Charlie Chaplin on Hitler

This famous performance submitted by Cynthia Cordova.  Thanks to Cynthia you can all see how time shifting, point of view shifting, and solipsism work in postmodern films.



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  1. Watching this speech was very moving. The actor presents the speech brilliantly so you can really feel the words he is saying. The message of it was also very interesting. To see how this movie made in 1940, which focus on Hitler, can have such an impact on today’s society. The way greed affects our lives, and how we are controlled by the government can all be seen today.

  2. I am a huge fan of this video and I have seen it many times before. It illustrates the importance of individuality. If we did more things for ourselves then the world would be a lot more honest. Society should not be a machine comprised of identical part, but rather a collective of individual parts.

  3. I really enjoyed this video because it is so timeless. Everywhere we go we are encouraged to think and feel a certain way. Individualism is so scarce nowadays and we have to work tirelessly in order to save it from a society that tells us how to feel. It has become so hard to break free from society’s norms. It breaks my heart when I see young girls and boys adopt certain beliefs or habits because everyone else is doing it. We have so much to offer as humans, our diversity gives us new perspectives that lead us through uncharted roads.

  4. This video is very powerful, everything that it mentions is true, we have become inhumane, greedy and have lost our compassion for others. I like the idea that it gives that we should all unite to eliminate the negativity that surrounds us. We have evolved and the world has changed but we are still witnessing terrible acts and wars. It is sad to know that our world is still not yet peaceful and full of love.

  5. I agree with Rodolfo on this one. I have seen this speech numerous times within the past year or so, and every time I am inspired. The speech is worded perfectly to captivate the audience. My favorite part is when he tells the listeners not to allow the government or anyone at that matter tell you “what to do, what to think, and how to feel.” We live in a world filled with greed and corruption, but as long as the people unite, there is a big chance to see change within our lifetime.

  6. This speech was very inspiring and charismatic. It made me realize even more how much the government has control over us even though they claim that we live in a democracy where the people make the all the decisions. This will never happen because of greed and people’s selfish desire of power.

  7. Interesting potmodern video uses Charlie Chapman, an avowed Modernist Marxist is featured in this postmodern video presentation to extol the value of the “dumbing down” of society to convince the audience to think with their emotions, rather than with their brains. I resent fashism being presented as a Utopia that will never exist because of the postmodern element of solipcism. By the way, this is an actor made up to look like Charlie Chaplin. I prefer the rule of law in a free market classless economy.

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