Coffeecare??? Find Out for Yourself



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  1. Oh I love this video! It explains exactly how I feel about this stupid law! I am a pretty healthy person so I don’t go to the doctors all the time. I do however take care of myself with 6 month check ups and whatever other womenly check ups are needed. It was easier to just go when I needed and pay the lousy 50 dollars my doctor required. Now thanks to this new law the cheapest plan I am looking at is about $300.00. I am a part time minimum wage worker with bills that I decided to take on my own I do not need the government to give me another. I can barely make by with what I have and because of this free service that I probably use two to three times a year I know have to pay a monthly rate of $300! I don not think it is fair. The reason laws like this pass is because the people that are there to petition are there to vote or actually speak do not work or probably even go to school. They are at home with no job looking for someone else to provide for them. While the rest of us who do work are slaving away, giving more of our salary away, and benefiting less each year a new one of these law passes.

  2. It’s funny seeing how health care is portrayed into a different scenario such as this coffee one. It basically shows how people are paying ridiculous prices to pay for those who cannot afford it but need it. The government adds all these costs, so that the people can pay for programs that we don’t need.

  3. Very amusing video but still acquires much truth to it. It sucks growing up and constantly paying everything to the government. No sugar, milk, or straw in my coffee either please. Haha

  4. Yea this video is ludicrous just like our government. It just shows how much the government has literally control over us and the amendment seems not to matter anymore at this point. I enjoyed the satire of this video but not what the video represents at all.

  5. This video is very interesting and leaves me with anger that the government has so much control, its not fair. We can’t make are own decisions with out something hitting us back because its not what the government wants.

  6. This was quite amusing.
    “It sounds like a contradictory in terms, because it is.”

    Story of our lives. “at least we like to tell you its a free country”
    There was so much truth to this overly exaggerated clip. I enjoyed every bit of it. Obamacare sucks I want coffeecare instead

  7. I thought this video was entertaining and very humorous. In some ways I thought it summed up what exactly health insurance requires us to do. We pay money to the government to get nothing in return until we happen to need it in the future.

  8. I like videos like this because they simplify everything. Obviously this makes no sense for coffee, and still makes no sense for health care. There are so many smart people out there with better ideas, that would actually work, so why do we have ObamaCare?

  9. What happened to the days where if you couldnt afford something you either dont buy it or save up for it. Instead many people want handouts and not put in hard work to earn things. Its not the job of the government to provide heath insurance to the people, though it would be nice if they did however as a country we do not operater under this mind set. The government has certain jobs and dutys that they must do, this type of service is not one of. Its no shock that Obamacare is having a hard time getting start, because our government wasnt created to do something like this.

  10. Although this is a satirical representation of Obamacare, the practice itself really is as ridiculous as it is portrayed in this video. My favorite part was how the government worker was talking about how the consumer may need coffee in the future, and therefore has to pay for the coffee now. It really is as ludicrous as it seems

  11. Thanks to the student who appreciates irony and satire and submitted this video; people need to start thinking clearly. I always order black coffee–no sugar nor milk and certainly no straw.

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