New Jersey College Student Brendon Tevlin Murdered by American Muslim for Revenge

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UR student Brendan Tevlin murdered in ‘bloody crusade’ to punish US
Posted 5:35 pm, August 21, 2014, by Web Staff, Updated at 01:00am, August 22, 2014.

Brendan Tevlin (SOURCE: WCBS)


Here is the killer below:

Ali Muhammad Brown also murdered 3 people in the State of Washington for “revenge” against the USA’s treatment of Muslims.

NEWARK, N.J. — Prosecutors say the man accused of killing a University of Richmond student Brendan Tevlin in New Jersey, in June, was on a “bloody crusade” to punish the United States government.

WCBS reports that 29-year old Ali Muhammad Brown is a strict Muslim and was seeking revenge for the government’s role in Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan.

Brown says U.S. intervention led to deaths of innocent children and civilians.

He is charged with shooting and killing 19-year-old Brendan Tevlin when he was stopped at a West Orange traffic light in June.

Both the passenger and driver’s seat windows of the Land Rover driven by Tevlin had been shattered,reports WCBS. Friends said that he had been playing video games with them shortly before the shooting. He had just texted his mom to say he was headed home.

Tevlin recently finished his freshmen year at the University of Richmond. Prior to college he was a student at Seton Hall Prep School, where he played lacrosse. He was a Eucharistic minister, a bagpipe player and a surfer,according to reports.
Prosecutors say Brown also killed three other people, in Seattle.

He is being held on $5 million bail.

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Following is the report the day of the murder:

UR student Brendan Tevlin found dead in car, ‘targeted’ by killer
Posted 10:58 pm, June 26, 2014, by Alix Bryan, Updated at 11:49pm, June 26, 2014

WEST ORANGE, N.J. – A University of Richmond student’s lifeless body was found inside an SUV parked in a New Jersey neighborhood Thursday morning, police said.

Investigators identified the victim as Brendan Tevlin, 19, of Livingston, and said the victim appeared to have been targeted by his killer.
Brendan Tevlin, via Twitter

Authorities said Tevlin was found dead about 1:30 a.m. in the driver’s seat of a Land Rover 4×4 parked in an apartment complex near Walker Road and Northfield Avenue in West Orange.

Both the passenger and driver’s seat windows had been shattered, reports WCBS. Friends said that he had been playing video games with them shortly before the shooting. He had just texted his mom to say he was headed home, according to a spokesman for the family.

Tevlin recently finished his freshmen year at the University of Richmond. Prior to college he was a student at Seton Hall Prep School.

Brendan played Lacrosse at Seton Hall, but not UR. He was a Eucharistic minister, a bagpipe player and a surfer, according to reports.

There was an overwhelming turnout for the prayer service held Thursday afternoon at Seton Hall.

“Wonderful kid. Straight-A student,” said Joe Callaghan, Tevlin’s uncle. “Lived right in my neighborhood. He’s been around my house for years. And not an enemy in the world.”

Police are investigating Tevlin’s death by an apparent gunshot wound as a homicide.

No arrests have been made, but investigators believe Tevlin was targeted. Investigators aren’t yet saying how Tevlin or the vehicle ended up outside the apartments.

The investigation is ongoing.


25 responses to “New Jersey College Student Brendon Tevlin Murdered by American Muslim for Revenge

  1. It’s so sickening hearing stories like these where people kill innocent people as their form of revenge. I’m glad they caught the killer but it’s unfortunate that it couldn’t of happened sooner before he continued to revenge against young Innocent people.

  2. It’s the people like this that ruins things for the 99% of other people that they identify with. The muslim community as a whole condemns the actions of men like this, and every person that perpetuates the terrorist mulsim stereotype only serves to hurt the people he’s trying to avenge.

  3. What terrorist or Islam extremist ask for is not what make them the foe of the the whole. It is their strategies that target on innocent civilian make them the uglies figures of the world. Even during the war, armies are not allowed to kill non-combatants.

  4. It seems unnecessary for a religious person to murder anyone in the name of their religion. All too often we hear about this “home grown” terrorist. If this American “terrorist” was truly home grown then would it be safe to assume that what he learned was presented to him through his country? Were his actions justified? I say no however, if there is one thing that people need to realize its that this religion or any religion for that matter is a legal right given to all American citizens. If this right is in conflict with other peoples beliefs should we just make it illegal to be religious, or just make one religion the only accepted religion? One thing I have learned growing up around multiple religions is that EVERYONE is right. Do I think they are right? NO! however if you ask any one who is religious they will tell you their religion is the “right” one. But who are we to say who is right and who is wrong? This seems to me, the way people are giving “reasons” to their actions. No one is taking responsibility over how they feel and how they act.

  5. It is a shame that Ali Brown even has to be alive. Why would you take innocent lives in retribution against a government? Not only is it wrong, stupid, and illegal, but it’s also pointless. Sadly this got a lot of press which this moron might have hoped for. But to kill innocents in government revolt is like stealing a bag of chips from 7/11 because gas prices are high.

  6. There is just simply no excuse for ever taking somebodies life. I trully hope the rule of law follows him. As a muslim in America I can say I dont get treated any different here in California than anybody else really I live a happy life. Ive had a few ignorant people but nobody has ever tried denying me any right. Its very scary how a very wrong ideal can be placed in somebodies head.

  7. This is sad that an innocent college student was murdered because someone wanted to take revenge for no personal reasons but for “trained” thinking reasons or maybe even religious reasons . When the killer felt the need to kill an innocent person because he thinks innocent civilians were killed in the iraq war.

  8. The issue of home grown terrorists is going to cause more racial profiling. The question is how much? We have given up certain rights after the passing of the Patriot Acts, in exchange we get a bit more “secure” homeland. I for one would’nt mind answering a few extra questions to a peace officer if it meant having a bit more security.

  9. Tragedies like this are upsetting to this whole nation. The worst part about these tragedies is that Tevlin was in no way at fault for this. When someone is killed for revenge, jealousy, or any absurd matter at least there is some easement on the family to know as to why their loved one was chosen. In stories like this he was just the unlucky person that day.

  10. Another tragic story of someone being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Angry people go on these tirades of revenge and the victims are rarely personal attacks. It’s hard to hear about a school shooting where children are murderd, or in public places like airports and grocery stores. We as a country have got to start paying attention to the type of people that commit these acts.

  11. Living in the county we live in we all hold responsibility for these actions. Mr. Brown is an example of media scapegoating people with a muslim background. They even went as far as to say that Mr. Brown is a strict muslim when clearly the word strict is used wrong. A strict muslim could be a person who follows their religion in a passive manner, but this should not be lumped together with all strict muslims are extremist muslims. Wearing a turban does not mean you are a terrorist. Also just for your awareness if the government calls you a terrorist, you have no right to defend yourself. Tevlin in my view is the perfect american that was killed and he was brought up as the main vicitim, when there was two other victims mentioned. Anyone remember their names? You can’t because they werent even mentioned. This article lacks information on Mr. Browns side. Earlier I mentioned how we are responsible, well there are bombs that just happened to be ours, and we happened to allowthe government to bomb some certain people who we happen to think are evil and they happen to think we are evil.

  12. It is always sad to hear about an innocent being murdered because of a war in another country. ISIS won’t stop killing until someone stops them and it might have to be with the help of America.

  13. The poor kid was in the wrong place at the wrong time and had to pay the price for someone elses ignorant beliefs that he was doing the right thing.

  14. There are always be disagreements and disputes among society but must the retaliation be brought to the innocent? It’s terrifying to know such evil is out there.

  15. This is sad that we cant just live in peace and harmony.
    This guy did not know a thing about this young man.
    He had his whole life ahead of him and now he is gone.
    It is heart breaking to know what is going on in the world but talking about it is not enough. We need action.

  16. The true heartbreaking aspect of this story comes from two sentences. “Friends said that he had been playing video games with them shortly before the shooting. He had just texted his mom to say he was headed home.” Those are moments we take for granted. They are such innocent and mundane moments. It seems like innocent and mundane moments are being disrupted by violence more frequently lately, with school shootings coming immediately to mind. Whatever the motive, violence is never the answer. Especially when that violence is aimed at innocent people.

  17. This is heartbreaking. Telvin was in the wrong place at the wrong time and was killed because Mr. Brown wanted revenge on the U.S. At least the culprit will face consequences for his actions.

  18. This is terribly sad that an innocent college student was murdered out of vengence. Its a bad situation when the killer felt the need to kill an innocent person because he thinks innocent civilians were killed in the iraq war. He is just repaying evil for evil.

  19. This is completely sad and heartbreaking, that a complete innocent person was just in the wrong place at the wrong time when someone decided to take revenge on, supposedly, the U.S.

  20. I want to know why Brown committed these murders. I know that the article gives the reason being “revenge” for the way America treated members of his religious community, but I want to know how he came to that conclusion – that he had to get revenge. Was it the media he was choosing to read? The leaders at his Mosque? How much hate has to build up over time to be comfortable killing innocent people? I don’t understand it. It’s not okay. I guess I just want to know how this can be prevented… what has to change?

  21. Another bright young man with his whole life ahead of him murdered for no reason. I feel like this is a never ending cycle of innocent people being murdered because, they were at the wrong place at the wrong time. Isis is becoming a serious threat to the United States now that the battle is on U.S. soil; something has to be done about the situation in Isis now.

  22. I am sorry to learn that another innocent life has lost to religious hatred. I don’t think violence is the best way to resolve any value differences. If the motive of the killer was to punish the United States government, he will soon find the repercussion of his act will go beyond his imagination.

  23. This story is very tragic. Mr. Brown is a 110% cowered, anyone who kills someone for a crime that has nothing to do with them is a cowered. So as an American, one can say, if I am just living my life day to day. A total stranger has the right to kill me. (Uh nope.) Whether my government was right or wrong, Brenden did not have to die. Sometimes I wonder if idiots grow directly from the ground, because they are sure sprouting up everywhere. Rest in peace Brenden.

  24. It’s always sad to find out when an innocent person is murdered. Nonetheless, I’ve heard in reports that there are a number of U.S. citizens that are supporters of the ISIS group. It is very terrifying knowing that there could be people in your neighborhood, or any where you go that could be supporters of ISIS.

    • I totally agree with Ivan. Mr. Brown was born in America–a home grown terrorist. You can find more information by looking up his name on youtube. The case of the murder of 3 innocents at random in the state of Washington has not yet been completed, but the police in that state have much more about his culprit.

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