Breaking News–Crime in Riverside

Scary!  This is Bill Handel’s Story about the story of the Ex-Cop on the rampage and his manifesto–follow the links . . .

MANHUNT For Former LAPD Officer Named Suspect In Irvine Double Homicide -Woman Was Daughter Of Former LAPD Officer

Following is the shooter’s manifesto, Thanks to Herman Reyes, a former student who sent it to me yesterday.  Herman thought students would be inteested in reading how this guy thinks.





According to the Los Angeles Times, three police officers were shot early Thursday — one fatally — and authorities believe the suspect is a former Los Angeles police officer who wrote an online manifesto threatening to harm police officials and their families.

The suspect was already wanted for allegedly killing the daughter of a former LAPD captain as well as the woman’s fiance in Irvine over the weekend.

The three new shootings occurred in Riverside County. One LAPD officer was grazed in the Corona area, law enforcement sources said. Then sometime later, two Riverside Police Department officers were shot in Riverside. One of those officers died, sources said.

Police have launched a manhunt for the suspect, Christopher Jordan Dorner, 33.

Irvine police on Wednesday night named Dorner as the suspect in the double slaying in the parking lot of an upscale Irvine apartment complex Sunday. Officials warned that Dorner is armed and dangerous. Law enforcement sources said police have placed security at the homes of LAPD officials named in the manifesto and believe Dorner has numerous weapons.


In the online postings, Dorner specifically named the father of Monica Quan, the Cal State Fullerton assistant basketball coach who was found dead Sunday, along with her fiance, Keith Lawrence.

Randy Quan, a retired LAPD captain, was involved in the review process that ultimately led to Dorner’s dismissal.

A former U.S. Navy reservist, Dorner was fired in 2009 for allegedly making false statements about his training officer.

Dorner said in his online postings that being a police officer had been his life’s ambition since he served in the Police Explorers program. Now that had been taken away from him, he said, and he suffered from severe depression and was filled with rage over the people who forced him from his job.

Dorner complained that Quan and others did not fairly represent him at the review hearing.  More at the Los Angeles Times

Dorner is described as 6 feet tall, 270 pounds and “likely armed and dangerous.” His last known address was in LaPalma.

Blue 2005 Nissan Titan Truck -License plate  8D83987 

If you know Dorner’s whereabouts, you’re asked to call
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  1. I remember this incident. The morning he shot the cops one of my classmates was crying since the cop he shot was his friend. He also shot that same cop right in front of my church.

  2. I actually heard about this and I find it so hard to understand how someone could build up so much hate, Revenge is never the answer ,even if it was he could have just sat down his formal police officer and told him how he felt .

  3. When this happened i couldn’t believe what this man was doing, how could he take his anger out on inoccent people. I believe revenge is a horrible act that is selfish. I feel bad at the fact that he went through many hard times and neglect being a police officer himself but that gives him no reason to do what he did. He did no justice for himself but only showed us that he was a bad person himself.

  4. Priscilla K. Cornejo

    I remember this day clearly because I was in my criminal justice class and it still to this day is sad. Things never had to go this far but it did and to see the ones we lost is just horrible. It does make me think twice because this is my career goal, my major is criminal justice, and it just makes me wonder but at the same time you can’t be afraid of life things are going to happen no matter what.

  5. Dorner’s actions are unexplainable. He was mad, but should of dealt with his anger in another way. This could have been avoided if the actions they took with Dorner were taken more seriously. It is sad and unfortunate the officers we lost.

  6. Christopher Rodriguez

    I remember this day and hearing this story break out on the news. It seems to me that this guy just wanted to get the truth out.

  7. I remember when this was all going down people were so frightened.
    My sister wouldn’t even allow me to take the bus to work.
    I couldn’t believe it was really happening and it began so close to my home.
    I feel bad for the families who had to suffer, because a man couldn’t think of a different way to express his anger.
    I also feel bad for Dorner because he obviously felt he had nothing to live for. What drives someone to that point?
    I hope that one day the nonsense of this world will cease and everyone can live in harmony.

  8. I remember this, it makes you think is law enforcement really corrupt and mischievous, because a man went on a rampage because he felt like he was treated wrong by law enforcement.

  9. I actually saw Dorner driving up to Big Bear when this whole fiasco was going on. This whole thing was a terrifying few weeks and I am glad it is over and I feel so sorry for the families of those that were killed.

    On the other hand there was another side to the story about how Dorner had information about the corruption of the LAPD. Although what he did was awful, the LAPD was even more keen on shooting him down rather than taking him to jail. They didn’t want the truth exposed.

  10. I remember when this was taking place and he released his manifest. Other than injuring innocent people, I believed in what his intentions were if everything he said is true. Did his means justify his ends? The whole point of his act was to raise awareness about the corruption within our police force.

  11. i think that dorner shouldnt have killed innocent people but i do not believe he was totally wrong. i do not believe in an eye for an eye but i do believe that the LAPD had a lot to hide and it was brought to the light. i think dorner may have did it the wrong way but i think he was just at his snapping point.

  12. This story was pretty crazy for me because I live in Riverside and my family lives in Big Bear. The morning that the officer was shot in Riverside I couldn’t believe that something like that happened right down the street from where I was sleeping a few hours earlier…but what made it really strange was that when I saw that they had found his vehicle in Big Bear and suspected that he might still be in Big Bear. All my family and lots of my friends live up there, so I tried getting ahold of them to make sure they weren’t being held hostage or anything like that. They weren’t. Then a few days later there was that crazy shootout in Big Bear and Dorner was killed by the police. Some of my friends even said they saw the the police chasing Dorner right before the shootout occurred. I believe Dorner was wrong for killing innocent people, but I also believe there are some serious injustices going on in the LAPD to drive a man to such things… If the things that Dorner said happened to him in his manifesto really happened, I really hope that those officers don’t get away with behaving that way.

  13. It’s sad to hear about our law enforcement. I was scared when he was caught to be seen in Riverside and the fact he shot by my old school. My old high school Notre Dame had school canceled because of the shooting and knowing that is just really scary. I was afraid to be on the streets over here in Riverside because of people like that going around shooting all the cops.

  14. While all of these incidents were happening the police departement was very vague about what they told the public, but also were vague as to what they told their fellow officers as well. They never told the officers what they were protecting the families from and how dangerous the subject was who was a threat to the department. A police officer that I know personally informed me about some of the happenings with this situatiuon and was not happy about how the department handled it.

  15. The one thing about this case that irks me about this case is the innocent people that were harmed because they were suspected of being Dorner. A zealous, impulsive cop is even more dangerous than a criminal.

  16. Now that I am reading this, and it is all said and done. I feel like it is so crazy that this happened and took so long to find this guy. I do not feel like Dorner was a victim, however I do feel that there are some very power hungry authority figures and that there should be so some backs, so that they don’t get “trigger happy” and think they can do whatever they want. I also feel like men and women in the military, change once they are trained and put into battle.

  17. I feel bad for the families of the officers Dorner killed. Innocent police officers left young children behind. One thing that grabbed my attention was that he got fired for protecting the rights of a “suspect”. We as citizens can’t ever be against a cop. They will always win. I don’t think that is fair but I am not going to go out and shoot the cops. Police are getting too much power. They are suppose to follow the law and they are abusing it. Dorner was a threat to the police.

  18. Im disappointed in our law enforcement to have such a conspiracy spread and affect so many lives. Also, the inability of law enforcement to catch or even find such a threat to our society is disappointing.

  19. This story was all over the news the last couple of weeks. It is sad to hear that someone would go around shooting people just because they lost their dream job. This was one of the biggest man hunts ever. Since Dorner was a police officer, he knew how policemen worked and that is why he was able to pull all these crimes without getting caught so fast. But thank God that this crisis came to an end now.

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