“Bully”: The Movie Trailer

I saw filmmaker of this film (opening this week in theaters) interviewed on television.  This is a wake up call to all Americans!

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  1. I have a total hatred towards bully. As a teenager I was bully at my school for not being wealthy enough like my classmates. I think that the saddest part of bullying is when teachers see it and ignore it. “Oh, they are just playing and they will eventually stop” say the teachers. Bullying is not a game is life threatening issue! Love this movie because of the courage that the kids had to speak up. When I was bullied I did not say a word to my parents because I was ashamed and because if I said something they could have taken me to another school (which I did not wanted to go). I knew that changing schools was not the solution and I was the one that needed to stand up for myself and seek for help.

  2. I like the idea that “if everyone does it we can change the world” I believe this is true because things make a difference when more then one person changes. I feel at that age it is like a domino effect where once a few start it takes off. As a child one thing that i feel prevent any bulling around me or at me was that I did sport and gave me the confidence to stand up against it.

  3. I was bullied in the sixth grade for mainly my height. People would want to fight me because I was a tall girl, and used to throw things at me such as: spiky balls, papers, soda cans. I was so stressed out from the bullying I started to lose my hair, in other words “going bald.” Bullying is hurtful and administration and schools should take more action to prevent bullying and how they deal with it.

  4. Katarina Ponomaroff

    The fact that 30 million kids will be bullied in the United States this year is sickening. This issue is so severe and so many people who don’t have to deal with the issue themselves could care less. School systems need to be more watchful of their students and do whatever they can to keep the lives of the bullied children safe. I have been bullied before and it is not fun and can really mess with your feelings and your mind. No child should ever feel so helpless that they take their own life. This issue needs to be taken way more seriously, by everybody.

  5. Christopher Rodriguez

    I watched this movie and it surprised me how many adults don’t consider bullying to be an issue. Parents don’t seem to teach their kids how to interact with other kids. This is a very large issue in America.

  6. I have empathy towards the children that are deemed “unpopular or uncool”. These kids may have a little less going for them whether it is physically, emotionally or even financially. I do not feel like anyone has the authority to pick on and bully those less unfortunate. As an older role model I believe it is necessary to teach our younger generation that everyone is different in their own way and should not be treated differently because of these differences.

  7. I saw this film, and it was done extraordinarily well. I enjoyed it immensely! I was bullied in middle school, and I was lucky because I was strong enough to let go of the whole ordeal. A guy bigger than me pushed me into the bike racks and spit on me in 7th grade, and I suppose my biggest regret from the whole situation was that I was to afraid to talk about it! That’s an issue discussed in the movie; there’s a kid who has his life threatened every day, but the school can’t do much about it because the kid is to afraid to come forward. (Spoiler Alert: He eventually came forward.) Even when he did, the school said they could’t do much about it. We really need to reform our schools; however, we especially need to make kids feel safe enough, so that they may come forward and testify against the bullies.

  8. I’ve never bullied anyone, Oh, I can’t say that, but I learned to stand my ground regardless how big the other kid, my dad always told me to beat the crab out of any one try to bully you, and if you don;t, I will beat the crab out of you. but I used to defend kids whom they were bullied.

  9. Almost everyone would agree bullying is bad, however I don’t see it as a very big issue. Psychical bullying (fighting, hitting, pushing, ect.) should be the primary concern, because it can cause serious injuries to that person, but i think people are way to sensitive about “cyber bullying”. People have a right to say whatever they want, and alot of times people say negative things about other people, nothing is going to change this; a few insults and hateful comments by some people is the price we pay for having for having our guaranteed protection of our precious rights. The problem doesn’t lie with the kids, its the parents who are at fault. Parents aren’t rising their kids with proper morals and discipline, and its a parents job to know and monitor what their child does, its their responsible to give permission to their child for having a social media account.

  10. This is a very big issue that is going on today. I see it all the time in the news of kids killing themselves because they were being bullied. This is very sad and I also agree that real action isn’t being done to stop this. If bullying doesn’t stop now many kids are going to keep on committing suicide.

  11. I do not approve of bullying as it harms both parties: the bully and bullied. As an older brother, I naturally stood up for my younger brothers back in elementary school as they were bullied. Luckily I wasn’t bullied as a kid, but I did stand up for my siblings when they were and it felt great every single time to call out a bully and make him feel dumb and/or bad. I also feel as though bullying is not advocated enough to stop it because there are still bullies nowadays and some of them have gone so far as push someone else over the line and caused the bullied to turn to suicide- a sad and preventable tale.

  12. I still haven’t seen this movie yet, but the overall message that it conveys is heart wrenching. To think that little kids would rather die than go to school is horrible and I think it reflects on the parents. If you teach your child to have respect for other people when they are younger, it will be less likely for them to feel like they need to put other kids down to feel better about themselves.

  13. I can’t bullying at all. Im glad that there is movie that sheds light on one of the biggest problems in elementary school. This is just not kids being kids because if someone is being bullied so much to where they want to be gone from this world is more than that and should be stopped everywhere.

  14. I am probably lucky because I never been bullied myself. I only seen it in movies and t.v shows. I never actually seen anyone in real life be like “hey give me your lunch money or else.” It’s obviously is an issue that will not go away because there is always a form of bullying.

  15. I was bullied as a little kid, but I pushed it off like nothing. I was a lucky one though, because some kids aren’t able to just push it off. My little brother is in the 4th grade and in order to avoid being bullied he became friends with the bullies. He started being a bully and I took him aside and had a long talk with him and I’m glad I did because he isn’t hanging out with the bullies anymore. He realized that he was bullying his real friends.

  16. i hate bullying. I have always stood up for the kids around me that were being bullied. There is never and excuse good enough for a person to be picked on. People need to understand how the people being picked on are dealing with it. People are killing themselves all the time because of the things others are saying and it needs to end now.

  17. Bullying has been going around for awhile, I think it is just the kids that are being bullied are reacting to it. Bullying is not right, and I think before the kids had even had a tolerance for it. Now kids are somewhat spoiled, and there are a lot more studies and research of bullying and it’s side effects, so it seems like more of an issue and a rising epidemic.

  18. Bullying has definitely gone to a whole ‘nother level. . I’m glad this film exists; many people don’t realize how much words can hurt and how it can affect a person emotionally. There are too many people taking their lives due to bullying.

  19. I have never seen anyone bullied to the point of where they feel suicidal but I’m not saying it doesn’t exist. Kids can be creatively cruel. Saying or doing anything in their power just to hurt others. I have been picked on but not to that extreme. But bullying is bullying no matter the level of it. I never thought I was better than anyone and I didn’t try to make anyone feel less. I always felt that no one deserved to be treated differently cause you never know if they have a low self esteem and may kill themselves or come to the school, shoot up the place and then kill themselves.

  20. I think every person is somewhat bullied and a bully at one point of there life. It may be makling fun of someones outfit, the way they speak, or how they walk. People can be made fun of for how tall, short, skinny, or fat they are. Bullying is not just the physicall part but also emotional.

  21. I was never bullied when I was in elementary. I was not a popular kid either. I never saw anything like this when I went to school. Nowadays bullying has become a big problem. Little kids are taking their lives away. People should do something about this to stop this issue.

  22. If you think about it bullies come in any age. I suffer from bullying myself and still do. These days bullies have so many weapons to use on peers. The most popular recently is cyber bullying. There is actually a movie about it. It helps to have a friend to rely on in hard times. For the boy in the movie I am so glad he has amazing parents fighting to educate people on how dangerous this topic is.

  23. Growing up I hated witnessing peers of mine getting bullied. That is why I treated everyone equal and let kids I know that were bullied, I was there by their side. One of my nieces had recently transferred to a different elementary school because of this issue. This issue should be taken more seriously at schools’ and I am glad there are people willing to try and make that happen.

  24. Bullying has become such a huge problem in youth today. Bullying is a problem not only in elementary school but also throughout high school. It drives people to thinkning htey would be better off, and everyone else would be better off without them in this world. It is horrible for anyone to thibnk that about themselves.

  25. This is such a problem now in days and I do mot feel like people should say that kids are going to be kids. I believe its patents responsibility to teach their children to respect others and every single person in this world is the same, that we should never put others down. Maybe if ever single parent would do that there would be less disrespect amongst children. I also feel that parents should always belulieve what their kids tell them, some parent tend to ignore when their kids tellbthem that they ate being bullied.

  26. I know a thing or two about being bullied and I always ask myself, why?
    Why do children like to bully other children? It is very wrong and very hurtful and we need to put a stop to it. Schools are no longer safe, you can not be at peace, especially in the Riverside/Moreno Valley area, too many kids are being killed and it’s just scary.

  27. when I see this video it make me feel bad to see the children stuffer that they haven’t do anything. Seem like picking. Bully is not proper to hurt kids. I don’t know what kind of parents treat children such as bully children think it is okay? No, it not, Why? it because other parents can against them if kids got buries or many issue situation that they don’t like it. I definitely to see this video when is come up ..

  28. Bully’s are people who are just crying out for attention. Maybe they aren’t getting enough attention at home but little do people know that some bully’s grow up to be the most influential people in the world. I’ve learned from experience to show love to every trouble child because they could use the love.

  29. Bully’s are people who are just crying out for attention. Maybe they aren’t getting enough attention at home but little do people know that some bully’s grow up to be the most influential people in the world.

  30. I remember receiving an email about supporting the Bully movie to become available for all ages. Saying that bullying is a normal part of life is NOT true. No matter how common it seems, it is NOT okay for it to continue. Many school have poor ways of addressing the issue, even brushing it off as something that shouldn’t be concerned with. Children are not all strong. They will become desperate enough to take their own lives. There have been many stories on the news about students who have taken their lives because of bullies. Something has to be done! Action shouldn’t just take place at school. It should be taken at home as well. Parents need to be more involved in their child’s life instead of leaving everything to the school. That’s lazy parenting. Schools can’t always do what needs to be done.

  31. I do not understand why people young and old alike find the need to make others feel less of themselves. It’s a relief to see that this issues is being brought out to the open and i hope that one day we can all just get along.

  32. Bullying is usually for attention of just messing around but there is always someone that takes it too far. People are all different and interpret things differently so something that is considered messing around to one person might be considered bullying or hurtful to another. Some kids need to stand up for themselves but there are also some where the bully just needs to grow up and stop hurting others.

  33. Bullying is seen more in elementary schools. Taking that first step in to the world to learn who you are and what your interests are. There is never a need to bully, it can be a form of jealousy in some cases.

  34. I’m glad a movie like this is coming out. Bullying is not okay at all! It is so sad to know kids still go through this.

  35. I seriously do not understand why people find it necessary to bully. It doesn’t matter if someone doesn’t have a high self esteem. That is no excuse to make someone else feel worse about themselves. I thought that our society would have been passed this by now.

  36. Bullying is a huge problem for many children and it is not just a temporary thing. The psychological effects from this kind of thing can be a scar that never fully heals. It is a big deal and need to be taken care of.

  37. I remember a lot of bullying when i was in elementary, middle, and high school! This is such a big concern beacuase a lot of kids are put in so much stress they shouldn’t be in! I’m glad that people are making bullying be known that it is a problem.

  38. This problem lies at the roots with the parents. Parents are being very neglectful of there childern by not teaching them manners, by not disciplining a child when they deserve it, by leting the TV be a babysister, by leting them be lazy and stay inside all day. If more parents started to teach their childern properly and stop being so politically correct it wouldn’t be as bad.

  39. Bullying is more impactful than what people make of it to be. Bullying can ruin someones life and scar them for an extremely long time.

  40. It’s horrible how bullying hasn’t been taken seriously. This is a problem that happens everyday and some people still over look it. I cant imagine what the kids that have been bullied go through. It’s sad to see how there’s so much cruelty in the world.

  41. Bullying has been an issue for years but I feel as though with today’s society it has gotten much worse. In the past, the bullying may have stopped once the child left school, but nowadays its follows them EVERYWHERE with social media outlets, texting etc. Im glad the issue is finally being taken seriously. I ask myself how big of a role or lack there of parents may play in all this.

  42. everyone has been bullied at one time or another wouldn’t you think there would be enough people to come together and stop it because they know what its like?

  43. This looks like it will be very touching to watch. Not only is bullying one of the major problems in schools lately, it is also one of the most ignored problems in the schools. It’s about time that a movie like this is made.

  44. The part where the lady says, “I’ve been on that bus, there as good as gold,” made me so mad! I never understood why people would bully others, other than that they’re not content with themselves and for some reason that makes them feel better. But they have no idea what they’re doing to that other person. No one should feel so uncomfortable and worthless because of some jerk to take away their own life.

  45. People aren’t aware of the home-life of some kids… Some kids havn’t had it easy, and to be bullied on top of what they’ve got going on at home is trully degrading. Bullying should always be taken seriously; it’s a crime!

  46. Its sad to see so many kids being bullied and push around in school and take their lives. Every kid deserves to live their life and be the happiest they possibly want to be. No one should get in the way of that. It now needs to be delted with and the bulling needs to stop! These are our kids, sisters, brothers, and friends.

  47. Bullying is one of the biggest issues in schools today. Its sad how some people can just say kids will be kids. No, it should not be ok for kids to bully others kids to the point were they feel the need to kill themselves. Glad to see that this issue is being recognized.

  48. It is a wonderful thing to see people stand up for a cause that is so positive! Kids do not understand the power behind their words and do not understand that at their tender age with emotions running crazy and pressures to fit in and while struggling to find themselves and acceptance of self and others that to add mean hurtful words to the mix is a deadly combination. And its about time this movement has happened and took place.

  49. Awww this is so sad! I always hate to see kids by themselves. You never know if they had been bullied as a child, and it’s sad to think that this is a huge cause of suicide. I couldn’t imagine what it’s like for those families where someone close to them committed suicide because they were being made fun of and they felt worthless.

  50. Bullying is such a terrible issue and I hate it! Kids are suffering from this, they are taking their lives away, they don’t want to go to school anymore, etc. and for no reason at all! Why? because they don’t want to be like others? Someone needs to stand up to those bullies. I know I tried my best in high school; although I was the Captain of the Soccer Varsity team “popular” and “cool” was normal to me, but I always stood up for those kids who ate alone, for those kids who sat on a corner of a wall alone during lunch break, all those nerds, all those kids who were “different” yea regardless of my status I talked to them, hanged out with them, I tried to make them feel wanted because I believe it is wrong to feel that way.

  51. Bullying is such a huge issue and has been for a while now. Although it’s a little late for the world to realize how big of an issue it is, it’s always better late than never. I hope this hits home with everyone and everyone somewhere tries to help out as much as possible and do what is right. Nobody ever deserves to feel like they are worthless. I’ve witness my friends get bullied and I stuck up for them and stopped the bullying. There isn’t one person out there that is better than another. Make a difference and help stop the bullying.

  52. I cant believe how long it took to finally realize that bullying is more than boys being boys. Kids should not have a fear of going to school or learning and being smart for fear of being punished. Its amazing how many kids had to die for people to actually take notice and do something.

  53. I almost could not finish this video without feeling to cry. I was fortunate enough in grade school not to be bullied but I did see this happen to my other people and I did not do anything. I wish I could go back in time and stand up for them try to make a difference in them. I feel so terrible watching this video without feeling guilty and i personal thing every school should show this to every student. To show what bullying can really do to a person.

  54. Bullying is probably one of the biggest issues in elementary schools right now. It makes me happy to see that this issue is being recognized by many who are willing to take a stand.

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