Ben Stein’s Paradoxical Quote of the Day


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  1. The fact that anyone is getting free healthcare at the expense of others by order of the government is what’s really troublesome. The fact that the government now has the power to impose these sorts of laws on people should be cause for concern in itself

  2. Ouch. This really hits home because I am being forced to pay for my own insurance because my work cut my hours because of the Obamacare requirements. I’m actually upset that I get crappy coverage while some illegal can come from any country , not just Mexico, and get free healthcare until they are deported. Insurance should be based on citizenship and if you are illegal you will have to wait in a queue after the insured get treated or only receive a basic healthcare coverage.

  3. I think health care belongs to people who work hard to become citizens of the U.S. If someone wants to become part of this country and gain the benefits, then they should become a citizen.

  4. I 100% agree with this statement and what it is trying to say. The second quote makes no sense at all. Why do citizens that cannot prove that they are from here get all the benefits? It is just insane to me. The people of the United States that actually have rights to be here have to pay more expenses in order for citizens that are not from here to live. This is not what the future of America needs and if this goes on it will and it is in the process of ending so badly.

  5. The healthcare system in our nation is horrible. Sadly we have been unable to come up with a better plan for whatever the reasons may be. There are so many countries out there that have it all figured out, and healthcare is a right, not a privilege.

  6. This has to be one of the realest things i’ve ever read in my life. It’s terrible how the healthcare system is set up in this country. The longer we stay on this track the worse things will get. Wake up America!

  7. Again I laugh while I am crying in regards to the current state of healthcare in our nation. As i do some kind of footwork almost every day, to obtain proper healthcare for myself and my family, without success to date…..i find myself disgusted by a radio commercial promoting “healthcare for all”. this slogan is a misnomer, because all actually means ‘illegal immigrants’. Our healthcare system is being taxed by providing ‘free’ services to those breaking the law, while those of us who wish to have access to affordable (out of pocket) healthcare are denied at every turn. I hope for a universal solution someday. I will not hold my breath because i may hit my head and need stitches, which i have no coverage that enables me to be treated

  8. Its sad that some of us Americans who work hard to pay bills and make ends meet are piggy backing those who cannot and are not even American citizens. Its sad to not offer help to those who don’t have it or need it, but at what cost do we start destroying our own economy?

  9. Priscilla K. Cornejo

    I like Ben Stein just for the simple reason of him speaking his mind and this is no different, its so true and it makes me mad that the government uses us citizens for things like this. America has been in debt I don’t think were ever going to get out just being honest.

  10. So true and it piss me off. This how our government is turning to socialism. I think voting should be requir to show prove of U.S. citizenship.

  11. This statement is so true. The government uses the citizens as taxpayers who have unlimited funds. Citizens do not have unlimited funds and there is coming a time when the funds are going to run out. We can not continue in this way and there doesn’t seem to be any change coming. America’s future is not looking good.

  12. Said and true. Our country is blinded by its self imposed gilt. Guilt does not have to accompany greatness that is a liberal mentality.

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