Condoleezza Rice on the Need for U.S. Leadership

Our former Secretary of State speaks about American foreign policy. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Dr. Rice, in addition to being a Stanford University Professor, she is a member of the Hoover Think Tank, a concert pianist, a ballerina, a linguist (reading, writing, and speaking fluently in both Russian and French). She is a most remarkable American woman.

18 responses to “Condoleezza Rice on the Need for U.S. Leadership

  1. I knew of Condoleezza Rice, but I never knew that she was a professor of political science and I never knew of her accomplishments such as being a concert pianist, or ballerina. I enjoyed watching this video because I got the chance to hear her speak on important issues. She speaks so eloquently and now after learning a little more about her I’d have to say that she would be a great role model for women, not only for women of color but all races.

  2. I remember Professor Kollitz talking about this extraordinary lady in class and how she can speak many different languages. She has had so many accomplishments in her life and is an outstanding woman. I agree with Rice on her opinion on the need for more U.S citizens to become leaders.

  3. Dr. Rice is a very remarkable human being. I could never imagine being involved in all those different things. She is definitely a great type of person to be involved in government. Shes seems very intelligent and probably even a genius because of all the different things she is involved with.

  4. I never paid attention to her in the past, watching this video made me see the accomplishments she has.

  5. Dr. Rice is an insperation and she seems like a brilliant person and seems to be a tell it how it is kind of person.

  6. She seems to be a very motivated person and that is exactly what we need in America. I didn’t know much about her but she seems to be a very successful person and we need more of that in politics today in order to get out of this rut.

  7. Dr. Rice seems like a very well spoken and intelligent person. Her insight on the cuurent issues of the nation really poses a great deal of truth and sheds some light on multiple things.

  8. I have always admired Dr. Rice. I believe that she sets a wonderful example for black women and women in general. She is well read and scripted, she delievers her speech with precision, compassion, and truth. When she speaks you can hear that she truly believes what she is speaking and her belief runs deep.

  9. I am impressed with Mrs. Rice. Never did she speak ill of the current economic crisis that we are facing. I bet she was great secretary and we were fortunate to have her.

  10. Condoleezza Rice is a great individual and know how to look out for all of us. Making sure her choices are made well. He beliefs are great to improve America because she demonstrates strength and power to move forwarded and make this country much much better.

  11. Mrs. Rice is an amazing person. With her many accomplishments she is of great inspiration to both men and women. I enjoyed learning of her ideas and like that she backs her ideas making valid points.. I love that she is also highly skilled in the musical arts department!!

  12. I have always enjoyed her point of view on matters that are very important and in need of some recognition. She is very well articulated in the words she uses and a sense of balance pertaining to her ideas. Meaning, she takes everything into consideration and makes valid points to an arguement or view.

  13. Dr. Rice breaks all barriers of what the average black women looks like or does. She is right up there with Oprah. I think she is an amazing individual and her musical talents are beyond extrodinary. I wish she still held her post in the white house.

  14. This woman is extraordinary! I too didn’t know much about her personal achievements, but wow!…she can REALLY play the piano!

  15. I also did not know of her persoanl achievments. I have heard her speak on television many times and knew she was avery educated woman and speaks very eloquently. I agree with most of her views in this interview howver it is difficult for me to take anything a politician says at face value.

  16. I never knew so many things about her until i watched this video. As the former secretary of state I feel that things like this should be shown more in schools to help female as well as male students along their path for a higher education, seeing how she is a great role model.

  17. Condoleezza Rice is an amazing individual, when she speaks I think of the saying “when EF Hutton speaks you out to listen” and there should be the same, but altered saying, when Condoleezza Rice speaks you out to listen. For me it is difficult to have any other opinion than hers on the issue or event being discussed.

  18. I was never really aware of her personal views as well as her accomplishments as mentioned above. It seems like she is not a beat around the bush type of person. She has a strong belief that America should act in a dominant nature to maintain its hold on world power, which is slowly slipping away.

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