Baptist Pastor Weighs-in on Ferguson Case

3 responses to “Baptist Pastor Weighs-in on Ferguson Case

  1. I actually saw this in real time when it aired! Unless they repeated it a few times. We need unity, no matter what color you are. Unfortunately people STILL resort to “mob mentality” and stupidity. Why would you jump to conclusions and lead protests. THERE WAS A STUPID BOOTH AT RCC RIVERSIDE CAMPUS THIS LAST WEEK FOR A PETITION FOR MICHAEL BROWN. There was hundreds of witnesses, FBI looked into it, it went to grand jury etc. Give it up and focus your efforts on more important events. Should there have been a violent white protest after the OJ Simpson case? No. Should there have been a violent black protest after Ferguson? No. If you really wanted to protest get your point across with dignity and make it a peaceful protest. You look like fools ravaging towns and it makes you look worse, not better.
    Also, it’s amazing that he is able to even say he is a pastor on the air. Good thing this isn’t CNN or he’s be cut off 5 seconds in.

  2. I love this! I do not understand these protestors. What good are they doing blocking streets and highways, all they are doing is ruining someone else life. Making people late for work, meetings, school. The facts are out there the case is over. If they really wanted to change it go by the law. File for an appeal, do the proper steps not this. I wonder if half the people that are protesting even know all of the facts or like this pastor said they are using this as an excuse to celebrate and condole violence. It is time for a change and this pastor maybe on the right path.

  3. This is great! I love how although he shares something with the “victim” he still does not carry compassion for someone that he and we know that was committing a crime and not adhering to social laws and in turn practicing good civil demeanor. This Pastor appears to be someone that COULD help with the racism that does go on all throughout America however he does appear that type of individual that can remain logical all the while.

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