Become a Racist?

Well worth a watch: From a Brit, no less.

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  1. No matter how reasonable his points are, he already hurt those people against him. Actually, he aganists the times and the tendency of integration.

  2. Wow, just wow. I am literately speechless. Who in the right mind will think that this is okay.

  3. Wow, that was crazy. Very interesting and very accurate. So many people throw the term racist around like it’s nothing even when issues have nothing to do with race. It is interesting to see that Britain is going through the same issues that the United States is going through.

  4. Wow sounds exactly like what America is going through today! There are still those that see how a country is being brought down right in front of their eyes; while everyone else seems to think its racism to not want that. In Britain and the USA an “open border policy” is obviously not the way to go. We may say that our borders are closed, but it definitely does not seem that way. When will the people in power realize this?

  5. I can see where Paul Weston is coming from but at the end of the day society is different than what it was fifty years ago. It is a new era where people date and reproduce with who they want to. Maybe my point of view is one sided because I’m thinking from an American stance seeing that America has a very diverse population and I’m not sure how diverse British society is. But keeping the British culture alive can still be achieved no matter what color their skin is. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it is a duck, if a person speaks British and sounds British then they are British no matter the color.

  6. Is Paul Weston really a racist, or is he just living by the old rule of society. Many Americans and others abroad, not long ago felt that society should maintain the races. Many felt that race mixing was a sin, and not just a sin but, if there was race mixing the blood line was dirty and tainted. I am saying this from experience, no I am agreeing with this man, I have just lived it. My son is mixed with two race Black/White. Not that long ago when I was in High School, If I had a young man that was white, I was singled out. But not just from white society (because I’m black) but from Black society. This subject is very touchy, one can agree and disagree at the same time. I have spoken to my son and I have told him, he would not have been born 20 years ago, due to so many people having closed minds. Even though this many feels like he wants to preserve his race, so do I. But at the end of the day, we as Americans have the right to be with whom makes us feel happy. There will always be someone giving birth to their same race, just as their will always be someone like me giving birth to a mixed child. I myself have a full blooded African American Daughter and a mixed Son. And both of my kids are equal. I don’t feel that a person is a racist for having their own personal opinion, this is what makes this country great.

  7. His approach was honest and his passion was through his wording.Reading some of the comments I see that people are critiquing him and his usage of racist. He simply is speaking up for his beliefs which is in his first amendment. Whether or not his ideology is accurate is not the point in my eyes, he feels what he feels and is speaking his mind. Many people take the back seat to issues and don’t vocalize their minds.

  8. I am not the most informed person on Paul Weston or the problems with the UK, but I do think there is something wrong with the way he speaks. I was born in the USA. My parents were born in the USA. My great-grandparents were born in the USA. Yet, USA is not MY country. I do not own it. Paul Weston does not OWN the UK, unless I missed the memo. There are no types of people that own a country. I understand that he is worried about mass immigration disrupting the UK’s government and economy, but to speak of the country as if it belongs to him is absurd. Immigration is the problem, not the race of the immigrants. However, based on this video, I don’t know if Weston understands that. What is funny is that a quick search shows that Weston is married to an immigrant. I guess Romanian immigrants are allowed, just not the other ones.

    Yes, there are Islamic extremists. But they are not the spokespeople for Islam. Just like Paul Weston is not the spokesperson for the UK. The line between Islam as a religion and Islam as a political ideology has been blurred, mainly because extremists are using the religion to further their political plans.

    Monarchs follow the Divine Right of Kings, asserting that God gave them the right to rule. We have seen what can happen under the rule of a monarchy. There have been wars and deaths. The UK has a monarch and she is an Anglican Christian. So screw all Christians! If you are reading this and don’t hate Christians/Queen Elizabeth, then you want war and death. That is the flawed logic of Paul Weston. “If you don’t embrace being a racist, then you want civil war” is his message. The two can be separated. I can want to prevent a civil war without persecuting a whole religion/race, instead of an extremist faction.

  9. Clearly, Mr. Weston is using a very controversial term “racist” to market his patriotism and political agenda. I think he’s trying to utilize the image of being a “racist” to make his point across. Even though there are many unfortunate events happening between Islamic world and the rest of the world, I believe the conflicts are all based on misunderstanding between people with different cultures and backgrounds. Peoples should always strive for a mutual understanding at all levels in our society.

  10. Haha! what a good laugh. i surely thought he was a racist! but who isn’t these days? People throw “racist” or “racism” into an argument like they throw “lol” or “yolo” into a conversation. i might be exaggerating a little bit, but its true nonetheless. We need to, as Morgan Freeman would put it, “stop talking about it [Racism].” overall, i thought that Paul Weston was controversial, but interesting as well.

  11. Paul Weston seems to be a very controversial statement. I like how he changed the meaning of racist to work in his benefit, but at the same time being racist is never good. Can we say is that why we cannot get the law to be king? If everyone in this country thought as Mr. Weston did would we not be the problem? He is on the right track to defend his country I just think he is going about it the wrong way.

  12. Well one thing I undoubtedly agree with is the metamorphosis of what it means to be racist. You can’t even disagree with something these days without being labeled as a racist, hateful, or intolerant by one side or the other. I believe people are disconnected from the past and disillusioned by the media of what it means to be racist. Let’s see what the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary has to say:

    racĀ·ism noun \?r?-?si-z?m
    : poor treatment of or violence against people because of their race
    : the belief that some races of people are better than others

    Just because you disagree with a viewpoint of someone from a different minority (or majority) does not make you a racist – it makes you a human.

  13. This man has tremendous pride in his country and does not want his lifestyle to be disturbed. You get a sense that he his a bit afraid of the power ISIS is accumulating and the harm they can be capable of.

  14. “and everything else can just go to hell”… wow

  15. His last statement before ending this seems a lil contradictory to the message he is trying to send. Someone could say that Islam is doing the same thing for their people/country/culture. however, I do agree with a few things he said about Islam. Islam is derived from the term salaam meaning peace however it hasn’t been very peaceful over there.

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