Artwork by Charles Millard Morris (1905-1990)

State Normal School, Dickenson, ND

1925 Yearbook.

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Copyright &copy 1925 Charles Millard Morris

22 responses to “Artwork by Charles Millard Morris (1905-1990)

  1. This was funny how the cartoon relates to politics. I loved it very informative.

  2. I was never one to really understand football, or found a particular interest in it. I just know this has something to do with politics.

  3. i forgott to comment on this last entry i made of this forum, i wish we can turn the clock back in time, so we can all spend more time reading and contenplating cartoon as such instead of tv, now a days.

  4. I love comics that can relate to politics! They’re humorous but paint a broader picture!…kinda like the Modest Proposal.

  5. I always enjoy reading sports comics to see what people think of athletes.

  6. Its always crazy looking back at old television shows and old comics and seeing how far graphics have come, it seems that you feel in your time period that it could never get more advanced. I cant wait to see where technology goes next.

  7. Interesting comics…I am not a huge fan of comics but I love sports so it evens it out for me!! The crossword puzzle part makes me laugh too…I do one everyday no matter how busy I am!!

  8. I enjoy sport, im a soccer player but I never really got in to football, although I could throw and catch a football….that’s about how far I go with that sport.

  9. I like how they relate sports into politics. Its funny to me how the situations in sports relate to the congress. I enjoyed this comic strip because I love to read comic book.

  10. These nice little comics always has some humor in them. And a lot of them relates to our society.

  11. this artwork was insightful. i was never actively in a sport but i do appreciate and enjoy watching them. especially basketball

  12. first and foremost why are sports so important in today’s society? they’re making all the money we are just sitting on our bums. All i got to say is i got better things to do!

  13. These clips are good. This was very funny to read… I can’t believe that someone mentioned that they dont have pe in schools now a days… so sad

  14. I find it an amazing thing that art from years past will always fascinate us! While a lot of these illustrations are of sports and other school activities, I find these drawings very insightful. This reminds me how uneventful my high school career was.

  15. football is my favorite sport so it was delight looking at this artwork i wonder if they sell this piece?

  16. I thought this was cute. It reminds me of my high school days when I used to play scoccer with my friends. It also reminds me of when I wrote a book full of short stories and pictures! I got it published in the fourth grade. I hope to pass it my future kids someday.

  17. funny stuff, my kids dont even have sports or pe their elementary school.

  18. Your grandfather must have been really talented. Maybe this generation is just losing its artistic side considering all the cut back done in all of the arts. When I was a little girl I used to draw fruit with little faces haha. This comic strip takes me back to a time when I use to draw and read comic books.

  19. Im not a big fan of sports, but when it is put into comics it just makes it more interesting.

  20. So cute! This reminds me of the times I would read the comic strips in the newspapers. I enjoy both old and new forms of drawings. It shows how far we’ve come and how much more creative we can get.

  21. Interesting, Its always nice to bring back old school drawings and captions, Really shows a creative side that we are slowly slipping away from with all this technology and advancement

  22. To think how far we have come in less than 100 years. Just think our grandkids may have yearbooks with hallagrams. Like Star Wars.

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