:::AWO Presents::: Stand With Cliven Bundy

FROM Danielle Fernandez:

Hi professor,
I’ve got one that will light your fire! Have you ever heard of a first amendment zone? Neither have I. That’s because it has just been created to steal a man’s land and livestock. I hope your students are required to tune in to your student opinions section because I know you’ve collected some good stories from those of us who are aware. You are the main person to share information with because you reach the masses by molding young minds. Thank you for your unique teaching style,

3 responses to “:::AWO Presents::: Stand With Cliven Bundy

  1. Give a man too much power and he will abuse it.
    There’s no way this family should have had to go through this.
    I am impressed by the direct action from all of the supporters.
    It is good to see people stand up for what is right.
    I wish this family the best.
    power to the people!

  2. These are wrong actions used by our Government. This is so dastardly and reminds me of a similar topic of Nevada sending all the wild mustangs to the slaughter house. Nevada is cruel and killing off all the wildlife; I would be one adovcate of a protest because this is inhumane. The Horse has been a Symbol of American’s pet and thats why we choose never to eat them as a man’s best friend same goes for cattle let them run free because ultimately we do need them!!!

  3. It is about time that the america people stand up for their rights given to them under the first amendent at the founding father did

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