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What a great story!  Brings tears to one’s eyes!  Now if we could only blend such sportsmanship into our nation’s personal and political lives!  It’s short, don’t miss it!




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  1. I have a feeling that Americans emphasis win too much on sports. Sports are created for people to have fun, and sports competitions are not battles. Sports would be funnier and more warm if people forgot about win or lose. Just appreciating the sport itself.

  2. It’s so awesome when someone else does something for someone like this professional baseball player giving the baseball to the little kid just shows that there are still genuine people out there that think of others than themselves.

  3. This is amazing. Passing the ball to that kid probably made him so happy. I love stories like this.

  4. I think this story is so beautiful! Everyone in that room had the same emotion and they all wanted Mitchell to do so well and the fact that Jonathan gave him the ball at the end of the game is so sweet!

  5. This is what people mean by sports bringing people together. I for one am a huge fan of sports and after watching this video made me realize how organized sports really does make people happy.

  6. It was awesome to see how much people care about others in need, I was impressed with how care everyone had towards this special student even the other team. I believe this is really what sports are for to have fun and bring people together.

  7. This is the sweetest story i have seen in a long time. It shows that there are still nice people out in the world. If everyone could just let go of there egos then this world could be so much better.

  8. i love seeing a game with great sportsmanship! not like pick up games at the park no sportsmanship whatsoever.

  9. Really great sportsmanship. It always means more to make someone happy than to win a game. Everyone should learn from this and it should really open the eyes of those who see it.

  10. That was an amazing video. It is good to see people not taking a game extremly competitive but, more in a friendly competition for the ske of one player. The kid on the other team was noble for turning over the ball purposely just so Mitchell could have a last second basket.

  11. Its refreshing to see stories like these, stories that show there are still people with great sportsmanship and heart. Now if only more people could learn this type of behavior, society would be a tiny bit better.

  12. This was such a great story. It was nice of the coach to let the kid suit up for the game but to let the kid play was mindblowing. Mitchell had so much heart for the game and for him to just be out on the court was probably the best day of his life. The kid from the opposite team to pass the ball to mitchell shows how much sportsmanship he has.

  13. Thats a crazy story. Its nice to see that the coach let him play in the game. Basketball meant a lot for that kid and it was truly a great story and opportunity.

  14. Mitchel Marcus is a self-determinated individual and has a love basketball. He was rewarded and played in the final moments of the game and that made his day. Mitchell was formly team manger and when he was put into play and he was horrible. The other team realized the moment and turned over the ball directly to him and he made his first basket the game winning shot. Hence the main element here is, any self-determinated individual will get his or her day…someday… (:

  15. I have seen this video before and it really just touches my heart, it reminds me of a student in which I graduated with he had the same thing. Although when it came to graduating he was nominated for most the most inspiring of the class 2013. He really had a heart and everyone cared about him and hopefully was happy with the years spent in high school.

  16. The good sportsmanship in this video is rare. The world needs more people like this. This single event probably changed that boys life.

  17. Priscilla K. Cornejo

    Beautiful and inspiring! This made me cry because people with this kind of compassion are still out there! It’s beyond amazing how he didn’t care about the shot but cared about giving the boy the ball, everyone deserves to be treated equally no matter what because everyone is human. I loved this video

  18. Wow, extremely inspiring. We need more good people like this coach and this player in our society. People these days are very selfish and I don’t think many people think of others in their daily lives. Im sure it took a lot for this young boy to do such a selfless act, but I honestly applaud his kindness in trying to make this one moment special for someone other than himself. Great job!

  19. I love watching stories like that because it shows just how caring people can really be. I think its important to treat every single person with the same respect as everyone else despite them having a disability.

  20. I was raised to put others before me. This hit home when I watched the video and inspires me to go out and do something that benefits others in a careless act of kindness. If more people did this, society would be an overall better place.

  21. True sportsman ship! I am so glad there are good people out there from the coach taking Mitchel under his wing to the good hearted kid on the opposing team giving Mitchel the ball to give him a chance to make that life memorable moment for him.

  22. It’s refreshing to see something that people take as seriously as sports make the difference in the life of someone with disability. That one instance of him being on the court made the entire season worth while for him, and thanks to his teammates he felt like a true member of that team.

  23. It’s stories like these that make me so happy. This is why I still have faith in our society, because of people genuinely caring people like this. The boy from Franklin didn’t have to let him score, but he knew that it would mean so much to him if he did, and he game him that opportunity. Some people have such beautiful hearts.

  24. This story is inspirational. This shows that our society isn’t as bad as people assume. There are genuine people out there who don’t judge people based on their disabilities. Everyone deserves a chance in life to feel on top of the world. What the opposing player did was shocking and truly made Mitchell feel important. Great story.

  25. This story shows how great people can be. How they don’t discriminate, how they put others above themselves, and how they choose to support others.
    For certain people, the little things can bring them so much happiness and lasting memories that make them feel like they matter. I appreciate what those people in Texas did for Mitchell.

  26. This was such a great story! I play basketball every single day so I know how intense it is so for the boy on the other team to pass him the ball was such a brave and kind hearted thing to do. When people do these kinds of things it makes me want to go out and pass it on

  27. This is such a great story! It’s very touching and inspiring. It’s the perfect example of sportsmanship. Its great to see that good sportsmanship is still around today.

  28. This video is very inspirational because being a basketball player myself, watching this video makes me not want to take my days for granted when im playing on the court because im sure Mitchell would give anything to be able to play.

  29. Being on a sports team most of my life I know that there are people that care more about winning than the love of the game. Seeing not only the basketball team supportive of Mitchell but the whole school and the other team supportive of him was great. It’s not everyday that kids get to live there dreams but on that day Mitchell got to live his from the help of everyone.

  30. This is probably the most empowering message i have ever witnessed! Not only did the team and the coach sacrifice their teams record for the joy of Mitchell, but the entire school was content with it if it meant Michael’s happiness. To see hundreds of people come together in the most selfless display brings me to tears. As I have mentioned, I spent all four years of high school working with the special needs students and nothing is more rewarding than their satisfaction. Jonathan, who passed the ball to Mitchell is one astounding human being!

    • You now understand my thinking. Every person is an individual with emotions and a desire to being appreciated for who the person is inside. We see a mountain of heroism here. This film also brought tears to my eyes. This is an example of true sportsmanship, not solipsistic arrogance.

  31. I so much love stories like these. I have a special needs cousin, and although the family has a hard time sometimes, we all know he is such a beautiful and wonderful boy.

  32. Aww, this story did put a smile on my face. I love hearing about stories like this one and that was some great sportsmanship. It doesn’t matter what the score was, the positivity is what matters the most. What a lovely video!

  33. Its amazing what the other player did for the other young ,am who scored. Its nice to see this kind of generosity.

  34. This video is great. It is a really rare thing that there are still people like this out there. Most players today wouldn’t even think about doing what the player did. It is so important making someone feel so special like everyone did to Mitchell. This video makes me restore some faith in humanity.

  35. ATTA KID!! Way to put someone elses happiness in front of your own personal triumphs! Moments like this make me realize that there are still good people in the world, that there is still hope for future generations.

  36. I enjoy heartwarming videos such as this. It is comforting to know that there are youth who are compassionate toward special needs students. I lived with a special needs adolescent for a period of time and it was a learning process that i enjoyed.

    • I am not going to lie I shed some tears for this boy and his moment. The fact that the other team member turned the ball over so he could have his one moment in basketball he wanted was so heartwarming. I watched this video over and over because it is amazing the sportsmanship that was displayed.

  37. Sportsmanship like this is a very rare thing. Most players wouldnt even think about doing what that player did. To see the whole school cheering for Mitchell and then rush the court was such an amazing sight and it filled me with happiness.

  38. Win or lose that was one the best game ending shots. The boy from the other team did something that most wouldn’t think of ever in a game. Little did he know he changed Mitchell life with that one shot.

  39. Having played Basketball in high school I never saw such heart and courage from any one. This is just absolutely amazing. More kids need to have the mindset of that young man instead of only thinking of themselves. I am really proud to have seen this story and proud of everyone in it and I don’t even know them.

  40. oh my goodness i literaly have goosebumps. That was a great story. The boy who threw him the ball at the end is just a great person. Not many people would end up doing that so it is just amazing! i am really glad he got his time to shine. It was great to see the stands run onto the court when he mad the shot and watch everyone show him love and support.

  41. what courage this young man had to be a hero for a boy that just wanted to play a game. A game that he loved with all his heart. Like they said at the end of the clip “Play a game like they did, both teams win” and even though they lost mitchell was the best player their and that warms my heart.

  42. I really enjoyed this video!! Making someone feel that special like everyone did to mitchell has go to be a great feeling. I like how much sportsmanship was in that game.

  43. That was pretty tight for letting the kid play and letting him score. It’s nice to see that kind of sportsmanship. This video helps restore some faith in humanity.

  44. That was really nice of the boy to pass the ball to Mitchell. It is really cool to know that the love of the game still exists and it is not all about winning and being competitive. The coach has such a compassionate heart to play the kid just so he could experience a high school game with his teammates.

  45. Its amazing to see someone show this type of respect and kindness towards someone else.

  46. I thought that was an awesome video. Its great to see someone have that much kindness to go against what they have worked towards just so see someone else have their moment. It’s very inspirational.

  47. Very motivational and inspiring. It is nice to see others delivering kindness. There is kind people out there.

  48. This video was really nice. I have never heard or seen anything like this. It is nice how the team is so united with this manager and how they gave him an opportunity to play. Even though the team did not win the game they still supported him and that is what really makes the difference.

  49. I thought this was an amazing story. It was really nice and kind-hearted of the coach to allow Mithcel to play in their last home game. Its a high school and sports are taken seriously but the coach didn’t if they lost, he was doing a good deed and a difference in one’s life, that is of Mitchel’s.

  50. This truly put a smile on my face. It is such an inspiration and beautiful story. He had a wonderful coach, and it was so nice of him to allow the kid to experience what he had always dreamt of. The guy on the opposing team put forth great sportsmanship. I loved how at the end the whole crowd cheered Mitchel on, and treated him as a winner.

  51. This video is an amazing video! Those boys playing against Mitchell and his team have a lot of sportsmanship. It’s really amazing to see that boy pass the ball to Mitchell and him make the shot even though they were losing the game. I wish there were more people like that in the world that aren’t selfish and want to do things for others.

  52. This was amazing to watch! It is great to see sportsmanship like this still. Everyone in high school sports are so competitive today. It is really nice to see an athlete who did not care what others would say or if others would be angry him, just to make someone else happy.

  53. This is amazing! I love how some people really do care about others and put them before themselves. It is awesome!

  54. This video is awesome, I have seen it before but it never gets old. What a great guy the opposing player is in order to pull that type of move, he didn’t need to pass him the ball but he did. With the way the crowd stormed the court it seemed like some one had won a championship, you can tell it meant a lot to the mother.

  55. That has be one of the coolest shows of sportsmanship I have ever seen in my entire life. I myself have been an athlete for the past 12 years and that is a big part of any sport. The goal is to go out and be competitive against any and all opponents. This video took sportsmanship to a whole new level and brought humanity into the picture. Guys like Mitchell make me feel inspired to work harder and be thankful for my abilities, never to take them for granted.

  56. This is truly a great story. For the other team player to pass him the ball shows great sportsman ship. Also for the coach to be willing to put Mitchelle in the game no matter what the circumstances win or loose.

  57. This is sweet. Everyone needs there chance and Mitchell got his chance even though he kept missing until Mitchel did the basket both teams happy.

  58. I really enjoyed this video. It was nice of the guy from the other team to pass the ball to Mitchell. You would never expect that to happen. He was able to score because of that remarkable move.Even if their team lost, the coach put Mitchell in the game to give him his time of glory to him and to his mom.

  59. This is a great story, I really love how they are including children with disabilities in sports. This is a great example of inclusion, and though many people aren’t supportive of inclusion, all people need to be treated with the same respect no matter what race, religion and disability they have.

  60. I love the team work both these teams had! This is what it’s all about, no one should be ever left out! How great of a moment must the basketball player who made the shot felt! I love seeing act of kindness to one another just like these, it’s reminders that society still cares for one another.

  61. This is a very beautiful story. It’s easy to assume the whole world treats people with physical and developmental disabilities with less respect. As a newly disabled person, I have seen that people are more willing to lend me a helping hand, and they are more likely to give me posetive words of encouragement. I think it is the posetive attitude that reassures people that disabled people are just like everyone else.

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