Angel Flight

Bil and his wife Karen Hollenbeck sent me this video.  Bill and I have been friends since he was 17years old and I was 21.  He joined the Navy and he became a pilot and worked off and on in aviation most of his adult life.

Angel Flight

This video is about a song called “Angel Flight”… It is terrific.

The song is being performed with “effects.” Listen to the words of the pilot and the tower, and make sure you sit quietly and listen at the very end.

You will understand why one of the singers said he would be glad to help with the song…if he could stop crying.

This is beautiful. God bless our Vets!

Bill Hollenbeck

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  1. Those people serve in military and even died for this country is undeniable great and respectful. However, the reason they die for might not be so respectful. If the government stop doing what it has been doing for decades, which is intervening other countries, the soldiers on ” Angel Flight” will be far less.

  2. This is a very emotional slide show. I never knew what an angel flight was till this video.

  3. this is so sad! it is amazing how people fight for their country and the people living on this country. the sacrifices they make for our country is amazing and will always pay my respect to them.

  4. They aren’t just living for themselves their living for their families and for America. I was able to watch this video on Memorial Day so it was really cool being able to see all the baseball teams wearing military colors and honoring them for their service and commitment. Baseball has a most valuable player every year but honestly everyone in the military is the real MVP.

  5. I have such a respect for those in the military because I could not see myself in their position. My grandfather was in the Air Force during Vietnam and though I never knew him, I will always pay my respects to him and others whom have served, or are serving in the military. They allow me to live the life I live, and I will forever be in debt to them.

  6. Music has such special meaning and it has an ability to express feeling to others. I have a friend who is also a naval aviator. I will be sure to pass this song on to him.

  7. This is a really powerful song due to the effects. I really enjoyed it and that people still have respect these days.

  8. The music is what really makes the video the powerful video that it is. In addition the the pictures, the music helps to show the courage that our troops must have when fighting everyday for our country.

  9. Music has made such an impact on my life. I love this song…It truly has so much meaning.

  10. This is such a touching song with great meaning to it. It is very sad to think about being on an angel flight I can’t imagine how the crew feels making those flights. May those troops rest in peace.

  11. What an absolutely gorgeous song with a wonderful meaning. My mother works for the Veterans Hospital in Loma Linda and I sometimes visit and talk with the Vets. They are truly inspiring people.

  12. This was a very touching song and the amount of sacrifice that our military forces put in each and every day for our freedom is something that many of us could never imagine. I admire their strength and bravery so much, making me extremely happy to be an American.

  13. Very beautiful song! I had family and friends in the service and I will always support our troops and honor them with everything they will and have done for America.

  14. My grandfather was in the Navy and died in 1978. My grandmother died in 2009. They barried her in the Veterans Cemetary on Van Buren and since I was her benificiary, the flag was handed down to me. When they placed it in my lap, I had to hold all tears because all my family was counting on me to be strong.

  15. This video made me think of when my grandfather passed away two years ago. He was a veteran and although he was lucky enough to not die during war he passed away due to natural causes. He always talked highly of our country and I have always looked up to this man. Our veterans deserve the best treatment possible for their sacrifices.

  16. This video is really amazing and hit a soft spot. The song was really touching. This is for all those who give their lives for others and try to do what’s best to help our country.

  17. After learning much about our nation and watching the Lincoln movie I have a deeper respect for all of those who have fallen for our freedom. This video is amazing it reminds me of how grateful I am to be an American

  18. What a touching song to our troops. Our troops who give everything for this country. I have lots of respect for them.

  19. This is very touching. My girlfriend comes from a military family, both of her parents and her sister were in the military. She plans on going into it as well. They have so much respect for America.

  20. this is great son that is very touching. its a song that explaining the dead soldiers that are taken home. these soldiers are never forgotten and we should never forget what they gave their life up for

  21. That song was enlightening. The lyrics were so powerful and beautifully sang. What a great song to honor our troops that had fallen for our country. Not enough individuals honor those who defend our country, it is admiring to hear a great song full of appreciation.

  22. this song is so touching. Thanks to all the troops who have worked so hard and risked their lives to protect our country.

  23. The lyrics are very touching. They really hit home when you know someone in that field of work. But even for those who don’t know someone who is, im sure it still touches them. I don’t know how it couldn’t, the lyrics are so well said, it feels like you are there with these soldiers, experiencing what they are.

  24. im a fan of country music and this just sound like a country song and i like the how he is singing about are troops too.

  25. This is a very touching video. I appreciate all of the troopers out there fighting for our country, may God bless them.

  26. It is so important that we remember what our troops are doing for us. Many people don’t even acknowledge we are still fighting a war which i find disturbing and disrespectful.

  27. In the Marine Corps, I worked as an Aircraft Rescue Firefighter. Every time we had angel flights come in, we would have a moment of silence then we would shoot the turrets of the firetrucks in honor of our fallen brothers. The emotions in those times are always so mixed, your happy they made it back, and for what they have done, but sad for the loss of life and the loss to their families. My heart goes out to all my brothers and sisters still deployed.

  28. I’m not normaly an outwardly emotional person, but this video and song touched me. The song along with the videos is amazing, it reminds us of the ultimate sacrifice many solders have made for our freedom.

  29. This song is very moving. I loving seeing people acknowledge our troops.

  30. This song is very meaningful and the dialog between the tower and the pilot is very touching. I think thats cool how they call a fallen soldier a hero it really shows how everyone should view veterans as.

  31. Our fallen heroes are just that, heroes and they deserve our gratitude. They died for our country and our freedoms. They deserve to be given the highest respects, along with our vets and active service members.

  32. This is so touching, we need to acknowledge those who fight for us. The song is beautiful the wording and the music. This is a great example of us appreciating our heroes.

  33. Wow this is such an amazing song it touch me and made me feel joyful just listening too it. I am amazed at what they people do for us without us giving nothing in return.

  34. This song is wonderful! Whoever is willing to take the risks of becoming defenders of this country are pretty amazing people!

  35. I love this song.. and this song is very touching. All veterans’ sacrifice protects freedom in USA. We should all appreciate their efforts.. The part when plane arrived and “Welcome home” is really moving.

  36. This is a great song. I really enjoyed listening to it. It’s nice to know that people can get recognized for something that they have done like that.

  37. Beautiful song! Gave me chills. We all really need to take time out of our lives and give thanks for those who give their lives for us.

  38. The song gave me chills. I just realized that the song was about soldiers who have passed and brought back to be buried back home in America. I didn’t realize or ever take into consideration that soldiers are people just like myself and have families back home. This video made me realize that soldiers are people too and have created relationships with everybody who they are associated with. Very touching song.

  39. That song and video was so amazing. America needs to stop focusing on the negative that gets along with the war and start seeing that their are real heros out there dying everyday for us to be so called free in America. Thank you for all the veterans and those currently serving…

  40. Wow, that was touching. The song, the pictures, and the story behind it was just beautiful. I can only imagine the courage and strength it would take to serve our country. We need to stop paying so much attention to nonsense that goes on in the media and start realizing the real heroes that take their own lives to protect ours.

  41. This was an amazing video! all my respects go out to those who serve and have served. They risk their own lives to protect the well being of the people here in the U.S.A

  42. This song makes me want to cry. I am also very proud to be an american and gives thanks to all of those heros who fight for our freedom every day.

  43. This song is very touching and then plus the effects that help show the beauty of the meaning. Those troops and soldiers who have gave their lives for us and their country I respect them dearly. What a beautiful song to honor them in. I could not even imagin being on an angel flight but those people are very honored.

  44. Much love and respect to all our troops and their families is shown through this song. Being that my brother in law is in the Army and away a lot, I can relate to the fear of not knowing if he truly will be ok. Our troops willingly sacrifice so much of themselves for this country and should be held to the highest regard. We must acknowlege that their mothers, fathers, husbands, wives and children serve as well. God Bless all our troops and thier families. In the words of my 2 year old nephew as he looks up at the sky and kisses the airplanes that fly by, “COME HOME SOON”..

  45. This video is amazing. It shows the truth bravery of the men / women who serve our country. Most of these hero’s go unseen. I’m glad that someone has made an effort to show us how people put their life on the line to save our country. I am officially blessed and glad to have such brave troops serve for the United States.

  46. That was beautiful…it made me grateful for everything I have and for the brave members who risk their life and also to their families who lives are affected by this…

  47. After watching this video i think of my grandfather who was in the military and all of the rest of our soldiers who risk their lives for others.

  48. Beautiful song and meaning behind it! I have an enormous respect for those who have put their life on the line or given it for our beloved country or in the name of peace.

  49. This is a really meaningful video with a very powerful message. God bless our troops, and thank you for everything.

  50. This reminds me of the “baptists” who crashed the funeral of a lost soldier. It reminds me of how ignorant they are to such passion people have, and for the emotional experience some families have when their troops return home.

  51. Love the meaning of the song this song. it’s a great way to show respect of our troops.

  52. My high school has a program every year where my old history teacher and track coach, and now boss, invites vetrans from all the branches of service to come and share their stories with 11th grade students to try to get the students a first hand experience from the men and women who fought for this country and all it stands for today.

  53. I loved this song, one of my closest cousin is in the Air Force, and this song reminded me of him so much. I just wanna say thank you to all those veterans and to all the troops serving our country. God bless you.

  54. i l0ve that this song explains the feeling that our troops feel when there out at work . i have alot of respect for them .

  55. This song us wonderful! Whoever is willing to take the risks of becoming defenders of this country are pretty amazing!

  56. this song is really great that it would respect our troops and people would still recognize this.

  57. This song is very inspirational and anyone whjo listens to it can realize what a true blessing our soldiers are to our country. It is a great tribute to show love to those defending our country. Very touching, great song.

  58. love that sound, i like that kind of song even thought im deaf, so what?! i can hear! again i love it =}

  59. This was a really nice song. I love the fact that it had double meaning and its nice to see that Americans support their troops so much.

  60. this is a song i can fall asleep to. I really enjoyed listening to it.

  61. This is such a pretty song, It sounds like a country song and I love country music.

  62. this is a great song even tho i hate country music this song has a great message we have to respect he men and women that risk their lives for our freedom.

  63. Amazing song. All of our Veterans are heroes. I have my total respect for our troops fighting for our country. I never heard this song it is great. I will surely share this my family.

  64. this song is beautiful. it is such a blessing knowing that people still acknowledge and honor our troops. if only americans supported their bravery more…

  65. This video is beautiful. I had a knot in my throat the whole time. It made me think of my grandpa so much he served this country when he was young also. I’m glad people still respect our brave soldiers who served or are serving.

  66. I am so proud to live in such a country that most people support our troops in their efforts to help give us a better home.

  67. support our troops and honor everything they do to keep our country the way it is

  68. this is beautiful. god bless our veterans.

  69. This song is lovely. wow the people still appreciate our troops. Angel Flight is a great song to honor and appreciate our troops that have sacrificed their lives to protect our.

  70. Wow I have never even heard of an Angel Flight. That is really beautiful that they do that. Im so glad that people still respect our troops I have several family members who serve and its always hard to watch clips like this.

  71. I could never be happier with and have so much pride being an American. Between all the branches of the armed forces and what they do to protect us. You dont see me out there. So I am a proud supporter of all military. It brings tears to my eyes every time, including hearing soldier songs on the radio, or God Bless the USA at a baseball game, or seeing a helo crash on the news. Thank you to all that serve.

  72. It is never joyful experince to be on an angel flight. I had the honor of returning two marines home to their family and it is devastating. Their sacrifice while great is testimant to our commitment and resilance as a nation. You will be missed but never forgotten and as long as there are Veterans your sacrifice will never have been in vain. We will protect and defend the country we love and the families of those left behind.

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