Classic Ben Stein from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

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  1. I actually recently learned that Stein improvised this whole scene. When he was done, everyone in the studio clapped their hands. Stein initially thought it was because they were happy they learned something new, but he later discovered that everyone was amazed how boring it was.

  2. Ahhh Great video! great movie too! i acknowledge the fact that students won’t answer questions if they know the teacher is going to answer it for them. i know he was just acting, but if he would make students be more involved or just was more direct, students would participate.

  3. This video shows just how uninterested kids are with their education. Nobody raises their hand to answer because nobody cares. The kids all seem to be waiting for class to be over, so that they can get to things that they deem as more important – their social lives!

  4. I love this movie, and I find this clip really funny and something that is seen still today. You can see that the teacher is not really enforcing any student to know the information for the class, but how does that help the students pay attention? It doesn’t. I’ve been in classes like this before, where the teacher requires no homework and expects students to come up with answers. It is no help that the teacher answers all his own questions.

  5. It is funny how some student opens their mouth as if they wanted to be spoon fed with information. I have never seen this movie at all but this scene somehow remind me of my high school. My classmate was distracted and respectful toward the teacher and the class.

  6. I saw this movie a million years ago, but it’s kinda fuzzy. I cannot believe the looks on these students faces, they are totally clueless! Haha I saw these same faces in my high school classes years ago. So sad. I think I’m going to watch this movie again.

  7. I have a feeling young people keep their mouths open like these (these days) to look more attractive, like the models they see in magazines and in advertisements. They are always pictured with their mouths slightly opened. Honestly all I think/hear when I see open mouths and people too preoccupied with their looks (totally unaware of how stupid they look) is “Derrrrrrr”. Dude! You look real dumb!

    • Hahaha, this comment is hilarious! I don’t think that people do that to look attractive at all. But, I believe that they are totally clueless as to what is going on in class. I remember a few faces like these when I was in high school. Sadly, I still see these faces in college! haha.

  8. Ben Stein always appears to get a kick of bringing up educational issues. Here he is attempting to prove highs chool agendas are not on course with the right motives needed to educate the youth. “any one, any one” (Stein). Ben Stein continuously brings an issue to par , however i have noticed alot of times he remains neutral and allows his viewers to decide which side to support.

  9. I think this was my high school class. No, but really this hits home for anyone that has been through public school in america. Some students expect to be spoon fed and are unwilling to make any of there own efforts in education.

  10. Priscilla K. Cornejo

    I’ve never seen this movie at all but this scene somehow I’ve more than once and I’m trying to watch the movie because I loved Ben Stein in Expelled. I just love how bold he is to talk about Darwinism vs. Intelligence Design.

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