Chivalry is Dead

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  1. Chivalry isn’t completely dead but I do agree that it is dying in a way.

  2. I think this video was made to be funny because I can’t believe someone would actually do this. I do not think chivalry is dead but I think in the future it can if this generation isn’t presented with respect and that is the key factor.

  3. Whether chivalry is dead or not is highly debatable. I can definitely say that I am not one hundred percent chivalrous. I tend to be chivalrous, however nothing turns that around like a bad attitude, either of my own or from a female. It seems to me that for every door I hold open theres a few that will show zero appreciation compared to the one that will be grateful. How in turn does one REMAIN chivalrous?

  4. ahh i’d say that Chivalry is in remission. I mean i still see a few gentlemen helping out people once in while. I think it has to be taught if we want to see more it. Not a lot of kids (boys) will go out of their way to do something nice or help someone else. They have to be shown while they are young. Then as they grow older, then they will be more prone to do do such tasks as helping someone retrieve something.

  5. This little bit was funny as I assume that this was most likely a joke. However, there are many other instances of chivalry that would assume that it has depleted over time. Talking to my grandparents about this they said when they were younger, especially during the depression, everyone had to come together and help each other. My grandma lived in a community tent where everyone used to pull together and but a single ingredient in order to make a community meal to survive. Now they said everyone is much more independent and we live in a more comfortable time. If you are poor you expect handouts and if you are rich you don’t need to both. I know in my heart that chivalry isn’t dead but it it’s not the same as it used to be.

  6. Chivalry is not completely dead. I loved reading all the prior comments most agree with that it is still around just it is so rare. However I do honestly believe that we the newer generations are to blame for this downfall in chivalry. I mostly blame us women. Before we use to come together and allow anyone to help us get further on in life. Now we do not appreciate a nice gesture some see it as a being hit on or better yet they say they can do it all on their own they do not need anyone to do anything for them. I am completely guilty on this part I rather open my own door than have some one else open it for me I am perfectly capable of it. It is because of people thinking like this that has greatly contributed to the downfall of chivalry.

  7. I completely agree! Chivalry is dead, or at least comatose. People just don’t care about others anymore. The wont help a struggling single mother with carrying her groceries, or hold doors open for you when your hands are full. Men don’t really even know how to pick up a lady. Dating is out, out, out! Teenagers have the WORST manners I have ever witnessed! It’s truly sad to see what will be ten years from now, but I’ve always said it starts in the home.

  8. People who believe chivalry is dead are pessimists. You can see people being chivalrous everyday of the week, but most just seem to focus and tunnel vision the negative things they see everyday. I know from personal experience i always hold doors open for others and often have the same deed done for me, it is not dead, just ignored.

  9. I’ll be honest, this made me laugh. We do see these kinds of things every day, but I don’t think chivalry is dead. When I see videos like this..

    It gives me hope. And balances out the rudeness I see. It’s what you really choose to see. But I do believe that it’s alive.

  10. Now that was terrible. I fully expected him to help her out by handing her the first jar he grabbed if not the second jar but, he didn’t even do that. I don’t think Chivalry is completely dead but it is an “endangered species”. Everyone is worried about getting to where they need to go nowadays they do not stop to interact with people.

  11. I currently work at Food4Less, and I personally experience customers who are rude and only care about themselves on a daily basis. I may not have been born to experience when chivalry was alive, however on rare occasions I do see glimpses of it.

  12. American Chivalry is definitely dead. People today just do not have passion for others. Society just not hold others to any kind of standards today. Many people feel like, that ones life is their own, and whether they need help or is afforded a compliment or a simple hand wave, it is just out of the question. No more helping others across the street, or helping another get a grocery item off a shelf at the store. Life is just not about this anymore.

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