Antother Response to Ryan Robinson’s Post

A clever parody to answer Ryan’s quest for knowledge from a friend.

7 responses to “Antother Response to Ryan Robinson’s Post

  1. I loved the set up. “Joe the plummer” sounds like myself and all other’s that have worked hard for their income but are taxed and have their tax money go to the 40% that don’t pay taxes and don’t work. The problem began when a man with no experience but held a “False Messiah” was put into charge. I can remember many people voting for Obama without even knowing why. I listen to a lot of hip-hop music and I can remember at least 5-6 songs promoting Obama just because. Not just music was a part of the propaganda a lot of entertainment industry’s were going with the trend. My favorite part of this entire video was at the very end when the narrator says, “before you throw up, please forward this video” !! I wish I would’ve seen this clip sooner.

  2. When it started talking about change I knewit was about Obama. I don’t agree that illegals should get so many perks and free assistant in our country. For we all started as immigrants so we should get the free perks before others.

  3. Hilarious and a great video!!

  4. Great video clip! Very entertaining! Gave a chuckle! Thanks for posting!

  5. Yes Ryan, you nailed it.

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