Courageous Canine on 9/11

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James Crane worked on the 101st floor of Tower 1 of the World Trade Center .. He is blind so he has a golden retriever named Daisy.

After the plane hit 20 stories below, James knew that he was doomed, so he let Daisy go, out of an act of love. She darted away into the darkened hallway.

Choking on the fumes of the jet fuel and the smoke James was just waiting to die. About 30 minutes later, Daisy comes back along with James’ boss, who Daisy just happened to pick up on floor 112.

On her first run of the building, she leads James, James’ boss, and about 300 more people out of the doomed building.

But she wasn’t through yet, she knew there were others who were trapped. So, highly against James’ wishes, she ran back in the building.

On her second run, she saved 392 lives. Again she went back in. During this run, the building collapsed. James hears about this and falls on his knees in tears.

Against all known odds, Daisy makes it out alive, but this time she is carried by a firefighter. “She led us right to the people, before she got injured” the fireman explained.

Her final run saved another 273 lives. She suffered acute smoke inhalation, severe burns on all four paws, and a broken leg, but she saved 967 lives. Daisy is the first civilian canine to win the Medal of Honor of New York City.

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  1. This is the reason why a dog is a mans best friend. I love and appreciate Daisy of her brave actions and this is why dogs are much better than cats.

  2. Priscilla K. Cornejo

    I love this story because I love dogs, I love all mines as well they mean so much to me so to hear this incredible story warms my heart. Dogs are not only very smart but they really are loyal to their owner.

  3. Dogs really are great animals. What this dog did is amazing and she probably doesn’t even know it but Daisy is definitely a hero. Even with the injuries she got throughout the process of saving lives she didn’t stop and that’s awesome.

  4. This is so great! This is why I love dogs. A cat wouldn’t do this.

  5. it is so amazing how smart dogs are! this story is truly amazing. i love dogs so much and it just amazing all they are capable of doing.

  6. I have a Golden Retriever I have to train him to do courageous things like this and have him just like Air Bud.

  7. What and amazing story. Daisy is a true hero that deserved the Medeal of Honor. For Daisy to save 967 lives was brave and couragous. I no words to describe the simile on my face after reading this article. 967 lives are people who were sons, sister, daughters, brothers, mothers, and fathers that got to see their famalies one more time because of Daisy. It is truly a great story.

  8. Dogs are great pets! They are the only thing in life that loves you more than it loves itself and this story explains this. What a great dog that in a time of need it was there to help and create order where there was none. Amazing dog!

  9. Wow dogs are really a mans best friend. They are very loyal animals who care more about people than theirself, I don’t see how some people can be so cruel to animals. This dog is very brave and it’s amazing to hear how many lives she saved that day. That dog deserves the very best.

  10. Rosamaria Valdez-Lopez

    This is why you can say canines are a mans best friend. This dog was so courageous and amazing. She chose to go back in there and save life after life. To think that a dog would be the difference between life and death is not even a thought when you are in these situations. I am very thankful for this dog because she did help people, whether it be the person whom she saved directly or even their relative or friend.

  11. God I love dogs so much, but I especially love hearing their heroic tales. It’s truly amazing that mans best friend can be so kind, heroic, and wonderful. It’s nice to know in times of crisis we have our little heroes, like Daisy.

  12. That’s incredible how one animal can do so much by risking their life for a complete stranger.

  13. Iv’e never heard of this story before, it’s good to see the amount of lives that Daisy saved out of pure instinct, and the presence of mind that she had to go and help people.

  14. Daisy is an incredible animal. She must have went against her instincts to save the one she loved as well as other people who couldn’t help themselves that day. It puts into perspective the repercussions of what happens when we treat animals right. Cause dogs don’t forget, if you love them, care for them, and keep them safe…they will gladly do the same without a second thought.

  15. This story is truly incredible. I have a labrador retriever puppy who is four months old and she is the smartest dog i have ever met. She has learned so quickly and it goes to show how much dogs are truly capable of. They have an incredible sixth sense for danger and they protect their loved ones in such an interesting and unique way. This story is very touching and animals are truly mind blowing.

  16. Wow I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this story before. Dogs are such amazing creatures, they love and feel for humans just like we do of them. Daisy was such a courageous dog and im glad she was honored for that.

  17. What an amazing dog to save that many lives. Golden Retrievers are a great breed. Daisy is a true hero

  18. This story definitely touched my heart. This dog alone saved slmost 1,000 lives on 9/11! It was so beautiful to read about Daisy’s courage and intelligence.

  19. Sometimes I think I love dogs more than most people and this post brought tears to my eyes. The number of people that she saved is AMAZING. Daisy is so smart and deserves an unlimited amount of treats!

  20. This is a great video. This truly goes to show that a dog is a mans best friend. This dog is so smart and caring and saved the lives of so many people. I bet that owner was very proud of Daisy and so was everybody else, she saved alot of lives!

  21. Animals are very smart, and just to think if it wasn’t for Daisy that day another 976 people would have been dead. Daisy deserve more credit than she have received.

  22. Dogs are such wonderful and smart animals. This is a real life Lassie right here. I have heard stories like this before and also of dogs always going to their owner’s grave after they’ve died or loyal things like that.

  23. What an amazing story. This couragous dog saved roughly around 1000 people. I adore golden retriever, and to think I might name my daughter Daisy. My question becomes, Why haven’t I heard of this yet? Eventhough I was thirteen when this horrible incident took place, I thought I would run across of this information by now.

  24. This is truly unremarkable! This dog was capable of doing things unimaginable. Animals have instincts, but this dog had God to lead and guide him. This was a miracle by faith.

  25. Animals are capable more then many may think at first glance. This dog is truly a hero and should continue to be praised for her effort and valor. Animals can relive emotional anxiety that plagues an individual thus saving their lives in another way.

  26. Dogs can sense danger and the fact that this dog saved so many lives is very surprising and awesome. This story is very touching and people should learn more about it.

    • Reading this brought tears to my eyes. It is absolutely amazing that this dog is so intelligient. It is so amazing to think this one dog saved so many lives for what reward? None at all except that it was the dogs nature. It goes to show a dog is a man’s (humans) best friend.

  27. animals have a way of knowing when dangers are to happen. what courage this dog had to keep going back and saving so many lives. He most definetly deserved the metal oh honor for all he did.

  28. What a touching story! Dogs are very smart animals and Daisy deserves that medal. I have grown up with dogs and still have one and they really make your life that much better. Nothing can match the love a dog expresses toward you.

  29. I like this story a lot. It is amazing how our pets can save our lifes.

  30. This is so amazing! Its crazy how human-like dogs can be. It just goes to show how smart animals are!

  31. I love happy endings! Dogs are so amazing. Even dogs can be hero’s. This dog had to be so smart to go back and save all those people!

  32. This story is really touching! That dog was really on a mission to save those people. Sometimes I wonder if the dog knew what she was doing or it was just instinct to try and save the lives of all those people. I really wonder about all dogs if they comprehend everything we say or just go off of actions of their owners and what’s going on around them.

  33. My love for dogs is unfathomable! They truly are there for you no matter what. If you’ve had a bad day or get mad at them, they still come running back to give you love! This story is so touching and I was glad to find out the dog survived. Can we have more people that are as brave and sacrificial as this dog?

  34. wow if i could only have dog like that . its is the most amazing story ive heard . its about a dog with more courage than a human

  35. I believe that dogs also feel and have love for humans. They can react in a hero way just to save their owners.

  36. That is a very touching story. I know of animals doing amazing things but that is definitely at the top of the list. It’s great to see an animal caring for not just its owner but for other humans. It’s surprising but in a good way.

  37. Wow! This story is beautiful! It proves how intelligent dogs are, and how brave Daisy is. It is so incredible that she rescued as many individuals she did. When reading I was saddened when Daisy returned into the building and it had collapsed. My first thought was she didn’t make it, but it was wonderful finding out she survived and did so as a hero.

  38. Dogs are probably one of the most intelligent animals out there. Especially golden retrievers but this story was so heartwarming Daisy deserved that medal. (:

  39. Reading this post gave me goosebumps. Dogs are so awesome. This post made me heart break, it really is so cute and unbelievable what dogs do. Really an awesome story.

  40. This is such an amazing story. It reminds me of my dog Swisher, who died last month. He was attacked by a bigger dog, and he did not whine or show he was in any type of pain the entire way to the pet hospital. I feel he did that because I was so hysterical and could not stop crying, I felt like he was being strong for me. It is amazing how animals can be so human like, so loyal and reactive off of our emotions. Again, this is an amazing story and Daisy definitely deserved the Medal of Honor. R.I.P Swisher. ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. It is amazing how smart and loyal dogs are these days. This truly goes to show that a dog is a mans best friend. This dog is so smart and caring and saved the lives of so many people. What surprises me is that what this dog did, not even a human would do or at least think twice.

  42. That is one amazing dog. It is enough to break your heart to hear how couragous this dog was. Just goes to show how well trained she was and how loyal a dog is to man. No wonder why a dog is mans best friend.

  43. Oh my goodness I am started again too cried from what I read story about golden retriever dog. I have one golden retriever dog is very intelligent! This dog is very good family and protect to our family. We always take this dog with us to go the camping. We feeling that dog are best friend to us. It is very touching me again! What an amazing that dog saves alive after 900 numbers of peopleโ€™s lives. It is truly a remarkable story! I am very sensitive that dog anything hurt it will break my heart but I am glad that dog is alive but sad hurt his paws, smoke suffer from smoke and hurt the physical. I thanks for that dog to save their lives.

  44. To be honest I’m not a big pet person, but this story is Amazing. It’s these amazing stories that show why people say dogs are mans best friend.

  45. Daisy is an amazing dog and i would never think a dog could save over 900 lives in one day or even in a lifetime. Dogs are amazing because of thheir bonds they share with people. I hope i have an amzing dog later in life.

  46. THis was truly an amazing story especially cause Im a dog lover. Dogs are really capable of much and more. This dog was a great super hero who saved many lives, im surprise I have never heard of this.

  47. This is why I respect animals so much. They are capable of doing as much, or even more than, an average person would do. Daisy is an amazing dog. Her owner must be extremely proud and lucky to have had her that day. I hope I can giv emy dogs the love they deserve, as well as receive it from them. ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. This just shows how amazing and loyal dogs are. What wonderful creatures. It really makes me cringe knowing there are so many animals out there being that are being harmed by people when they just want to be loved.

  49. This is why dogs are mans best friend. Truly a remarkable story and it just goes to show just how intelligent those animals really are.

  50. This story is awesome. I think animals can really sense emotion in people and will try and comfort humans in any way possible, especially dogs. This Dog is so smart. I have a Labrador and I hope if I am in any trouble my dog Marley will be their to save me!

  51. It would be incredible to hear of a human doing this, so it is even more amazing that it is a dog! Stories like this truly warm my heart. I also always love the relationship that these animals have with their trainers/owners/partners. It is truly remarkable.

  52. It is so crazy and amazing to hear stories like that. The ability that some of those trained dogs have is outrageous. And did anyone hear of this on the news? and How is daisy now?

  53. This story is incredible!! Since the 9/11 attack, I have not heard this story of the golden retriever! She was a brave dog! It’s amazing what dogs can do!

  54. It is amazing on what dogs can do. Sometimes I think others and myself underestimate the capabilities an animal can have but actions like this remind us. I bet that owner was very proud of Daisy and so was everybody else, she saved alot of lives!

  55. WOW! That story touched my heart. Who would of known that a dog can save some many lives. This would of had me in tears. This dog risked her life to save not just her owner but to save more than 500 people’s lives! That is such an outstanding and crazy story. A dog so brave can be so heroic.

  56. This story is hard to believe at first, but then it just makes you feel good inside and you forget about the odds of this happening. Great story!

  57. This shows how God will put forth very interesting and unique heroes to save mankind.

  58. This dog is amazing! I want one just like this one. It’s strange to say the dog is a hero but hey the dog really is a hero. The dog deserves anything she desires, if she were to speak ofcorse.

  59. I couldn’t help but tear up as I read this. Dogs are truly amazing creatures. They tend to always be around when one needs them the most and with such bravery do not hesistate to step in. Even when we don’t give them as much attention as we should they still love us unconditionally. I cant wait to go home and hug my little Ducati!

  60. This makes me want to go and hug and kiss my dogs…especially my dog Trump because he is so smart and loyal like this…

  61. I LOVE ANIMALS! Especially doggies… My mom refuses to take me to any place selling animals, because I am extremely difficult when it comes to leaving haha!

  62. This dog is like a canine Forrest Gump in the movie. Its incredible the brains of dogs & i think they are very underestimated in what they can do. This dog had the guts to do things most humans wouldn’t. Talk about this dog being a mans best friend.

  63. This is such a great story. I don’t know why this is the first time I heard about it. It is amazing to me how smart and fearless that dog is. It saved a lot of lives.

  64. This is a very admirable story. It is crazy how a dog could be a hero to so many people. They owe their lives to Daisy. They should make a movie about this dog.

  65. its a miricle to know how a simple animal can save so many people as if she is a human and knows exactly whats going on . that just goes to show you how smart animals really are.

  66. It is great to read a story about positive and inspiring acts that go against the odds. It is well deserved to honor something so great.

  67. When I was reading it I almost cried. Its incredible how dogs are so loyal and will never leave you to die. I was so relieved when the dog cameout okay and survived the collapse tower. I love dogs.

  68. I believe that the great saying is ” A dog is a mans best friend” . In this case i believe it is safe to say that ” A k9 is a truly courageous animal” . This k9 is very special and risked her own life to save many others.

  69. I absolutely love dogs and it makes my day to hear stories like this. Stories about dogs showing their true colors in the face of danger and performing out of the ordinary feats. This is an incredible story and one that won’t soon be forgotten. This just goes to show that anyone can be a hero, and miracles do happen.

  70. This is the most awesome thing I have read in awhile! I am a total dog lover and this dogs act of heroism is amazing. That is exactly why dogs are man’s best friend.. This almost made me tear up…

  71. This is why I respect animals so much. They are capable of doing as much, or even more than, an average person would do. Daisy is an amazing dog. Her owner must be extremely proud and lucky to have had her that day.

  72. Daisy truly deserves that medal of honor, but she should have gotten two or three for what she did, ๐Ÿ™‚ good for you Daisy. Its amazing how a dog can do such a thing, because not many people would go back to that building that was about to collapse and do what she did.

  73. Wow thats amazing that a dog could go through that whole thinking process and save that many people, this story should have gotten more attention.

  74. This is so awesome! That dog is truly a hero tho have been able to save all those lives and being totally unselfish and not just darting out as soon as she was let go.

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  76. It pretty remarkable what some animals will do when they realize that other animals are in danger. Golden retriever’s are some of the smartest dogs in the world and a capable for tremendous feats and define human logic that animal can complete tasks of such bravery. Its amazing that one dog saved nearly 1000 lives in one day during one of the most tragic days in American History.

  77. I thought this story was very powerful. What if we had courage like that? We would be living quite incredible lives, self-reliant ones at that!

  78. This is an amazing storey and truely shows us that dogs our mans best friend. also that God uses very unlike heros in some of our lives.

  79. I think we can officially call Daisy an American Hero. She saved not one life, not two, but 967! It is incredible how canines/animals dont have the complex thoughts or understandings as the human brain does, yet they are capable of doing such things as to saving an amazing amount of people during a time of a dangerous disaster. What a story!

  80. This is an incredible story. It is so amazing that canines have the ability to save lives and assist firefighters and police officers. If only there were more rescue dogs on 9/11, imagine all the lives we could have saved.

  81. I somehow related this to the bystander effect. I have a feeling if it were just a person that saw James, they’d hurry on by to save themselves. But unlike humans, this retriever was a hero.

  82. WOW this is amazing how a dog could save so many life. It is just incredible this shows how smart dogs can be. Just one little dog saved so many lives it is just crazy by my standers. This touch me when the dog almost died but they found the dog alive. Very nice story I loved it.

  83. This story made me want to cry. This dog didn’t even take a second to hesitate. Its sad there are not enough people who are as loyal as this dog. I hope i find my Daisy soon!

  84. WOW, I wish I had a dog like Daisy. That is really really impressive and amazing how a dog could make a difference in many peoples lifes. Daisy saved a total of 967 lives!!!!. Now thats what I call brave, going into the buliding twice to go save people!!!!!

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  86. Awww that is such a brave dog. It didnt care how many times it had to run in, but it saved all those people in the building. Daisy saved many lives.

  87. BriannaMWhite says: “How come we haven’t heard this on teh news?” I agree! this should have been aired so the public can know of this incredible act of heroism. It’s amazing! This truly supports the “dogs are man’s best friend” quote.

  88. It is amazing how a dog can be that smart to actually save so many hauman lives. I never heard of dogs actually being firemen. She must of had a great trainer because she has such a great heart to do what she did.

  89. Wow, super hero of the dog family or what? This is an incredible story. I knew dogs were smart, but did not think they were THAT smart.

  90. How come we haven’t heard this on the news? This has to be one of the coolest stories I have ever heard. Sounds like we have a modern day Underdog character.

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