Commentary on Navy Yard Shooting 9/16/13

Guns should be illegals so I can feel safer, but I don’t really care what happens to you.

“Guns are already pretty much banned in DC; didn’t help. Much like Mexico where average citizens are forbidden from owning guns altogether, the gun murder rate is astronomically higher than in other places. Feinstein’s agenda is to disarm America and leave the middle class defenseless, she could care less about “little people” being killed.” — Buck Ofama

Yes, we have a problem in this country, but it isn’t guns. It is disturbed, depraved, unstable people. We have a lot of these individuals in our society, but I am going to jump from this to an entirely different topic, a much more pressing topic:


    I still can’t believe that we’re still having this debate. The right to self defense is a human right. The government has given us the false sense of security. Under this guise, people have decided that guns are no longer necessary, that they’re not needed. And whenever someone gets hurt because of a gun, they don’t look at the perpetrator, they look at the tool. The gun has been demonized in this country, however, everyone has failed to realize that the gun is the reason that we can even call America a free country. It isn’t smooth talk, bribes or treaties that keep other powers away from us, it is our fire power. And to bring that point even further, those guns help keep our government’s probing hands away from us.

    This is a point that needs to be made: you are an individual. As an individual, it is important for you to think about yourself and your needs. This country’s media seems to be perpetuating this notion of collectivism, which is the negation of your rights for the good of the “public.” I don’t know about you, but I’d like to think that my own individual freedoms are worth more than the pathetic attempt at creating the perfect society. And with all the propaganda that I’ve been bombarded with over these past few years, it isn’t really about having this nice, peaceful society, it’s about creating a submissive society. A population that will roll over on their backs when commanded.

    Why all the hullabaloo about having an armed society? Well, one of our greatest adversaries is our very own government. Can you believe it? Is it really possible that this entity who you’re forced to pay taxes to is a threat to you? Yes. Any government, at any time, at any place is a threat to its citizens. If you were to study history, you’d see that it isn’t marauding bandits who pose the greatest threat to people, it is organized government. Nazi Germany, U.S.S.R., Communist China. Each of these states have killed a vast amount of its citizens. Why was this allowed to happen? Well, they were unarmed, they were pacified, they were submissive to their governments’ wishes.

    People need to understand that, that horror can happen here, too. IT CAN HAPPEN ANYWHERE. We are not an exception to that. We may have a Constitution to protects us, but if you follow the news stories of today, you’ll quickly find that the Constitution is becoming irreverent.

Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun – Communist China’s Founder, Mao Zedong

And if we lose that right, we lose our political power.



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  1. I loved what Ice T said in his interview, “because guns are the last form of defense against tyranny, not to hunt.” This man really knows what is going on around him. Also, the serviceman in the clip immediately after really brought up a very good point: would these anti gun parties say that the 1st amendment is not needed as well? Or how about protection from having troops stationed in your house? Or how about trial by a jury of peers? Once one of our inherent rights is taken away, who’s stopping all of the others from being stripped from us?

  2. Our second ammendments should be defended at all costs, and by any means, if that entails guns too. our founding fathers were smarter than what we have now.

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