Assignment #6

Assignment #6 (Due Wednesday May 28, 2014): Argue for or against the position taken by the scientists featured in the Documentary Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed after comparing the film with the ideas expressed by DesCartes and Darwin or Bacon  in A World of Ideas. Quote and cite both Darwin and DesCartesor Bacon in your paper, following the instructions given in class. Type the 4-1/2 page essay with customary works cited page and self analysis of your paper as the last page.
We will discuss details in class.

After watching this trailer and then discussing it in class, watch the entire film on your computer or ask me for a copy for you to take home to study.  This is open source and you may copy it to your computer.  In the trailer, you will find the arguments for and against this video and the link to the full movie.    You may take a position for or against Stein’s argument, but it must be a logical argument.

Here is the full Movie:

Many of you, about 1/2 of you actually watched the videos I assigned at he beginning of the semester.  Those who watched these videos are the ones who understand the first amendment and are getting better grades in the class.  This is an opportunity for you to go back and watch them now to understand why we need to protect the first amendment to keep this country viable, rather than sinking into a 3rd world nation.  If you do this now, you will enhance your grade, give you understanding, and improve your web comments grade.  Being lazy or bored about history, American law, politics, etc. is not a legitimate argument for your lack of knowledge about how America “works.”   We have the longest lasting constitution on this planet and many other societies are out to destroy how America has dominated, because their oligarchies object to our “freedom.”  I direct you to the following videos:

The Declaration of Independence

The First Amendment of the Constitution

America is a Republic, Not a Democracy

Marbury vs. Madison

Liberal vs. Conservative: Politics 101

Many of you have already commented on this video, but look at it again in light of the fact this new technology won a Nobel Prize for science and listen to the inventor’s commentary about his interest in Intellectual Design theory discussed by Ben Stein in the film Expelled.


And here is another example of a great contemporary American physician who believes in intelligent design.  I first learned about him on Chris Wallace’s weekly tv show Fox New Sunday, where Wallace introduced him as his hero of the week.  Dr. Carson is amazing.  Watch the three parts in the order shown here.

Dr. Ben Carson

Scientific Method Designing Philosophers

For More on Descartes, go to American Culture and scan down the list for More on Descartes

Outline of Scientific Method

Here is an interesting exposition of Rene Descartes Forth Meditation


Ben Stein Speaks Out About Being a Jew

A Physics Student Explains “Outside of Time”

Proof of an Intelligent Creator

A childhood friend, also born in 1937, sent me this from 1955–the year we graduated from high school:

Paul Harvey speaks again!

Dr. Steven Meyer on Intelligent Design

After listening to class discussion, I found an extremely interesting comment appearing consistently about the film Intelligent Design.  The comments centered around the fact that  the United States was not founded by Christians; therefore the Christians were making unfair claims against atheists–an oxymoron.  First of all the Constitution of the United States was agreed upon because the various religious factions in the United States were slow to ratify the document until states rights were set up to allow these different religious factions in various states have power over federal power  in the Constitution so the various religious groups could keep their rights.  Read the constitution again.  This argument is emotional, not expository, and does not frame an accurate argument–off topic.  Remember, you only have 1 shot on this paper–no revision allowed.  Do it right the first time.  I gave you handouts from A World of Ideas on both Darwin and Descartes–if you lost them, borrow one from a classmate.  I’m not printing more at my personal expense.  Welcome to the real world.

Journey Inside The Cell
From the Discovery Institute

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  1. Nathalie S Gallardo

    I watched this video a few times actually and it still gets me mad to think that these poor scientists lost their jobs over something like this. Where is this society coming to when a person who has worked so hard to get to such a good job can’t even talk or write about their own opinion on matters like these?! They should take these people to court and fight for their rights as human beings with the rights to the first amendment!

  2. Even though I don’t think they showed both sides of the stories in the film, I do think that those scientist should be able allow to think and say what ever they want without having the fear of losing their job.

  3. This movie shows the systematic attack on 1st Amendment Rights by institutions that receive some government funding either directly or indirectly, in this case colleges and universities. How then can they operate independently of any government oversight, and by government I refer to us, the people. Too often nowadays in academia the hierchy of the heads of departments, the deans and the administration operate the colleges and universities like a bunch of oligarchs. We the people need to take the power back and reestablish freedom, which is what has made this country great.

  4. I enjoyed the all the scientist’s debates about Intelligent Design in Expelled. Some of them have very “interesting” theories, but they should have some hard evidence so their theories will not get turned down. It was also sad and scary that many scientist got blacklisted just for allowing or mentioning Intelligent Design.

  5. This video was good to watch because it gave ideas and perspectives from supporters on both sides of the fence. Everyone had their own opinion on intelligent design which made for a good argument. I liked how he traveled all over the world to get many views on the subject from friends, scientist and authors.

  6. Expelled was a very interesting documentary to watch. I find it unbelievable that these professors, engineers, astronomers, etc are getting fired for even mentioning the theory of intelligent design. Why does it only have to be Darwin’s theory that explains where the origin of life comes from? Intelligent design isn’t creationism, it’s a scientific method. Why can’t both theories have some truth to them and be compatible? This all comes down to freedom of speech and it’s being suppressed. I think something must be done.

  7. Watching this i learned alot about Darwinism and intelligent design and found this video very interesting. i also found it unfair how scientist have had their rights taken away, being that we live in a country with “freedom of speech.”

    • After watching this film again, I realized a few things. One thing is that I have always held Ben Stein in high regard for his ability to continue to learn and to teach. Another thing I have learned that I had not realized that we as a society are scared to except that the fact that there are many possibilities to the evolution of man. With all the discoveries we’ve made with all of the technologies we continue to make we are frighten of theories. We have to realize that we will continue to evolve and learn new things. Don’t be scared.

  8. This topic is so fascinating to learn and write about. It is truly a controversy and I have realized over the years in science classes that intelligent design is hardly ever mentioned. After seeing this documentary, I have come to understand why. The fact that people are being blacklisted and exiled from their careers for simply mentioning intelligent design is appalling. In the video, I remember David Berlinski stating “It’d be nice to see the scientific establishment lose some of its prestige and power. It’d be nice to see other questions being opened up. Above all, it’d be nice to have a real spirit of self-criticism penetrating the sciences.” And I completely agree. After all, isn’t science challenged with questions and tests? How can one simply say- yes Darwinism is the most qualified, so this is the answer to man.

    I believe in Intelligent Design.

  9. It is absolutely absurd how some scientist have had their rights taken away, such as freedom of speech. There should be no reason as to why these individuals lose their jobs by expressing their beliefs with intelligent design. I really enjoyed watching this video in class and enjoyed writing about it.

  10. I Thought it was very interesting the way that these scientists thought of these outrageous theories on how people were created. I also thought it was interesting on how people found these theories to all be false.

    • The theory disproved is “Darwin’s Origin of the Species,” but his article on “Natural Selection” has not been disproved. Remember scientists can’t prove a theory “is” correct, but only “disprove” a theory. Scientists are still trying to decide which “age of the earth theory” is correct–one says billions of years and the other says about 10,000 years. They can only prove to 10,000 years with current instruments; therefore both theories are still being argued.

  11. Samantha R. Cimilluca

    Expelled was interesting to watch but also frustrating for me, especially the ending. I don’t mind what other people believe in, but it’s not something I really enjoy as a topic.

  12. I enjoyed watching this film in class. It always amazes me how far people (scientists) have come in learning about our existence.

  13. This video is amazing. The collaboration between all the actors involved is amazing. This not only draws an audience through the actors but the topic is so moving amongst young aspiring adults.

  14. This video amazes me and definitely makes me think. I am going to have some of my family and friends watch it with me to see what they think. I think it’s ridiculous how scientists are being punished for expressing their ideas. I especially think it’s crazy that the government ruined one lady’s career because she brought the idea of intelligent design into her classroom.

  15. This film was great and overall had some insightful information. I watch this show called X-Files and it centers on controversy and cover-ups. I found it similar when the teachers spoke out about intelligent design and were chastised because of it. Certain X-Files episodes actually talk about Darwinism and intelligent design. Despite the X-Files only being a show, some episodes are factually accurate and educational. I thought Ben Stein did an excellent job and I love his non-nonchalant attitude.

  16. I see all the arugments and attacks, however in the end Darwin cannot be proven right so therefore he fails Francis bacons 4 idols and also the scientific method.

  17. This film really made you think. The thought that Darwinism is linked to Hitler and the Holocaust is something I’ve never had cross my mind. The facts are astonishingly cruel and made me really reconsider how people use science. In my biology class, my professor made Darwin and his ideas seem still under attack. I am religious but I try to keep an open mind, however, after seeing this video it makes me think Darwinism isn’t as helpless as it once was. Now religious views are being attacked because Darwin’s ideas are seen as scientifically correct. In the video, a professor said you have to either be a evolutionist or believe in God and I have to disagree. I believe in God and I do believe some of Darwin’s ideas are logical and I think that’s okay. For me it’s why be close minded to possibilities? No one knows how we got here so why punish someone for their belief. Freedom of speech.

    • Darwin’s” Origin of the Species” is factually untrue because he didn’t have a modern microscope or digital photography to understand it takes takes so many proteins to make a cell. Darwin’s “Natural Selection” is still under fire, but not thrown out at this time, but generally accepted until unproven. Freedom of speech is the issue. Darwinist s shut off and denigrate anyone who disagrees with their hypotheses–and that is unfair to scientists who sincerely believe in intelligent design which is not rejected by and remains a viable theory still under scrutiny. Like the Director of the Discovery Institute said that not all scientists believe in a specific intelligent designer, but maybe one other than Christians and Jew consider to be correct. This argument about free speech in this country and the separation of powers is being subverted across this country with intolerance of others. This is why we have state rights dominate over federal rights in the constitution.

  18. William J. Gonzales

    This film was quite interesting because i was really…just consumed with what the film’s message was. Are we really allowed to believe what we want? What do people want us to believe? better yet, What does the government want us to believe? Do we want the schools to teach Creationism? or Darwinism? Heck i think the issue between the two is a bit ridiculous! And why not just let the professor teach or profess want they want. they worked hard and earned their degrees. I say let them talk about Intelligent Design. Not allowing people or professors to mention Intelligent design was also ridiculous, and it infringes their First Amendment! Whats up with that!

  19. I feel that if this film showed both sides equally it would be a better file overall. The people they interview against intelligent design, they(film makers) make them(against intelligent design) seem very dumb and unopen. For this to be a better film they need to show the good parts of the interviews not only the hard headed sides. However, I do not think it is right for these teachers to be black listed for mentioning inteligent design.

  20. I feel like this movie was extremely biased, and seemed to go off topic from the discussion at hand. I feel like this film could have been more successful if they had extremists from both ends, and met in the middle. The problem with the term, “Intelligent design” is it’s commonly associated with creationism, and therefore religion. And I can see the problem with it, because if you use this term, even though it can have a broad definition, many religious individuals may take this as an opportunity to insist that creationism will be taught in public schools and consider it a science. However, there’s one thing this reported tends to forget, religion and science have ALWAYS been butting heads over time. And, that science is constantly changing, due to access to more information, better equipment, etc etc etc. Darwin’s discoveries are the stepping stones which helped push towards the discoveries we know of now.

  21. Why should someone get fired for that. We live in Amwrica to have an opinion and a say to what we believe in. This is really frustrating how people are denied their rights like that and then fired afterwards. That is messed up.

  22. I enjoyed this video, it had great arguements and was fair in its debate. Overall a solid video

  23. This video is pretty interesting! I loved learning new things and views of others towards the science field. I just wish that the intelligent design was accepted, because Darwinism is accepted! Why limit ones own thoughts and education? These scientists worked so hard to get to where they are, and then get kicked out to the curb because they believe in something else? We are in America thus, letting us have the freedom to have more rights and privileges regarding education!

  24. This was a interesting video and I enjoyed watching it. such a controversial topic. I really liked writing about this topic.

  25. I enjoyed this video a lot it was really interesting and it was pretty funny to see what Darwinist’s thought about everything. It’s pretty ridiculous for one. It was sad to see all those scientists who lost their jobs, but overall it was an interesting movie i think more people need to watch it.

  26. This movie was so interesting and I gained a lot of knowledge about Darwinism and intelligent design.

  27. One of the most controversial topics between religion and God, and scientific intelligence. I am really excited to write about this topic their so many ideas and opinions i have towards this. I believe that Darwinism is intresting but so is the intelligent design. I dont see why people dont understand that in the end they are both theorys. Both have facfts and both have just ideas. This is a contreversial topic all around.

  28. This movie was most definitely interesting and mind blowing. It make you think about it all and it is very hard to grasp the concept that these people are being fired for speaking up about what they believe in , which is against their rights and the first amendment to have the freedom of speech as well as the freedom of religion. Intelligent design has never been something I believed in but as of lately I’ve been thinking much more about it and I feel as if there could be a mixture of intelligent design and religion.

  29. This assignment is very complex and broad because there are many different opinions about Darwinism and intelligent design. In fact, these two topics have clashed since civilization began. Ive always wondered how we got here and how land shaped its self. I believe in god but there are a lot of questions about religion. When it comes to science, a theory or ideal can be proven because it can be physically touched while religion is spiritual. I am suppose to believe that god created the heaven and earth but how can that be proven physically? Darwinism has been proven scientifically but in all honesty i just refuse to believe i came from a monkey!

    • Well, the scientists in Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.” prove that Darwin’s thesis is incorrect about the “origin of man” and you are a different species than a monkey–one known as “man.” Watch the DesCartes video on this page to understand the “scientific method” which is still used today by modern scientists. Scientists can disprove a theory with expository evidence, but they cannot prove it does exist. Therefore, in the film “Espelled,” the scientists opt for “intelligent design” that says that God possibly exists or postulate that God does exist because of the evidence they present in the film. The DesCartes video shows how DesCartes goes about how demonstrating how he postulates God exists–no one has yet proven him incorrect.

  30. I didn’t agree with a lot of the topics that this movie discussed; however, I do not believe teachers and others should be fired for having their own opinions. In the words of Voltaire, “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”

  31. Awesome movie, my head is still spining. I can’t believe what those darwnisims have been saying, and the poor scientists who got fired because they believe in ID.

  32. Two very strong topics are expressed in this movie. It certainly has opened up my eyes to the aspect of Intelligent Design and im questioning whether all the things we learned in school about where we came from are technically correct. This is definitely going to be a very interesting essay to write.

  33. I agree with the idea of Intelligent Design and I do believe that people are getting punished because they believe in it too. Darwinism in my eyes, was always a weak argument because I know that there is no way I came from a coincidence or from a pile of mudd. I have watched this movie and am appalled that people are being punished and blacklisted for expressing there own beliefs.

  34. It is certainly one of the most controversial topics between religion and God, and scientific intelligence. I look forward to writing about this topic. I think that Darwinism is certainly interesting and this film looks as if it is going to be extremely insightful with a strong message to change the world.

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