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  1. I can understand why the doctors would worry for the welfare of this baby, but c’mon, I think that’s a little too far. Performing open heart surgery on a baby is a really big deal, I’d want to get a second opinion too. Also, they won’t tell the Mom where the baby is going because they think she’s being hysterical?! I’d be hysterical too if people I didn’t know barged into my house demanding me to give up my child. I’m just thankful that the baby was returned safely to the parents, but CPS should get their noses out of that family’s business.

  2. I believe that these parents were really going to get a second opinion which they have rights to0. Child protective services was not necessary in this case. Instead of taking the baby away they should have investigated the situation first.

  3. This is ridiculous. Something like an open-heart surgery is serious, especially for such a young child! So many things could go wrong! Of course the family would want a second opinion! I would too, instead of blindly throwing my child under the knife. This is not something the government needed to step in on and it wasn’t the right of the hospital to call like that.

  4. This is ridiculous, its their children they are free to decide what and when to do something for their child. It was a big deal and they deserve another opinion.

  5. This was a crazy video to watch. The hospital should of gave the parents the option of a second opinion. Unless they had to perform emergency surgery on the baby right away, then Im sure the parents would of understood. But by calling CPS on parents who actually want the best care for their child, that is unremarkable. CPS shouldnt waste their time investigating parents who are trying to provide their baby with the best care, they should be investigating neglectful parents, who dont have any involvement in their child’s life, or dont provide any care for their children at all. Social workers should do something about that!

  6. I think that the parents have the right to decide whats best for the child. The child cant make decisions for itself so its up to the parents to decide and in someway the person that told on them was violating patient confidentiality.

  7. I would have wanted a second opinion also. Too many times doctors have made mistakes and I do not blame those parents. Especially since they are from another country and many other countries handle medical problems differently.

  8. I find this crazy. There are children harmed or killed everyday in cases where CPS has not done their job but these parents who obviously care for their child have their baby taken away because they questioned the care provided by a hospital and wanted a second opinion about major surgery. I would want several opinions before I let anyone operate on my child’s heart. This seems like a horrible abuse of power especially since it seems so unwarranted.

  9. Parents and patients as long as they are not under the influence of drugs and are mental cognitive. They have the right to refuse any treatments or procedures. Most medical staff personnel are mandated reporters so that is how the other agencies might get involved.

  10. “you’re not acting rationally..”

    Are you kidding me? Your trying to take her baby away from her, she did nothing wrong, and you’re trying to take her child away from her! This is not acceptable, the government does not have the right to do this! The government should not be involved in this, this should be left to the parents. They made the right choice! A doctor says “We need to do open heart surgery.” You better fucking say “We need a second opinion before we let you risk the life of our child.” It’s a baby, and open heart surgery changes the life of an individual forever! It’s not a simple 1, 2, done!

  11. This is crazy! Of course I would be scared for my baby to have open-heart surgery, but the doctor definitely knows more than me. So, I would have avoided the whole thing and probably let the doctors do what they know is best. On the other hand, I think a second opinion is always important. Someone may see something different than the person before or after them and it may be better or worse. I do NOT think the police should have came into their house and taken the child. Yes CPS maybe should be monitoring the baby in case something really is wrong, but it is against the law to take someone’s child or go into their house without a warrant.

  12. If I were a parent and they told me that my child needs surgery, why would I take my child from the hospital without checking it out first? There is a system that works to protect the patients and if they took that baby and something were really wrong, their child could have died. Taking the baby away was definately a bad call though because the parents did not do anything wrong except break hospital protocol. The parents were not abusive so why did they take that baby? They took it because they could and it is sad that this can happen in America. No warrant, no justifiable cause. They walked in and took it. Seizing property is one thing but taking a child is completely wrong. Come knockin at my door, you better have a warrant.

  13. These parents do not look like they could be possible to harm their baby because they obviously wanted to take care of their baby if they even brought him to the hospital. It really is sad for police to take a baby from one’s own arm. Especially without a warrant? How absurd!

  14. I believe that CPS took the situation overboard. But it comes to show how great and dedicated these workers are that they are ready to handle situations. The parents had a right, they were not trying to harm their child, obiviously becuase they took him to hospital. I do not believe they should be under surveilance.

  15. This video shows the improper use of the program that the government normally uses for parents who really do not know how to take care of their children. However, the parents should have checked out the child and should have gone through the whole procedure to avoid looking like a threat to the child’s life. It’s great that the government is watching over the well being of this child but, at the same time you have to look at the circumstances and have the ability to distinguish between a minor mistake of worried parents and between child abuse.

  16. I am sure there is more information to the story then what the news told us. It sounds like a doctor was concerned with the welfare of the baby, Most parents would probably not leave the hospital to see another doctor, with out checking them out properly and most doctors would call CPS if a severely sick infant was taken out of the hospital. Coming from a family of CPS workers (all having masters degrees) I have heard about a couple of wrongful removals but this does not sound like that. The doctors reported medical neglect and the social workers acted accordingly. They were just fallowing up on the report. Removal from the home is not usually as quickly, but they needed the baby to get medical treatment. They could not tell the mother because they need the baby to be safe if the mother was the one denying him the treatment. He will go back to his family soon and hopefully get the surgery he needs to survive. Fox said it was run by the state of California, that is incorrect, each county has there own system and each require different levels of education, most require at least Bachelors.

    • Thank you for your clarification. I do not have any knowledge of miscarriage of justice in Riverside County. This event happened in Sacramento County. Nevertheless, it is terrible. Obviously, you have been raised by caring and knowledgeable people:; maybe one of them can alert you to what is going on in this case and report back to the class.

  17. Danielle wanted my opinion. I am furious about this unwarrented search and seizure. Notice how clean and neat the family home is when the police arrive unannounced. This means the home is well maintained. Notice the beautiful child in photos. These are diligent parents. If I was confronted with the situation at the first hospital, I too would have taken my child and immediately sought another opinion. The parents that abuse are the minority. I have known of abusive parents, but by instant observation, I would not consider them abusive, I would consider these parents as extremely competent–they want their child to live and I wouldn’t allow my child’s body,, especially the heart to be operated on without researching alternatives. Look at the posting about the Dr. Gosnell, whose case has now gone to the jury–I would never allow a creep like this to care for my child!!!

    If I were the young parents, I would have fled, exactly like they did. The law says to “seize and search” the police need a court order and they must present it at the door. Why did the police need an army of officers? I don’t get it!!!! I’m going to keep up with this story. Like Laura Ingram said on the video, “Where is the common sense?” I’m sure both reporters will have more on this story on Fox News.

    I like what Ishmael remarked in a satirical voice similar to Johnathan Swift, “Now, put that child back in the loving arms of the state.” Oh sure, the “over zealous nanny state” knows best–Yuk!!!

  18. The government is controlling the people. This liberal state we live in is absolutely ludacris! What is it, the third amendment that states we have rights to search and seizure? How can these cops search this couple’s house and take their baby without a warrant? Oh I know! because they are from a foreign country and they are not aware of our constitution, American history, and the bill of rights. there should be procedures and qualifications that one must go through before being issued a United States citizen ship! or are they illegal? Even better! I once had a woman inform me that the illegal immigrants were actually a benefit to the American economy; she was an Obama supporter. I would love to hear your take on that opinion, Professor Kollitz.

  19. Don’t question your government. What are you, a Patriot? The state is always right. Nowhere in history has there ever been a case where the government has enacted policies to undermine their citizens. This is a perfect world we are living in. Now, put that child back in the loving arms of the state.

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