This Cartoon Says it All!



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  1. This picture says so much about Obamacare. Obama presents it as a great thing, but in reality there are so many flaws to the system.

  2. This cartoon is good! Obama is trying to sell people that don’t know much about health care on a bogus deal, just like first time car buyers that get scammed by sellers that lie about what they are giving them

  3. I like this photo because it shows to sides to a supposibly good thing. Obama sees this act as flawless however, in the eyes of others its an absolute mess.

  4. Sounds about right. The idea of a car is nice. But only if it has all its part and works. Which is not Obama Care at this point.

  5. Christopher Rodriguez

    Spot on depiction of Obama Care.

  6. It take the choices away from the America people and puts us at the mercy of the Government, and breaks the laws that the founding father fought or hard to put in place.

  7. Its always a pleasure to see imagery with such a deep meaning.

  8. This cartoon is a great example of Obama care being a wreck of a mess. He convinces the people that its the best way to go and holds pride towards everything he has done but in reality its affecting the people tremendously.

  9. This picture says a 1000 words. An even though Obamacare is helpful like a car. It isonly helpful if it runs smoothand had direction.

  10. did they mention that Obama care is inexpensive however it is not cheap?

  11. I think this cartoon would do even better without the text boxes explaining what everything is. Simply seeing the beaten up obamacare car would draw even more of a reaction from me. Even so, a pretty good toon nonetheless

  12. I usually do not enjoy political cartoons, because I didn’t used to follow politics enough to actually understand them. But I get this on, and it’s pretty funny and accurate.

  13. This cartoon really sums it up. Obama thinks his medical care is amazing and will run great but in reality it’s just a mess. Everything is broken on it just like on the car in the cartoon.

  14. Well…this is what our country has become since Obama has become elected…very disappointing

  15. Political cartoons are always funny and have a story behind them. Like this one demonstrates how Obama thinks that everything he has don’t is a “beauty” he shows so much pride on that piece of junk.

  16. This is funny I love political cartoons they always make everything better.

  17. this picture does truly say a thousand words! this cracked me up! we researched several different political cartoons in my US history class in high school and I always found them very entertaining. I always enjoyed looking at the deeper meanings of things and seeing what facial features were emphasized and what satire was included. this was definitely funny to me

  18. I was never a fan of these political cartoons. But Obama’s ears sure do look silly.

  19. Obamacare is a train wreck…

  20. It ‘s so interesting. I like it.

  21. Thanks for submitting this cartoon! Again, a picture says 1000 words.

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