Assignment #3

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Assignment #3 Comparison (Due Wednesday April 9, 2014):

Part 1: Compare the viewpoints expressed in the essays written by Adam Smith, Milton and Rose Friedman, and Karl Marx (347-385) and present a strong advocacy for one of the two views (your advocacy does not need to mirror your personal opinion). Type the 4-1/2 page essay in MLA format (your paper must be a minimum of 4+ complete pages for a passing grade and have a Works Cited page as page #6 and the following short essay titled “Writing Analysis” as page 7). Type a second short essay (350 words) describing your writing process and any problems you encountered–specifically discuss your invention strategy and MLA format. Attach this second essay to the back of the first essay, after the works cited. Follow classroom instructions carefully. Remember the audience for your work consists of classmates, in addition to the instructor.  Your thesis should answer the question: What is a better strategy for bulding the “American Dream” in 21st century America—Karl Marx’s philosophy of a\socialistic state or Adams Smith’s ideas of a free market economy?

Part 2: Submit thesis statement for research paper.
Part 3: Submit outline for research paper.
Part 4: Submit annotated bibliography for research paper.

Part #5: Submit revision on Assignment #2

Mandatory web postings for week 5:

Comments on all postings required for assignments #! and #2.  Listen carefully for class instructions on this assignment.  You need to understand the philosophies of Adam Smith and Karl Marx to get a good grade on this assignment.

The following Extra Credit Assignments are shown in the movie trailers included here to understand what is wrong with the distortion and violations of our constitution.  Movie Trailers about our current “Economic Mess” in 21st century. America.  Unconstitutional “Economic Mess” in 21st Century America

Unconstitutional “Economic Mess” in 21st Century America – See more at:
Unconstitutional “Economic Mess” in 21st Century America – See more at:
Unconstitutional “Economic Mess” in 21st Century America – See more at:

Mandatory web postings for week 6:  to be announced.

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