Antoinette Tuff: American Heroine

This woman is amazing.  She stopped a school shooting with only the help of a 911 office.  Wow!  I admire her cool.  Jan Kollitz

Antoinette Tuff Full 911 Call – Georgia School Shooting


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  1. wow! this story is amazing. It reminds me of the time i went to play basketball at Reid Park in riverside and things got really competitive. It was the old guys versus the young guys. Everyone who plays basketball knows how old people play the game, they talk a lot of trash. Anyway, this young guy on my team got really mad and went to his car, got his gun and went back into the gym. Long story short I seen him flash his gun and i had to talk him out of shooting someone because he was serious. This story is very inspiring and shows how courageous people can be. Its crazy a “BOOKKEEPER” stepped up to the challenge.

  2. Wow! I didnt even hear of this story when it was on the news. What a brave human being. She completely set all of her worries aside and tended to this man even though he was obviously not psychologically stable and he could have snapped at any minute. She related her life to his and told him that they werent much different based on the hardships that they had went through. It gave the suspect a sense of that he wasnt actually different from everyone else. This women is an incredible hero and as weird as it may seem i believe they were suppose to meet in that moment. That bookkeeper changed his life forever and im sure he certainly changed hers.

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