they are in charge of.

  14. Although Obamacare is considered unconstitutional, instead of trying to get rid of the whole thing altogether, why can’t people get together and alter the obamacare and make it so that it is constitutional.

  15. Obama care may have some perks. But when it comes down to it is unconstitutional and will only lead to a more negative outcome.

  16. I don’t understand whats wrong with the way things are now. … I don’t wish to continue to express my own political views.. I just wish someone of my own understanding can explain this to me.

  17. Its important that the supreme court comes to a good decision for the sake of our country. This health care bill can really throw the U.S in the hole.

  18. He’s full of it! I think they are back in that room drinking bourbon and scotch and smoking cigars. There might even be some high fives involved! Just kidding but it is a reality check that such major issues that affect so many people are decided in a small room such as that with so few people.

  19. The fact that we’re humans and we tend to make decisions from an emotional viewpoint than a logical one, kind of puts all the decisions made a little suspicous because of the motivating factor. With that in mind you can only hope the Chief Justice and his colleagues are being emotionally motivated by the right things.

  20. i feel that obamacare is unconstitutional but we cant keep pointing all fingers at Obama but we have to remember what he came into when he took office.

  21. I find it funny that he would make an appearance and make it seem as if what happens behind those closed doors is professional, accurate, and most of all fair…most of the time decisions that are made have political slates and hidden agendas…Everyone want to place all blame on President Obama without looking at what he walked into when he took office…all politicians work with a hidden agenda and for that reason I trust none of them…

  22. In what ways can Obamacare be found constitutional. It is clearly unconstitutional and should just be done with.

  23. This is very interesting that there is still people like this trying to do there best to come to good decision. That is good that they all leave trying to have a good idea of trying to get a good decision.

  24. Obamacare should be called “obamaDONTcare!”

  25. I will second the first poster and say that I hope the right thing is done for this country. Obamacare needs to be shut down immediately!

  26. I pray that as they discuss “Obama care” that they are all Professional, accurate and fair. That is what Chief Justice Marshall was during their conference on the Madison vs Murbary case. And if not and “Obama care” is not found unconstitutional, the case if far from over and we the people can still effect a long term change, but that would be after it was fully implemented and this Country would suffer greatly.

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