Brother, can you spare a trillion?

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  1. Guys if you know knew a bit more about how an economy functions, this is not that bad at all. About thirty percent of this debt is owed to foreigners and that is it. The rest is owed to Americans and the government is not finite in economical terms. I would suggest to take a macroecon class here in RCC.

  2. Priscilla K. Cornejo

    This is sad I already knew the government was in debt but to think that it would take so long to actually fix the problem is depressing. This video was very interesting.

  3. Theses types of videos make me lose faith in humanity. How can we let this happen? half of america probably doesn’t even know its happening.

  4. What really caught my eye on this video is when he said that if the Governement didn’t spend a single nickel on anything, it would take 389 years to pay of the national debt. I always hear the President saying reduce the national deficit but i never hear him saying the national debt.

  5. What I dont understand is why does the government like being in debt?
    Are they so big and bad that they think they wont need to pay it off or do they not care because we (the people) will have to pay it back.

  6. This video really showed the truth about debt and it was really shocking to see how long it going to take to pay that debt back.

  7. Videos like this are depressing. I didn’t know we were so far in debt, this is eyeopening. It sucks incredibly that my generation is going to have to deal with it.

  8. This video is a mouth full. To me, this video is a loud yell of what needs to change : the people in government. If a republic is the best type of government for a country, then what are we doing wrong? Another thing that this video made me think of was the inflation of the dollar. The amount that he shows in the this video is with the value of the dollar in 2013 not in thirty years, and that’s really alarming.

  9. our nation is in HUGE debt. I knew that it was going to take a long time to fix and it is going to be really rough for a lot of people.

  10. I already knew that our nation is in a huge debt, but i didn’t think it was going to take so many years to fix it. And I thought my generation had it bad. Unfortunately for the future generation, they are going to be in the same situation as us. Hopefully not, but it’s looking grim. Good luck to the future!

  11. Dang, our economy here in america sucks. I honestly won’t live here after college I will move to a different country just so I dont have to deal with the torture that Obama brings this country.

  12. I was not surprised that the United States’ debt was so high because of the way we run our economic system and because of other events that happened over the centuries. This video is interesting because it shows how much money we actually owe.

  13. Sometimes I check the website that checks the United States debt. It is insane how fast it increases just by the second.

  14. I wonder what happens when we can’t make the payments anymore. Seems scary to know those figures and years are reachable in our lifetime. I guess if we don’t act soon we’ll soon find out.

  15. Wow this is crazy!!! I had no idea that America owes so much money. It is not fair that we are the ones who have to end up paying for this debt. And 389 years is a long time to pay that debt off, but that is only if congress doesn’t spend any more money at all until then.

  16. Wow! The interest rates are insane! This video make it even more believable that this debt will never be payed off and time soon. I just don’t understand why congress let the debt get as bad as it is; it is terrifying. There needs to be action taken immediatly, because every second Americas debt is increasing.

  17. we have put are self in a huge hole , and i believe its only going to get worse . the interest rate on the money we owe is crazy , and its only going to get worse .

  18. Wow the debt is this bad but its only going to get worse. My generation and the ones after are pretty much screwed. There are many videos and articles discussing solutions for the debt, but the government doesn’t care. They will continue to spend money they don’t have.

  19. How are we really going to pay all this money? We are the ones that are going to pay for this. How loing is it going to take if they keep adding and adding numbers. Where does this money come from?

  20. This is so terrifying how can it not be terrifying to Congress. So depressing how we as a young generation is going to have to deal with this.

  21. It is ridiculous to be in this much debt. This is not something I want to think about or expect for my future or anyone elses for that matter.

  22. I did not know how deep the dept is either.. Wow many people are worried about their kids’ future. It’s so sad and unbelievable. They will be born in country having huge debt. The number of amount of debt is just unbelievable..

  23. Thank God I watched this video! I knew we were in debt, but I had no idea we were in this deep. The reality of this video is scary. To know that in 10 years our country will be taking even more of a downfall makes me not want to have kids haha. I do not want my kids to go through that. But this is definitely a great video and I will make sure I forward it.

  24. This video is very shocking! Hopefully the debt can decrease within an ample amount of time!

  25. Our government should be embarrassed. This kind of debt is unreal. We will never realistically be able to pay it off. The worst part of the whole thing is they keep adding to the debt! Talk about stupidity.

  26. life for us as americans is not easy and will not get any easier thanks to he government and their unnessiary spending

  27. Wow, this is just so sad and embarrassing! How could the government not be ashamed of this. This is a scary thing and it’s messed up. They just blow money like there is not tomorrow. It seems as if its never going to get better and only going to be worse.

  28. This is just crazy! we are just going deeper into a debt problem and the government seems to think we don’t have a problem. That’s why we will never get things paid off.

  29. Our government is ridiculous. They ask us to pay taxes so they can use our money to help us. However all they do is blow our money. Our government sets the example that it is alright for the people to blow money. This is why our economy is going into a recession.

  30. This is embaarrassing. That is why Americans blow off there money. Our government sets a poor example of managing money. Its unfortunate that the younger generation is unaware of all that will soon be headed their way.

  31. How do we pay off this big debt. This is why I dont even want to live here anymore but I am not the type to run away it just makes me sad that we are still asking for money even though we are drowning in debt. How are our kids going to survive in the future if right now I can barely keep my head above water.

  32. 389 years is a long time, but we know that ain’t gonna happen any time soon. Government gone wild! come on, are you serious. They tyry to make a joke out of everything these days.

  33. It is amazing how many people fail to realize the difference between the debt and our deficit. Poor fiscal policy could well be the downfall of this great republic if we don’t gain gain control over our government policy. Politics has become a business rather then a means of providing for the greater good.

  34. Wow I didn’t know that the governemnt was so reckless with their money to the point where it’s that difficult to come out of debt.

  35. This is unbelievable! The greatest country in the world is not looking so great. The future of the young generation is at stake and people now are not doing anything to prevent it. There is no way the U.S. is going to be able to pay all the debt off, so does this mean war? Who knows, but it isn’t looking too good right now.

  36. Wow! This is ridiculous! Why are we still borrowing money? We are never going to be able to pay this debt back and thats sad!

  37. Wow this was really interesting to read because i did not know we can really be in this much debt. It just a lot of money and where did we get all this money from. Where did it go, there are many question unanswered. Government are just there to take are money and make us poor.

  38. Princess: I can’t answer your question. It gets worse everyday! Americans need to wake up, especially young people who are getting cheated out of their futures.

  39. Watching this video leaves me with a couple of questions.
    1. what the hell are we still borrowing money for?
    2. who is getting all the interest we owe?
    I think this is a great video but i am tired of people constantly criticizing and pointing out every error. Stop criticizing and do something! TALK IS CHEAP!

  40. This makes me question America’s priorities. I know we should pay off our debts, but in doing so we are helping other countries grow because of our money. I just wished things were handled much more efficiently in regards to our money and debts. Things would not have been so bad if everything wasn’t so disorganized.

  41. To put it plain and simply, we are screwed. As of right now, government obviously is showing no signs of reducing spending. In fact they are trying to increase the debt ceiling which means a greater interest payment is sure to follow.

  42. Woah! This is such a good video! Everyone should watch! It’s horrible to imagine what our future generations will face!

  43. Why are we shooting ourselves in the foot? This great nation, that it so “patriotic” has totally lost sight of what reality is. Debts cannot go without being pained. The sooner we get out of this whole we put our selves in the sooner our nations dollar will have more value.

  44. Its funny how much we spend money on a daily basis. It also gets worse when we have too pay it back later.

  45. This just shows that the government does not have the interest of America in mind. Many of them only care about themselves and not what is going to happen to future generations.

  46. This is super interesting because it puts the issue into perspective for everyday Americans. Not everyone understands the Capitol Hill jibberish that they speak so for him to express his point in terms that an everyday person can understand was amazing. Good video!

  47. I sometimes think that people in Washington or in California for that matter really seem to just shrug off the fact that we are so far in debt. It just seems that they have the concept that it will never get fixed in their lifetime so why really focus on it but in turn they would rather focus on something that has nothing to do with our nation. It just baffles me at times…

  48. I don’t see how the people at Washington could leave this kind of problem for the future generations.

  49. it makes you wonder where our generation is going to end up… STAY IN COLLEGE..!

  50. This video was shocking. I did not know that we were this far in debt and that it would takes us hundreds of years to pay it off.

  51. That just shows how much our government is careless about the country. They only cared about themselves and not the people of America when they were government spending.

  52. There is a dying world out there full of lack and insufficiency….each of us individually just have to trust god that he will provide because the years coming up will only get worse

  53. Surprise surprise! we as human beings are a creature of greed

  54. too many scare things, but he did not provide any fix to it.

  55. I think the title says it all, this really is wild. It’s so scary to think how uninformed most of the country is to what is going on. This is horrible. What has this nation been reduced to?

  56. i’d love a lotus!

    but 389 years to pay off national debt?! wow, that’s ridiculous..that’s like 3 generations.

  57. That’s crazy. What are we going to have to do;everything we import comes from china. Is that the reason we import everything, because of the debt?we really need to figure out a solution, because in ten years i plan on being settled;not broke.

  58. I think a lot of people do not know how serious this problem really is how quick we are going deeper and deeper in the debt hole. This video provided very eye-opening statistics.

  59. with these kinds of rates… our government will never pay off the dept and the only people that suffers is the taxpayers. and the future generation.

  60. This is just depressing. I cannot imagine what the future generation will go threw.

  61. Despite already knowing how horrible our debt is, this video really shocked me.

  62. Here is a slightly different version about the “Washington DC Caper” going on right now.

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