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  1. Teacher, you totally got our attention with this quotes and pictures about nowadays reality. This gets to a point that is not even funny but shameful and harmful. As US citizen we do need to be aware of this situation because it does affect our lives. It sounds dumb to ignorant people when you tell them that the US is actually responsible for the bombarding ad damage being done in Syria. People do not believe this because are blinded by many different superficial things that surround us.

  2. Christopher Rodriguez

    The sad American truth made comedic.

  3. Brianna V. Gonzalez

    These pictures say it all, in a very comical way. We laugh at what is the truth

  4. These pictures made me laugh. Every word on these pictures are true and make me realize even more what a messed up world we live in.

  5. How sad is our country?
    We have to laugh in order to not cry.

  6. I’m full of laughter right now. hahahah

  7. I had to laugh, at all those saying, it funny

  8. These make me laugh. I took a picture of them. Haha

  9. These satiracal quotes and memes are what keeps me going through the day. Colbert as well as Stewart are my primary sources of news and I could see them both using these on their shows. It’s a sad truth.

  10. These are hilarious! And all accurate. The Colbert one is definitely the best. Martin Luther King’s is probably the most disappointing.

  11. Colbert’s quote just perfectly encompasses the whole issue about Syria. All these photos just have so much satire, and they are all so true and funny at the same time.

  12. Yeah I watch the colbear man’s reporting show every now and then at night and he makes a lot of good and reasonable points along with the Jim Steward’s day show. It’s a good thing the attacks on Syria were never carried out. At least to my knowledge they weren’t.

  13. Stephen Colbert is one of the funniest guys along with Jon Edwards. All these pictures have truth to them the worst one is the Martin Luther King one because it seems like all he has fought for is falling apart.

  14. Hahahah is all I did inside lab hours. I really liked the one with King, it just makes me realize even more that our country is actually going through. Teh Stephen Colbert one is pretty sad, but true… look just look! All of this is just bad, we need change!

  15. This pictures instantly made me laugh, and then realizing that their satire is 100% honest made me feel sorry for the country we live in. I know that many people criticize Obama, but looking at all the damage he has done in the last four years and especially with this Syria crisis just makes me acknowledge more and more how truly crewed up he has made this country. Im sure if i were a president I would make mistakes too, but when will it ever stop?

  16. I think Stephen Colbert’s quote pretty much sums up this whole Syria issue.

  17. Enough said…

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