Black Americans NeedJobs

This young man is a good American.  He is the reason I posted the Runaway Slave video.  This is why I posted videos about Herman Cain, Condoleeza Rice, and Mia Love.  As Martin Luther King observed, people should be judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.   What makes America great is our diversity.  Our nation shouldn’t be brought down by those who do not value our founding principles.

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  1. It is harder for Americans to find jobs. It’s not fair that Americans aren’t given a fair opportunity just because jobs want diversity.

  2. Christopher Rodriguez

    I believe immigrants that come into America aren’t harmful to Americans. If anything these immigrants are helping our country instead of bringing it down. They find jobs because they are willing to work any type of job so it’s not their fault other cant find jobs.

  3. It is crazy how immigrants come to our country and are able to find jobs anywhere but Americans aren’t able to work because they took our jobs. I do believe that America needs to work on our people first before letting others come in.

  4. “They took our jobs!” Kudos to anyone who can recognize the quote. In all seriousness, everyone and their mothers needs a job. Everyone should have the ability to get a job as long as they have the required documentations.

  5. We do need to save the jobs for Americans and not for immigrants. Also, these stereo types needs to be put to a stop. You cannot speak for a whole race, so stereo types are so stupid.

  6. its sad how we are so money hungry . we will hire immigrant for cheap before we hire americans . america need to change and change quick

  7. Wow!! Now its the immigrants taking all the job. Unless all Americans want the jobs that invole picking up after other, washing dishes at restaurants, or working like dogs at factories. I suggest they think about twice before they sit there and say immigrants take their jobs. I really doubt Americans would even agree to working in what immigrants work in.

  8. Obviously everyone needs a job and wants to work. We are all human black, white, brown, etc. I disagree with immigrants taking over the good jobs. Immigrants can’t get a good paying job because they don’t have a social to work in the high rate jobs. Most immigrants get minimum wage salaries and work in the worst places. For example, who is the majority of people that pick up crops, our fruits and vegetables. No one wants to work those jobs. Are those the jobs “immigrants” are taking over?

  9. It seems like our country cares more about the illegal immigrants than they do their citizens. It’s a shame to know that the people that cheated their way into America get more opportunities than the people who are actually citizens.

  10. Giving all the jobs to immigrants? If you really think about it all the immigrants get the jobs that no one wants to do or will do and usually get payed minimum wage. But its true we shouldn’t discriminate people by color we should all be able to feel equal and be treated as equals.

  11. We diffidently need start helping Americans before we start supporting immigrants. It seems the people will always be divided by race when personally most Americans don’t even notice the ethnicity anymore.

  12. My uncle is a minute man so I know how completely true this is. It’s pathetic how many good paying jobs are given to people who aren’t even citizens! The people who are actual citizens deserve these jobs because they are in this country the fair way. The reason they left their county is because theirs was going downhill. Maybe our country going downhill will scare them away soon and the true Americans will be able to get their dreams back. I went to the border and saw that there was a mile wide hole in this so called wall between the wonder how the cartel and illegals get in so easy! Yet no one does a thing about it.

  13. We really are all the same. In all races there are people who commit crime, are poor, and are wealthy. Color should never determine anything.

  14. I agree with Tinesha, we are human not color.

  15. I really agree, stop letting the immigrants come in and take up all the jobs and give them to the Americans that want to work. Black, Brown, Yellow, Peach and Purple!

  16. We should first take care of the Americans that are unemployed, no offense to any others but that seems logical to me. Just because someone is of a different color does that mean we have to easily judge. I just wish we all saw only one color in one another and this whole racist situation was over with.

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