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  1. Part 2 was my least favorite of the two. The first one seemed more exiting, but that doesn’t mean part 2 was bad. Dagny goes pretty much solo in part 2 and John Galt’s revelation needed more explanation.

  2. Hopefully this movie leaves less questions unanswered than the first did. The problem with turning such a long work into a three part film is that large, broad themes are easily lost in the transition. Atlas Shrugged Part 1 suffered that fate, so hopefully part 2 makes ties the theme together more than part 1 did.

  3. I really enjoyed watching the movie Atlas Shrugged because it was great to find out what the central themes of the movie were and one of the themes that stood out to me the most was, The evils of collectivism because it deals with the government and how it follows the socialist ideas.

  4. This story line was easy to follow along. The importance of the mind is a theme that was easily expressed in the film. I enjoyed watching.

  5. It was actually a very enjoyable film for me. It was also easy to write about it as well. I find entrepreneurship interesting and also business is my major so i enjoy watching films about business.

  6. I had to watch the movie twice because the first time I didn’t really understand but overall I think the message John was trying to give was very strong. Even though he does not make much of an appearance in the movie he’s definitely one of the main characters. The endind of the movie definitely made things clear and what his role was in the movie, which was, to me, to free those who were fed up with the government.

  7. I watched the film about a week back, and it was surprisingly good. I honestly assumed it was going to be boring film that i did not understand, but i was proven wrong. I might watch the part 3 just because i want to know what happened, but then again, i probably will not. I don’t want to seem like a person who actually liked this movie AHAHAHA Anyways, I thought this films theme was around the government’s unjust regulation of businesses to try and fix the “Depression” like situation they are in.

  8. “The way everybody feels, but more consciously.” This is Ayn Rand’s response when asked how she feels about American Politics. In my opinion, this shows us how highly she thought of herself. It seems as though she believes that her world view is everyone’s world view, but is at a higher cognitive level than everyone else. Also, from what I’ve seen in Part One of the movie “Atlas Shrugged,” I think she presents a lot of good points about the negative effects about government regulation. However, I don’t think it is wise to assume that you, personally, are the embodiment of an entire nation’s political opinion.

  9. this film is not yet clear to me. I really need to watch it again for the 3rd time.

  10. The trailer looks good…Can’t say much about it; it’s a trailer! What do you want me to say?

  11. My reaction toward atlas shrug was exceptionally surprising. I was shown a persons vision of capitalism as a moral ideal. the characters illustrate the virtues of rationality, production, and trade including the vices of power.

  12. I have not gotten around to watch part two of atlas shrugged yet but I am very excited for it so far. I love the quote that Ayn Rand is made in this short video. Very inspirational movie cant wait till I find the time to watch the next film.

  13. Atlas Shrugged was a very interesting movie. One thing I found that stood out was the way the writer portrayed the main characters. Normally, CEOs like Henry Rearden and Dagny Taggart are put in a bad light, and are seen as selfish and cruel. Instead, the antagonist of the movie are those who push for equality, which we normally see as a good thing. It is an interesting story, showing the powers of capitalism.

  14. An amazing quote by Ayn Rand stood out to me, “There are two sides to every issue: One side is right and the other is wrong, but the middle is always evil.” She speaks truth with out any filter in her film and novel about the issues in this country.History seems to repeat itself an things just continue to get worser and worser. I cant imagine what the second part will expose .

  15. The first part of the movie was so good that i am going to look for the second part of the film to watch. Ayn Rand is predicting the future with her story is what make its very interesting to watch. The story make me think about America society today.

  16. All I can say is that I can’t wait, bring out the movie producers and the directors because this is about to be one hell of movie!

  17. How could she predict present in the past? It’s amazing. If she could predict what is going on now in the past, why shouldn’t we at least see what’s going on now? I think we need to see the society and observe it. Our lives really are affected by the government and their philosophy.. We need to be able to think on our own and rationally.

    • She can predict the future because the mistakes of the past are repeated. Civilization moves in cycles, just like economics. The cycles can be broken, but only with purposeful actions.

  18. This movie was amazing as far as graphic, story line, and characters. This movie showed that you can not even trust your own blood for money.

  19. As we are basically living the decline in the state of the economy its amazing to see someone predict it. i couldnt even imagine predicting what will happen in the world in the future and being semi right.

  20. Didn’t realize it was part 2 but from watching part one I’m interested in watching part 2 because I really want to know who John Galt is

  21. Its amazing how someone that was born in 1900’s was able to tell the future of how we live now in the United States. From what I understood from the movie Rand believes in individual rational thinking and she is right because when government gets involved things become harder to proceed and what can be started can never get to an ending.

  22. is incredible that she was able to predict the decline of the contry years ago. Is scary to see the path America is heading towards and no one seems to care.

  23. Atlas Shrugged was amazing and eye opening. It is absolutely scary creepy how someone can predict the future of our economy so many years prior to. I think to be able to do something like that she has to be a genius! I truly have a profound amount of respect for her.

  24. Atlas Shrugged was a very interesting movie because of how well it relates to modern day life. It showed how America is failing because of big business. Big businesses are run by people that only care about making money for themselves and when someone gets in the way of that they try to eliminate that person.

  25. This lady is amazing how she basically foretold how the world was goin go be before this film was produced. I can’t wait to see the second movie.

  26. I enjoyed watching part one of the film of, “Atlas Shrugged”; I will definitely watch part two of this great novel.

  27. This play really opened my eyes and I cannot believe someone wrote this 50 years ago. How can some really know about our future. And if things do not change, things will only get worse because the country will more in debt and people will have no more only to get anything. And only the rich will have money. Sad to think a world like this.

  28. Its kind of sad to know that no one realized this stuff was happening until 50 years after she wrote this book… but I find this book/movie very interesting and eye opening!!

  29. its crazy how that such a long time ago she predicted these crazy outcomes that came true and showed everyone the crazy things lurking in life.

  30. I think that it is quite incredible that Ayn Rand was able to predict something like this. Atlas Shrugged is set in 2018 and although Rand’s ideas may not be exactly what we are experiencing today, parallels can be drawn from the movie to real life (and we still have a few years to go). She was really able to grasp society’s decline. I like to compare her prediction in Atlas Shrugged to that of Fahrenheit 451. They both kind of have the same ideals, but Rand’s seems a lot more realistic; almost scarily realistic.

  31. Um, terrifying? Somthing about the fact the Rand could so accuratly pin point the flaws with society, plus the music, is a tad bit scary. Although this movie looks intense, I would like to see it even if its only to better understand Rand’s veiw of society.

  32. Atlas shrugged gets people thinking about whats really going on and start to look into things that will effect us now and later. This was such a great movie and I cant wait to watch part 2. I am so glad we were exposed to this movie and book and many other things I feel like my eyes are finally seeing everything.

  33. I have yet to see the first Atlas Shrugged part 1 but it seems very interesting and I will be watching it soon.

  34. It is amazing that Rand was able to predict the way things would turn out. I will watch the first Atlas Shrugged before I see the second. It will take people like Rand to show our flaws in society so eventually than can be fixed.

  35. The concept that people change is completely false and I believe Ayn Rand understood this. She understood the nature of people and made predictions based on their nature and historical occurences. The fact that her predictions have been very accurate and were made so long ago is proof that the nature of people does not change. Their are exceptions in certain individuals but they will never out weigh the will of the majority.

  36. If money, and the aim to please every one was not an issue, doing the right thing would be much more common occurrence. “Atlas Shrugged” appears to be addressing all of this. As of now Rand has been correct about our political views and how things just keep getting worse from the time she made in 1959.

  37. I watched this movie on netflix and enjoyed it. I don’t think that we are very far from advances like this

  38. she predicted things that no one thought was true and now that they are coming true, people need to realize mistakes and try to change things for the better.

  39. “Atlas Shrugged” was a very good prediction of how American politics would work in the future. The author was pretty dead on about their predictions of the future that big business would run politics. That is where politics will stay intell the American people abolish lobbying. So for politics to revolve around the people and not big business we need to abolish lobbying and corporate spending on political campaign or the cycle will continue to happen.

  40. After watching Atlas Shrugged part 1 I will definitely be watching part 2! It is so easy to understand the storyline of the film.

  41. It is remarkable how one person can have so much insight as to what is going on and what will happen if we continue the way that we have been going. I’m very exicited about this one!

  42. When our professor first spoke about this film I had never heard of it. I decided to read a few reviews and watch the trailer after also seeing it in Redbox. Now, after watching the film I really enjoyed it. Rand has some predicts that match our world today. Yes, it is easy to predict a economic clasp in the future, but how Rand predicted politics and how they operate today was shocking. In the movie business and politics went hand in hand. Businesses would pay off politicians to benefit their companies. For example, the brother of Taggart Railroads was trying to control the industry using politics, almost like a dictatorship, and inventors such as the Rearden Metal were being opposed by big corporations that weren’t allowing their products to produce. After bills being passed such as ‘Anti-dog eat dog’ to try and stop Rearden from making the new steel that would put Taggart out of business it was the strength and courage of both the Dagny Taggart and Rearden that won and got the train rolling with the new steel. This movie really opened my mind to the world we live in today and how important it is to be an independent thinker and not drink the kool-aid.

  43. Atlas Shrugged is very controversial because a lot of the movie is a real life scenario that the United States is living in. The U.S. will keep getting itself into more and more debt until the government fails to do its job. I believe that atlas shrugged as well as other history events can have valuable information that we can learn to turn this government into a much better running government.

  44. I know most people get caught up in the revelations made by some people. It’s true how history seems to repeat itself in some sort of fashion. It is those that have no understanding of past historical events and disregard to events that lead to these cycles. Having any historical knowledge and study can see such a trend. I tend to see this as nothing new in some sort way. The everyday person has no time to ponder such events or take into account the actions made by those in power. It is interesting to say the least and wither those in power decide to take appropriate action to curtail such atrocities.

  45. Atlas Shrugged seems like a very interesting story and the author seems to be spot on with her predictions. It is always cool to see when an author predicts something in a story and it comes true, more or less, in real life. But it also shows us what we need to be careful of.

  46. I recently finished watching “Atlas Shrugged: part 1” and it was fantastic! The story like was great, and easy to follow. The problems of our current economy were put in a such a way that anybody can understand. It scared me a bit that our economy might just end up that way; that is, if we don’t change our current predicament that is. The ending was basically a cliffhanger, so I will DEFINITELY be watching this part!

  47. I have not seen part 1 of this yet but from what this video covers, seems like she predicted the right vision. She is right about the way this country has evolved, so who knows what else she has to predict that may be correct. Before this class I was completely clueless to this movie, now I’m anxious to see it. This topic interests me very much.

  48. When the professor spoke about this novel Atals Shrugged the first day of class I was clueless of what she was talking about. So I went on line to find more information about this famous novel. This novel that was written more than fifty years ago by Ayn Rand, a Russian writer, somehow she was able to predict the economic mess that we are living in the Unuted States today.

    • Smart thinking! I believe in the facilitator system of learning. I am only the facilitator–you are the learner. I want you to make decisions as an informed learner. When you have a question, don’t depend on what I say, depend on your own mind to examine all sides of information presented to you–that is why I offer extra credit opportunities. Unfortunately, due to our current problems in this nation, students have been encouraged to be “lemmings” and r”rush over the cliff to their own demise.” Rand wants each person to be an individual thinker; that is why there is presently so much controversy about her ideas. We will be discussing this again in following weeks. I will be showing the movie in class next week.

  49. Although there are complex problems there are usually simple solutions and many people fail to see them. It seems like she sees the solutions to the problems our country faces.

  50. From what I saw in the video, she seems to have told the future some how. So far she’s correct about our political views and how things just keep getting worse and worse. This book/movie might make Americans rethink about what we’re doing, and make a change for the better. Look like an interesting movie.

  51. I have yet to see this first film, but plan on doing so. This one looks very interesting as well. Like Steve said, many are still arguing how we got into this mess, not much action is being done to get us out of it. Looks like a great movie!

  52. While very controversial during her time and even now it is startling to see how clearly she has outlined the path in which we have taken as a country. While many try to argue the causes that have created our current state the fact remains that we are on an unsustained path that will require hard decisions and time to correct.

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