Cry the Beloved Country

This is a trailer to the adaption of Alan Paton’s novel Cry The Beloved Country.  If you wish to earn a 1% extra credit for this film, write a 500 word thematic analysis on Word and paste as a comment after you have proofread your short analysis.

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  1. I would have liked to know more on how his son killed that man. His thinking process on the moment of shooting would of been a nice if it was added to the film.

  2. To me, this movie is about two very different people from two very different walks of life being effected by one tragic accident. The strength of this movie is how it shows one moment in time completely changing two people’s lives, and how it brought them together like no other situation could have.

  3. In “Cry, the Beloved Country,” the big political struggle is clearly about race. From, Arthur Jarvis’s liberal essays on preventing crime in the black community to John Kumalo’s firebrand speeches about equal pay for black workers. Many of the characters in the novel are concerned about South Africa’s development as a modern nation when it is still being divided by these deeply racist, unjust divisions between the small, wealthy white elite and the large, oppressed black majority.

  4. Ignorance and fear are the two major characteristics of the city of Johannesberg in this film: ignorance on the side of the ones who introduced the people of Africa to the world of industry, and overwhelming fear the citizens had of this merciless town. Understanding the other side of a story is such an important part to universal progress. It is almost unbearable to watch the bigotry of characters such as James Jarvis, a wealthy farmer who lived out in the countryside of Africa, only because we as viewers have lived in a world where acceptance and appreciation of other nationalities and skin color has been better nurtured. In the time setting of the film, it was natural for people to believe a certain way because they lived in a time where segregation and inequality was an understood social concept, yet because of this mind set, they set themselves apart from those they believed to be beneath them. Had they taken the time to properly cultivate the city of Johannesberg and helped the citizens build up their own name in the world of industry, the townspeople wouldn’t have had to rely on criminal behavior to survive and live in constant fear of retribution for their lifestyle.

  5. I believe that Alan Paton really makes his readers understand the true injustice and inequality that black South African citizens faced during this difficult period, known as Apartheid.

  6. I enjoyed this movie a lot. There’s so much to look at. Many different messages and themes throughout the film. I never read the book, but loved this film.

  7. To me, this film, as well as the book, displayed bits of racism and inequality that showed how victims of said aspects can be affected so much by society. It also gave some perspective on a father (Kumalo) who went through a journey of fear and disappointment, and how he still had it in him to have forgiveness in the end.

  8. I believe that Absalom represents fear; with that being said, I think this end scene is a metaphor which assumes that once we have put fear to death, we can have new life, which is illustrated by the birth of a child.

  9. I really enjoyed this film. It was nice to see how Arthur’s father was able to forgive and not hold anger due to the death of his son. It was especially surprising that he would do something so generous to the father of the young man that killed his son. That made him into a completely different man from what he was in the beginning of the film.

  10. I felt that the film was a faithful adaptation of the novel. The novel was an easy read, but the ideas behind it aren’t so simple. I liked that the novel proved that a powerful message can be delivered in such simple words. I read that Paton wanted to make his novel as objective as possible. I believe he did so. I didn’t feel like I was being beat over the head with a biased view.

  11. This film was interesting to watch because it sends a message for both races from African Americans and whites and that’s forgiveness. It’s amazing to see if the video how Absalom’s father has such a strong faith in God and he’s just praying for his son that will have his life end, even though Absalom’s father is strongly religious his faith isn’t shaken by this situation and that’s so great to see in this 3 minute clip and throughout the video.

  12. “Cry the beloved Country” was an incredible film, i was surprised in how this film sheds light on forgiveness. The film was not only inspirational but tragic. I enjoyed how the main character was able to handle his tragic obstacles ; even though, he had a melt down with his sister he was able to keep his composure and faith intact. The love for his sister and son was great that his forgiveness led him to come to peace.

  13. While watching this film it seemed to me that everyone was searching for something in this film. Some where searching for their relatives, another for answers of why such a fate occurred, one was searching to restore his faith in God, this showed me that we are all searching for peace of mind. This film shows how people that are worlds apart can come together during hardships and help each other move on.

  14. I did not enjoy this film, but I got a clear un bias message from it. The message that I got from this film (speaking as an African American), is that there is a lesson to be learned from both these men. Even though these two men’s lives were separated by race. We as people should really get the hidden message And that message is, even if one person is white and one is black. The pain of losing someone close, especially a child is the same. What made this story interesting to me was, the fact that there was even segregation among people. Doing this really did not successfully serve a purpose. At the end of the day, we see that no matter what a person’s race, they we can all suffer the same fate.

  15. I enjoyed this movie very much. I showed a powerful message about the relationship between a father and his son. It was also interesting how the movie creates a social commentary on racial segregation, and the way it creates a cycle of fear and oppression. During the time of apartheid South Africa, racism was a much bigger problem than what we see here in America.

  16. I enjoyed watching this film , I came to the conclusion that he films theme was,” when a country is divided it causes a lot of friction between its people “. I felt like the people of this country were afraid of one another , the racial tension was very intense and there seemed to be a side of the people with more power . This only caused a huge division and conflict between these two races . It is sad that this actually happened someone’s skin color should never make people feel like they can’t come as one .

  17. This film moved me when we watched it in class. it was dull at some points but it taught a major lesson. I like how in the end even though both Stephen and James lose their sons to racism and violence they still come together and become friends. It’s really a shame that racism is so large in the world still and it should be gone by now. But with films and books like these i really hope people can appreciate and take away the messages that the authors send out.

  18. The vicious cycle of fear, misunderstanding and self-fulfilling prophecies forms the backbone of this novel. Everything bad that is done in the novel is done out of fear. This fear was spawned from the rampant social injustice and racial inequality in Johannesburg. New customs and ideals have perverted the stability of tradition in South Africa. The natives who used to be moral have adapted to the new system and have become amoral just so they can survive. If a society is segregated and each part fears the other, then the society is doomed to stay in a state of chaos. An environment heavy with fear can only debilitate a society.

  19. By far the movie with the most inspiring message to its audience. After watching this film i literally felt like i had to go home and apologize to my father for not following his advice and also acting rude towards him. I wanted to change that, and so I did. This movie really represents the concrete bond people should have with their family members.

  20. Priscilla K. Cornejo

    This is another one that seems interesting to me while I really didn’t pay attention to the movie in class I am reading the book and I really just want to keep reading because I do want to know what this is about, the trailer is interesting. Of course thanks to professor Kollitz I have a copy I can watch. She is an amazing professor, love my English 1B with her!

  21. Seeing this movie might really calm my nerves. I want to know what is was that was causing the woman’s daughter so much pain. Secondly, id like to know what led up to the young mans time card being punched for the last time.

  22. I think this movie a message for people who serve their time in jail for no committing and crime. Looks like it has a very interesting message to be send.

  23. This movie looks like it has a really powerful message to it, and i would really like to see it if i got a chance too.

  24. I have not yet seen this film, from the looks from it. The video seems to be focused on religion which is a great part of my life. The quotes are very real by the words, so descriptive. Someones life can mean a lot but the human shouldn’t be afraid of death or anything else when they believe in god.

  25. I want to see this movie now. It looks like a really good movie and I cant believe I didn’t know about it before.

  26. This is the first time i hear about this movie, but just by watching the trailer am intrige to seee it now, the last quote that was given was powerful really left me thinking.

  27. I not really sure what this movie is about, this is my first time I have heard of this film. I do recognized the actor James Earl Jones though.

  28. I loved this movie I remember having to read this book in middle school. The amazing thing is that after seeing this clip I see the movie and the story plot different then when I first read it. I did not understand it back then but while reading it this time ideas were just popping up.

  29. I really want to see this movie! It looks like it would be a very powerful movie and very moving.

  30. With the begining of the narrator’s words it makes it interesting because it’s true. This movie seems to be interesting because it seems to show as religion being the film’s main component, but i would have to watch it to see if it is true!

  31. While watching this snippet I felt as though the music used in the film makes the situation feel so dramatic, which I enjoyed. In addition, the ending quote, “For it is the dawn that has come, as it has come for a thousand centeries, never failing. But when that dawn will come, of our emancipation, drom the fear of bondage and the bondage of fear, why, that is secret”, intreges me. I am left with many unanswered questions! I will be looking up this film and watching it soon.

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