C Span: John Kerry–Latest News about War in Syria

I only present the news.  You make your own decisions.  John Kerry does not have much credibility because of his Viet Nam record.  You might be able to ask people you know who were around during that era.  Jan Kollitz


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  1. I agree with our secretary of state John Kerry on the aspect of there is obviously a reason why the world has banned chemical warfare. However John Kerry doesn’t want to claim any type of credit on the actions that were implemented that night. I remember how controversial this scenario was put about by social media. John Kerry does a good job in foreign affairs , yet i could never see him becoming president as he uses his time served in the service as a bargaining to attempt to persuade votes.

  2. I agree with you, three purple harts? wow.
    Read this, “Several members of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth (SBVT) served in the same unit as Kerry and one, Stephen Gardner, served as a crewmember on Kerry’s boat.[7] A number of Kerry’s SBVT critics were present on accompanying Swift Boats at one of the combat events for which Kerry was decorated with the Bronze Star Medal and a third Purple Heart.[8] Another SBVT member, Dr. Louis Letson, was the physician who claims to have treated Kerry for his first Purple Heart wound.[9] Larry Clayton Lee was the sole SBVT member to participate in the event for which Kerry was awarded the Silver Star.[10] No SBVT member participated in events related to the award of Kerry’s second Purple Heart.
    In addition to questioning the merit of many of Kerry’s service awards, SBVT decried his post-Vietnam anti-war activity and disputed the truthfulness of his subsequent testimony about the conduct of the American military as demonstrated in that war. Many political observers saw this as reflecting the “true reason behind the Swift Boat campaign.”All of the allegations referencing Kerry’s Vietnam service and awards were made during Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign while Kerry’s post-Vietnam anti-war activity had long been a subject of controversy.
    Defenders of John Kerry’s service record, including nearly all of his former crewmates, have stated that SBVT’s allegations are fals

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