Barrack Obama’s Acceptance Speech

4 responses to “Barrack Obama’s Acceptance Speech

  1. I think that whoever is president will always be disliked and judged while in office. It isn’t until years after, the great things he does will truly outshine his mistakes. We cannot forget that even the greatest of presidents in our history books made mistakes.

    I am proud to have Obama as president.

  2. Our country’s problems are not going to be fixed in 8 years. I think people need to lay off of him. A lot of things have to be passed through congress first so it can be difficult for certain things to get passed.

  3. It is his acceptance speech. He was voted in, the important issues will come in time, can’t expect the man to solve or go over every important topic that America has, because there are a lot, and who is to say which are more important than others.

  4. I feel like he is not focused on important topics which would be difficult for him to face in his speech

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