College Professor to Students: “Stomp on Jesus”

Florida Atlantic University Professor asks students to “Stomp on Jesus.”

Florida Atlantic University is a public school:

“… FAU opened its doors as the first public university in southeast Florida and the first in America designed for upper division students only. Since day one, FAU has pushed the bounds of higher education. Now, 50 years later, the University serves more than 30,000 freshmen, transfers and graduate students at sites throughout its six-county service region in southeast Florida.”

  • Was this professor is out of line? Explain
  • Is the professor violating the United States Constitution? Why or why not?
  • What part, if anything, does FAU’s public status play in deciding whether this student’s Constitutionally protected rights were violated?
  • Should the professor’s behavior be protected by the school?
  • Did the student respond appropriately? Why or why not?
  • What recourse, if any, should the student have?

20 responses to “College Professor to Students: “Stomp on Jesus”

  1. Samantha R. Cimilluca

    Seeing how emotional this guy was about the topic made me very sad.
    I wonder what possessed this professor to tell his students to do such a thing. I do believe it violates the Constitution, Amendment 1, the freedom of religion. I also believe the student should not have been punished and that he did respond appropriately.
    I do not think the school should back up the professor because he should not have authority over students when it comes to religion.

  2. It’s ridiculous for the student to be suspended for not participating in an act he didn’t feel right doing. Religious freedom means the right to choose to practice or NOT practice a religion but punishing a student for not participating in an event he didn’t morally feel right doing is wrong.

  3. The professor had no authority or power to do what he did, it’s not up to him to decide the religious views of his students. It’s not uncommon for religion to be a controversial topic in classrooms, but to ask students to deliberately disrespect a major figure in their religion is crossing the line.

  4. In the video where the news is showing, it doesn’t explain the Professor’s prompt and the purpose for the assignment but in the news article he states that they have to describe the importance of symbols in culture, which in this case Jesus would be the symbol. He understands the importance of the religious views and that is exactly why he asked students to do this assignment. It is a University, Universities are meant for research and expanding the mind which I believe the professor was doing. Now what I don’t agree with is, the student being suspended for not wanting to participate, if it clearly offended him. Students should have the choice.

  5. This professor is clearly unprofessional, he has the right to say what he wants but he should also expect people to say whatever they want back. That is not the place to thrash somebody’s religion, glad somebody stood up for it.

  6. This story is crazy. How can someone bring their own views and push them on others in that way. I’m glad that someone stood up to the man making these students stomp of Jesus. At least someone had enough courage to stand up for what was right.

  7. It was so inappropriate for the professor to ask his students to do this. The student absolutely did the right thing, and it is awful that he is being punished for standing up what he believes in. The professor may not be breaking any laws in the constitution when he asked the students to write “Jesus” and stomp on his name, but at the same time, the student has the right for not participating in this activity because of his religious beliefs. That is what this country is founded on!

  8. This professor was so unprofessional. I cannot believe someone would do such a thing as this. Everyone has their freedom of religion and one should not disrepect anothers religous views. And this guy does what he does? A student has the right to not participate in certain activities and expecially something so disrespectful as this.

  9. I do feel that this professor was out of line for this. For the students that refused to do as told were suspended from the class that was just crazy out of line, I didn’t see were they did anything wrong. I know and see students that will not do as told from time to time but they aren’t suspended from class. This is pretty much uncalled for.

  10. I can’t believe this professor asked these students to do that!!! Why would he make them do such a thing? It is also wrong for these students who refused to do this to have been suspended from school. This was not right at all because they were standing up for what they believed in.

  11. This is an incident which I find to be extremely offensive and goes against the right to freedom of religion. I would have done the same thing which he did without hesitation. For the teacher to show no sorrow or regret what he did was also very disrespectful. For him to have still not recieved an apology from even the dean is obserd of the professionalism for the school.

  12. This professor was absolutely out of line. The professor is completely stupid for asking this of his students. I believe the student has the complete right to have said what he did to the professor and to not participate in what the professor asked for. Now this student has to deal with not being able to complete this class and also not get his credits needed, this puts him behind. The fact that he is pretty much being punished and suspended from the class is ridiculous.

  13. I Believe in freedom of religion and what this professor is not right at all. The student shouldnt have gotten punished becuase he didnt want to stomp on the paper with the name Jesus. I also believe in Jesus and i think this is absurd.

  14. I am sure the Professor got a lot of views on YouTube. However I don’t think that was a good idea. I am curious to know what eventually happened after all this publicity?

  15. I believe in freedom of religion, the student should have been able to say “I don’t want to do this, and my constitutional freedoms say you can’t make me, and I don’t have to.” and the teacher should have been proud a student is aware of those current freedoms that the government is trying to strip from him, but the kid gets in trouble for standing up for himself and what he believes in. What is this fucking country coming to people?

  16. This video is very interesting. This professor has done a terrible thing to make his students do such a thing. I mean what would make a teacher ask his students to do such a thing? If the teacher doesn’t believe in Jesus then he should just keep it to himself!

  17. I think this student has the right to be upset of what his professor did. Not everyone believes in the same thing. If he didn’t stomp on the paper was because of his believes. He deserves an apology from his professor because he violated his right of freedom of religion.

  18. Though I’m not Mormon, I am absolutely amazed at the actions of this student. He stood up for what he believed in and would not move from it. It does really hurt me that a professor would stoop so low as to stomp on the name of Jesus. There is no reason for it at all!

  19. Although I agree with most that if you stomp upon something it shows no value. However, this is college and yes you have a choice in whether or not to participate in such acts. If one doesn’t like whats being done walk out. though I am an atheist I do not agree with the professor religion is a topic that is contraversal.

  20. I wonder how the professor would have felt if Darwin’s name was stepped on instead. He commanded his students to commit an act of aggression toward a religious/historical figure that, I’m guessing, he is not particularly found of. It’s outrageous that the student was suspended from class simply because he refused to follow instruction. He did not perpetrate any sort of criminal act; he just was simply concerned that the professor over stepped his boundaries.

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