Commentary on K-12 Common Core Cirruculum

Commentary on K-12 Common Core Cirruculum

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  1. I have not heard of the k-12 common core curriculum before, but from what she states, it does sound pretty absurd. While I was in elementary school, we still had to memorize all of the multiplication tables, and I can see how doing them in a slow and tedious process can hinder progression. It is not just elementary school which is lacking, but also middle and high school, where many students aren’t pushed to take the higher classes enough inorder to compete in this global economy.

  2. It’s true, our education system is not challenging or preparing children for the global economy. It’s a huge concern because they are not preparing our children to critically think on their own and have to follow a long procedure to get the answer when there are better ways to solve a problem.

  3. The commom core cirriculum has definitely failed to help children meet their educational goals. The curriculum not only fails to prepare children academically it also promotes mediocrity. People are trying to find the easy way out when it comes to education, but the reality is that there is no such thing as an easy way out. We must reform our education system before it is too late.

  4. Elise G. Richardson

    I have never even heard of the common core curriculum before, but after hearing what the mom had to say and explaining the math problem, it’s sounds like not a very well suited education system.

  5. I’m glad that this mother is bringing it to the attention of the board members that in fact common core is not helping students become college ready, but rather setting them back. With the math example that she gave how can we expect students to complete the problem through 108 steps that’s just ridiculous. Obama’s implement of common core is not helping the US students and more people need to bring it to their attention.

  6. Miranda B. Barragan

    I believe that the common core is rediculous. My mom is a teacher and she does not like it and thinks it is a wste of time to go to meetings and have discussions about it. It was meant to make people’s lives more complicated. I think that sometimes life is already complicated enough. I liked in the video when the mother gave an example of a common core problem. This showed everyone in the room just how rediculous this idea really is.

  7. Katarina Ponomaroff

    The common core curriculum has clearly been failing us for a long period of time now. We are not taught to the best of our abilities but rather taught the bare minimum. Some children are seriously unprepared for high school and college level material that it really puts a set back on our education goals. This makes me worry about the future and what it will have to offer my children when I have some.

  8. The United States use to be the best when it came to education, but it has stumbled and has been slowing down greatly. Other countries on the other hand prioritize this heavily and have jumped ahead.

  9. I agree with Bryan. There’s many ways to get the answer to math problems. I don’t believe the teachers should penalize students for doing it another way though. I had a teacher in high school that if you didn’t do the problem her way we would get the whole problem wrong. That didn’t really prepare me for college because I don’t use that way because it was long and pointless.

  10. Christopher Rodriguez

    It really appears as though our school system is trying to dumb us down. This is unfortunate because the upcoming generation will not be as intelligent as they are capable of being.

  11. I may be wrong but I think the math question posed is showing other ways to come up with an answer rather than just straight multiplication. Coming from another country which has had a core curriculum provincially the math is different than when are parents went to school. Gone is wrote learning where we memorized facts but it is trying to teach multiple ways to come to the same answer since students may look at the question differently. We were not marked wrong if we did it a different way. It was the process that was marked. You could have different ways and as long as you could explain how you got your answer and it made sense it was fine. I don’t agree that if you automatically knew to multiple or divide you should be penalized and marked lower. It just meant you were able to see that right away while some students may not have and had to count by 5’s.

  12. Brianna V. Gonzalez

    I do not understand why the k-12 system has failed us immensely. It is a very scary thought because not only is my education a major concern but when I want to have children, their education will result in an even bigger concern and it does frighten me what the education system holds for the future.

  13. The school.system overall is screwed up, kids cannot learn at their own pace, without being shoved up another grade. The no child left behind act really screws children over as well, because they don’t really learn either. To make learning even more complex than it should be is unnecessary, when there are simple ways to teach a kid math, and the like.

  14. Wow it’s amazing to hear and finding out what the K-12 system is like now. My daughter is in preschool and she’ll be in Kindergarten next year. The Common Core curriculum is obviously not working. We should all take the steps to get informed and take action. Our kids, our little brothers, sisters, nephews & nieces education is important and shouldn’t be treated otherwise.

  15. The Common Core does not seem like it’s going to be helping our students in some of the ways that it needs to be. How Common Core is changing how some of these concepts are going to be presented does not seem like it’s appropriate for k-12 students. The Common Core Curriculum should be partly if not completely revised to better help our students.

  16. The K-12 initiative was developed in 2009 when “States across the country collaborated with teachers, researchers, and leading experts to design and develop the Common Core State Standards. Each state independently made the decision to adopt (or not adopt) the Common Core State Standards, beginning in 2010. The federal government was NOT involved in the development of the standards. Local teachers, principals, and superintendents lead the implementation of the Common Core in their school districts.” (
    I have a ten year old daughter currently under the new standard and what I am realizing is that the concepts she is being asked to develop are no different than what I am being asked to do in my current college courses. I don’t think this new concept has been given enough time to see if it works. Yes, it makes my job as a parent a little harder and I have to rethink the way I was taught but if it means she will have an easier time getting through college than I’m willing.

  17. Unbelievable what the K-12 system has done to the school systems.
    I have come to the conclusion that they want us to all lack in knowledge so they can get away with anything.
    Kudos for this mother for standing up.

  18. This scares me because i have a little brother, my only little brother and he’s in 5th grade so he still has a while to go before graduating, and it makes me wonder how his education everyday! Some of these people don’t care about our children’s education they just want them to hurry up and move on the next grade like an assembly line. Gets me mad!

    • What I am glad to see is that there are still parents out there that still have a direct concern their children’s education. I hope that this same concern is happening all over this country is being corrected.

  19. The people in this country need to standup and take their children life and education back from the government, and put it back in the hand of the people that care about them.

  20. This mother gives a great example of being smarter than a common fourth grader. Using the common core curriculum is just a major sales pitch that the government is using. The new curriculum is bringing major problems to society as a whole.

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