The Broken Window Fallacy

The broken window fallacy was sent by Danielle Fernandez

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  1. This video was great because it had a lot of visuals. I’m a visual person so I pay attention more with pictures rather than words. This video was very informational on fallacies. The video gave me a clearer idea on what a fallacies are and how to identify them better.

  2. This video was very interesting. In economics we learn about the impoprtance of stimulating the economy and we are told that spending money is one of the best ways to do so. However, the broken window fallacy states that spending money on just anything does not actually benefit the economy, spending our money in the right places does.

  3. The broken window fallacy shows that the economy will continue to grow from problems that arise; however it will not be any better than the problems not occurring. It just takes the money and places it in a different sector of the market.

  4. Watching this the third time around, it really made me understand the broken window fallacy. It certainly helps those who are visual learners as well. This fallacy really is mind boggling.

  5. Entertaining video that explains the broken window fallacy. It is true that money should be spent on things that matter because it will help the economy.

  6. Because of the visual of how the broken window fallacy is explained in this video I know understand it much better. No matter what the money is going to be spent, but it would be spent in a different way. Either way it is spent it is going to provide jobs for one and take away a job from another. The economical view behind the fallacy is apparent. The question us though is it better to provide jobs to some because things are damaged or better to provide jobs to those without being damaged?

  7. This is one of the reasons that this country is in the shape it is, because we spend for things that are not broke.

  8. I really like how this video explains itself using visuals, it gives me a good understanding of how the broken window fallacy works. I find it disturbing though that we give money to fix things we didn’t cause rather than being able to spend that money in something we needed.

  9. Priscilla K. Cornejo

    Yea makes much more sense to me watching it in class twice. The baker made me laugh too so i didn’t mind.

  10. I like when things are visual like this.
    I understand the broken window fallacy a lot more now.

  11. The broken window fallacy is odd because the money is still being spend and is still creating jobs.

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