Caine’s Arcade

This could be a change in America, a change for the better. This kid is the epitome of American entrepreneurship. What a motivator for even “old folks” like me. I hope congress will not send this great kid a bill for taxes due and let him keep the money for college.

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  1. Now that is real artupernuership right ther. This little boy is so smart and craetive. It was so sweet for them to put his arcade togater for real for them. I bet caine will rember this forever.

  2. what a smart kid and great imagination i would never have thought about this at all.

  3. Christopher Rodriguez

    What a creative kid with so much talent! Never would I even think of making an arcade out of cardboard. You can tell he’s a happy kid who can easily make your day. I’m glad he got this opportunity.

  4. What a smart kid! I hope he carries this passion with him as he grows older.

  5. Caine has a unique hobby and is very determined. His prices are really economical and I agree with the man who made this video. Caine’s determination all payed off and im happy for him as he really deserved it. Its really great to see a youngster with such a passion and motivation.

  6. This kid is truly amazing he has so much talent and imagination. I like that he never gave up and found solutions to make his arcade. He thought of everything possible that an arcade has and made it out of card board boxes. And that man making this kid known and giving this a kid a day to live out what he waited for every day touched me its a really good inspiring story.

  7. Love heartwarming stories like this. I really look up to other people who go out and make things happen like this for others in less fortunate communities.

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  9. It is definetly an inspiring video.

  10. after seeing this video i truly did have a smile on my face. It is positive stories like these in which people come together to support someone or a cause that we do not hear too often anymore. too often now a days are stories filled with negativity.

  11. Wow what a smart kid showing creativity and his passion for arcade games. this video was great! I love the part where he goes inside the box and feeds the tickets out.

  12. This kid is awesome! That fact that he is using his mind and being creative makes him awesome. Kids now a days are on some video game system instead of using their imagination and being creative. Its great to see that this kid is passionate about his arcade we need more kids like this.

  13. This boy reminds me of my little brother. He has a HUGE imagination that cannot be stopped by his piers. His happiness and creativity are contagious. I really wish more kids were brave enough to follow their dreams and show what is going on in their heads…some of those ideas are the most genius.

  14. Children are the next generation to make this world a better place. Imagine if everyone was this creative by recyling instruments to remake for something else.
    Children should not be blocked out from their own creativity. It will make the world a better place.

  15. When children are allowed creative freedom they can accomplish things people may not expect of them. That is why it is depressing to know that many children are altered by drugs such as Ritalin. Kids need to be allowed the chance to explore and create.

    • This arcade is absolutely creative. This boy’s efforts and imagination is amazing at such a young age. I admire this boy very much for his efforts. It is really neat that the whole community of strangers got together to bring a smile to this boy’s face.

  16. This kid is pretty smart for coming up with his own arcade games from scratch. The fact that he did it all on his own and made each game from his own head shows that he a very creative imagination.

  17. Caine is a very smart kid. Its great to see such a young kid doing something positive with himself that was just a little idea to him. This just shows that there are a lot of young people have great ideas.

  18. Caine is an incredible young man with a nack for being creative. This is really cool that this random guy wanted to do so much for this little boy who he hardly met. The idea of setting up a huge flash mob is so kind. It is heart warming to know that so many people would show up to support this little dude’s dream. This is what America is all about. This story simply personifies the American dream.

  19. Wow this kid is amazing. It is cool how this kid created his own arcade out of cardboards. It was also nice the support Caine got from all those people. He sure seemed happy.

  20. Children are getting smarter everyday. It’s really amazing to see how smart this kid is. The fact that he made his own arcade and made everything that goes along with it is so amazing. I love seeing kids like this put their intelligence to good use.

  21. This is such a cool video! How cute of him to start his own arcade because that is what he is passionate about. He’s such a smart kid to make up all these games literally out of nothing but cardboard and a few other supplies. His creativity is so unique!

  22. I don’t know if anybody noticed his verification mechanism for his “fun pass” out of everything he did, to think about a way to verify the pass, that’s incredibly smart!!!! wooow!

  23. Oh I had seen this a while back and thought it was cute how the nine year old built the arcade. He stared his own little business game available for anyone! It’s great that at the end people finally come to Cain’s arcade.

  24. Videos like this are my favorite to watch! This is so inspiring and makes me so happy to watch. This little boy has so much creativity. He went from having no costumers at his personally made cardboard arcade to becoming viral from someone who just believed in his abilities. I also watched part 2 of this video, and it is so amazing to see the impact this video had made on kids all around the world. He encouraged kids to display their creativity and I just find that so inspiring.

  25. This is very inspiring. This is a very smart boy. Having his own arcade at a very young age. I would love to go and see if the arcade is still there. Maybe he added new games. If at this age he created his own arcade, what is he capable of making once ha starts college? What a genius!

  26. Wow this kid is truly amazing. His determination and drive is what is going to make him successful when he is older. I love how even though no one would play his games he never lost hope and never got discouraged.

  27. It goes to show that we are capable of creating anything we put our minds too, the limits of our imagination are endless.

  28. Caine reminds me so much of myself when I was a kid. His ambition and passion is going to get him far in life.

  29. Wow! Look at the power of one child’s imagination combined with the speed of the Internet and something magical happens. I want to go to L.A.!

  30. Caine is so adorable! This boy seems to be very talented and creative and the best part i think is how supportive the family and community is. Because you really don’t see this everyday.

  31. Caine have a wonderful idea for arcade , that is his future for college and living
    on his own.

  32. Wow what a brilliant boy! I was inspired by his creativity and never giving up no matter if he only had one customer. Now I want to drive all the way to L.A. and visit his arcade. Its young kids like him that make me reflect of the many things I can accomplish in life. Thank You for sharing this video with us.

  33. This is truly an inspiring video. This kid shows if you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything. His father must be proud of him.

  34. It makes me happy seeing a kid with an imagination like this working with what he can find. Too many kids today just sit behind television screens, play video games, and let their brains melt.

  35. What an amazing video. This kid is so smart and creative who wouldnt want to make this kids day. He never gave up no matter how many days went by without a customer.

  36. i think its wonderfull that a bunch of people would take time out of their day to make one kid happy.

  37. This reminds me of how I was as a kid. I had such a wild and creative imagination. I was always making new toys, tents, and all sorts of fun and crazy things. I miss having an awesome imagination like this.

  38. This kid is briliant. I mean who comes up with a card board arcade. This kid could be a genious. I feel bad that no one would play his games. But it was awsome how that man brought everyone to make this kid happy

  39. Danz asked how this boy was doing now. I haven’t heard. This video was made during the first part of 2012. I suppose he is still going to school, but now wearing hus “Caine’s Arcade” T-Shirt. One of my former students came from East LA and knew exactly where the store was located and go there and isit Caine. He was so impressed with this kid. I am impressed too.

  40. This amazing kid has a great imagination of what you can do with just cardboard. He also shows us that you can always achieved your goals in life. I would love to see this kid when he grows up to see how successful he would be.

  41. Caine’s Arcade reminds me of Flynn’s Arcade from the movie Tron but it is a world made of cardboard. If he does create a cyber world that you could go into I would be one of many people who will be waiting in line.

  42. I loved this video, Caine is a great example of what can happen when you are determined. This little boy has such a cool imagination, I can’t wait to see what he will come up with twenty years from now.

  43. Whoa!!! I watched this video with caption close and started tear become into cried because affect me to inspiration me. This little boy is very genius! He is very creativity of his own arcade the game. Wow! For his age is learned how to his running own business. Some day he will have his own business. I believe he will be in successful in him in the future.

  44. This is truly incredible and an inspiration. I love to see the creativity of this little boy, making things out of cardboard that i never would have thought possible. He is even starting his own business, learning how to run it at such a young age.

  45. It’s always so amazing how innovative children can be. This is why children’s ideas should be nurtured and not shot down.

  46. What an adorable and clever little boy! His innovative ideas is truly inspiring! It makes me wish I was that imaginative when I was his age. I could have raised money for college when I haven’t even completed grammer school!

  47. This kid has a very strong imagination that is not seen too much today die to electronics and internet. He also has a very entrepreneurial spirit and way of thinking.

  48. This kid really is genius! Most kids just play computer games, play stations…etc. but Cane creates games with boxes from dad’s auto shops! His creativity and ambitions will change the world. I hope he can get a great amount of scholarships.

  49. I remember seeing this a while back and I thought it was really neat to see the excitement he got from his arcade.

  50. Honestly, this is the first kid I have seen that really shows ambition and determination at a young age. It still makes me feel hopeful that kids want to pursue careers at a young age and are willing to work hard to get to where they want to be not only in their future but starting now, as a kid. Caine should not only be an inspiration to kids, but to adults as well. It’s not usual to see people with ambition like Caine shows.

  51. Seeing this video really made me see that the kids today are our future. They are the ones who are going to bring this country to new heights. Goes to show that you can accomplish anything.

  52. That was so awesome what that guy did for Caine. Without the guy that made the video and the posting on the internet his arcade probably would have been given up on. This shows that there are still good people that just want to make a little kids day.

  53. It is nice to see younger kids with great goals. Especially when kids seem to be spending more time watching television or playing video games, it is nice to see anyone so dedicated to something that is important to them.

  54. It is children like Caine that makes me hopeful for the next generation. He is insightful, inspiring, creative, and has at a tender age the spirit of an entreprenuer. I know that his parents are super proud of him! It also makes me realize that do not judge a book by its cover you want to read it from front to back, because you never know what story it holds.

  55. That kid is very smart and driven. I am glad that there are people out there that will take some time to help people like Caine. This gives hope to the people that dreams can come true if you work hard and don’t give up. That their are still people out there that want to help make the world a better place.

  56. Caine is a little boy who gives hope to the future. Kids like him make the future a little brighter. The fact that he is growing up in a time where technology plays a huge role in our lives and actually stepping away from video games to make something and be creative is awesome.

  57. Caine is very creative and so hopeful!! I loved how he made the tickets come out like a real arcade machine!! very inspirational!

  58. wow, talk about using your gifts for the better. This boy is fantastic, and the fact that he is already using his ideas at this age, means that there might just be hope for the rest of us!

  59. If he is doing something like this at his age now, Caine is going to have a bright future ahead of him. For him to come up with something like this on his own is so amazing.

  60. This little guy seems like he will grow up to be successful and hopefully he will remember the help and support he received and do the same for others. I liked the video but I wonder if he paid taxes.

  61. Seeing that smile on Caine’s face gave me chills. It’s kids like him that we need more of. He is definitely gonna be an inventor or creator when he gets older. That little kid has a dream and he is already fulfilling it. This video was definitely inspiring.

  62. This is a great video. It is awsome to see that even a little kid could live out the dream of American entrepreneurship. The person who filmed this video is also genius.

  63. Its great to see such a young boy doing something positive with himself. A lot of young people have great ideas but people tend to turn them down just because they are kids.

  64. This was one of the coolest, most imaginative things I have ever seen in my life. This makes me optimistic about how great the children of today can be with using something with no value and making it into something extraordinary. It was an extremely motivating and inspirational video to watch.

  65. This is the cutest thing. He deffinately has an entreprenuer skill in him. Those games are super creative and outstanding the way he used his imagination to make them and they way he gave the tickets out! I think it was a great idea how they surprised him and that fun pass… that is a must ! 🙂

  66. Wow, THIS video was very inspirational. It definitely ‘put a smile on my face’. Its good to see that there our kids like that in the world. Kids that sets a goal and set their mind to something and never give up.

  67. As I watched this video I couldn’t help but get goosebumps. The passion he shows as he speaks of his masterpiece is contagious. This goes to show that one doesn’t need a lot to achieve greatness. With his determination and the help he will get through exposure, Cain will be able to achieve great things. Two thumbs up for his supportive father!

  68. This kid has a great imagination. I’m Glad that this man took out the time to support this kid. Such kids as Caine can become future leaders of the world. With his motivation and drive i hope that Caine can reach his dream one day and open up a chain of arcades worldwide.

  69. this kid is very !! inelegant and he has a great future ahead of him if he continues to think in these lines !!!

  70. I loved this! I work with kids and Its kids like this that really going to make a difference in the world. Although they might not be getting the proper education they need in K-12 ,their creativity and drive makes them outstanding.

  71. Wow, this is super cool. Talk about being a genious. This is kid is very intelligent, and I hope he gets a chance to go to college so he can take the gift that was given to him to the next level.

  72. He is such a smart kid and its amazing how he came up with those great arcade games. I would wanna go down their and play too. He is going to do great things if he keeps this up. Awesome video.

  73. That’s really cool, I admire the kid for his desire to make his arcade possible and never giving up. Other kids as well as adults can really learn something from this kid and his courage to stick to what he started.

  74. This video is classic. This kid is comedy and very creative. I would with out a doubt get a fun pass, it is a great deal. haha

  75. It just shows how one little kids’ dream/idea can affect everyone to help a good cause. There are good people in the world and they’re willing to help.

  76. It’s so amazing how one moment in time, some people are in the right place at the right time. Sometimes things like this happen that ultimately change a person’s life for forever; I’m certain Caine’s first customer did that just for him! Not only that, but that man was able to make something great out of something that started out so little. Caine is a little stud!

  77. Why can’t all kids be like this? I actually almost teared up at the amazing way that this boy has utilized his imagination to form something not only entertaining, but lucrative at such a young age. It is so hard to find kids like that these days with the dumbing down of society, that it is a wonderful feat when it is discovered.

  78. I saw this video on youtube a while ago and this give me hope of young kids these day because kids nowadays always want to play video game. Kids really don’t go outside to play they are just stuck on couch watching TV or playing games. This really gives me hope for children these days. This video made my day when i watched it.

  79. Wow this kid is extraordinary. Caine has a bright future ahead of him if he keeps it off. His imagination and creativity is crazy for a child his age.

  80. A very heart warming peek into a loving and caring relationship between father and son. You can clearly see that Caine is a bright and personable indvidual who enjoys experiencing and expressing himself. His parents should not only be proud of Caine, which they are as that is apparent when you hear Caine’s father, but should also be proud of themselves as well. Job well done Mom and Dad!

  81. This kid has a wonderful imagination! A great way to keep his mind going and out of trouble. I wouldn’t mind paying 2.00 dollars to get a fun pass and play! He is too funny! And I’m glad he keeps doing what he is doing.

  82. This video is so amazing! Truly inspiring that anything can happen and makes you want to get out there and do something and hope to be as successful as this 9 year old kid. What a great story.

  83. This was a very inspiring video for me. When you see his face light up when the car turns the corner and sees the crowd and signs and he realizes that all of those people are there for him, that moment, thats when you know you they made an impact on his life forever. This kid wasnt spoiled, things wern’t given to him, he was just doing what he loved and it was nice to see someone take interest in what he loves, that made his year. This was nice to see!

  84. I think it’s pretty obvious that this is not the last we’re going to hear of this kid. I could easily see him starting a major company with a leading edge, considering he already thought of this and he is only 9 years old. I look forward to seeing him on the Forbes 400 list in 10-20 years.

  85. Wow! unbelievable, ingenuity at it’s best. Making the best out of nothing, the saying goes, making Lemonade out of lemons. I gonna check this out for myself. I’m in to old cars, having a 1940 Mercury, 1960 Pontiac and 1953 Chevrolet pickup, never know, find some parts and play the arcade. Bravo!!!!

  86. This little kid is a very inspirational person. He showed that anything is possible if you never give up. He always had a positive attitude and kids should start using their imagination like he did more often, it can definitely lead to great things. On a side note, the auto parts store seems familiar or at least I have been near there; hopefully I can still check this out.

  87. Seeing a child so dedicated to something like this that does not involve tv screens is very inspiring. Kids like this are our future. He is doing something that he obviously loves and even making money while doing it!

  88. This shows that you can never cut loose a kids dream to do well. Most kids these days are out there playing video games, and this little boy is planning for a future of hope and success. I wish more kids these days had what caine has and that is a will, and extraordinary imagination.

  89. This video has gone viral. As of last night’s news, he already had over $150,000 in his college bank account! Wow! 4/14/12 jk

    • Whoa!!!! Lot money already received the amounts for his college. That great!!! However, I am very curious how he doing so far? Last time I watched this video, he is little boy wonder what is he in now? I am very curious for Caine’s what to doing now? Does he is in the high school or what?

  90. This is our future, the youngsters including me of today are constantly doing great things when the opportunities are presented to them. Well most of them anyways, but this is great shows you that we can still do anything if we put our minds to it.

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